How to clean the hips at home for 3 weeks

Beautiful and slim figure - the dream of every woman, but not everyone is ready to fight for the desired ideals. If you have the desire and confidence that you have enough patience and perseverance in achieving the goal, that you are ready to adhere to and strictly observe a number of rules, pay attention to exercise and nutrition, day after day, then the article is written for you.

What lies behind the barbershop: a banal hair salon or a private club for bearded men

The image of a successful man, like branded clothing, an expensive watch on the wrist, is complemented by a stylish haircut and well-groomed beard. The fact that representatives of the strong half of humanity are watching their appearance has not shocked anyone for a long time. How to comply with the trends without breaking the brink of the image of the brutal exchange, and the image of the "coquette" from the male sex?

Curtains: design, lambrequins, fabric, eaves

If you have become the proud owner of your own apartment or have conceived a grand renovation, pay attention to the curtains. They play a significant role in the interior, and the decor of the windows is important to create a cozy and unique atmosphere. How to choose the right curtains, and what role do they play? Hue and stripes Vertical stripes are used in rooms with low ceilings.

Effective methods of dealing with mice in the house and in the apartment

Mice are dangerous for people in the form of serious diseases (rabies, plague, toxoplasmosis, allergies), as well as damage to property. Therefore, sanitary services periodically carry out harassment of rodents or using special means create an unacceptable breeding ground for them. Signs of the appearance of mice To determine the appearance of uninvited and harmful guests in the house or apartment is easy.

Oregano herb - medicinal properties, recipes, contraindications

The topic of the article will be Oregano herb, useful properties and contraindications. It was not without reason that I decided to talk about it, since in winter this miraculous plant helps to fight against various diseases characteristic of this period. How to harvest the grass Gather an amulet in the middle of summer, during a mass flowering, when the flower buds fully open.