Comic predictions for the New Year

If you want to diversify the New Year's holiday, take care of entertainment. A great option - comic predictions for the New Year. Merry Christmas prophecies like family and friends. This game is suitable for corporate parties. I advise you to choose positive and good options so that no one is offended. In the article you will find comic predictions about the future, relevant to different companies.

Career and work

A lot of money and success prophesies this year!
Raise your glass,
And let you get lucky!
Waiting for a miracle in the New Year ?!
And the occasion sounds like a toast -
You expect rapid growth in your career!
If you work like a horse
It will not be sweet in life!
In the New Year there is a moment to relax,
And for a driving weekend - this is no joke!
In the New Year over colleagues evil jokes
Will create in the aura large gaps!
The year will bring good luck in the work -
You can solve any problem.
Career rise promises courage -
You will be transferred to the top floor!

Predictions about the work in prose, also make the holiday interesting.

  • In the New Year you will find many exciting daily affairs.
  • Already at the beginning of the year you will hear a powerful explosion: your envious and rivals burst with envy.
  • After the New Year holidays, you will be attacked ... incredible luck, happiness and prosperity. Resistance will not help.
  • When late at work disappears, the desire will increase.
  • An increase in budget is already waiting for early summer.
  • Look carefully at your feet, so as not to stray from a successful road.
  • Finance will be much more. Where is your wallet thicker ?!

Love and relationships

  • "The Yellow Pig advises not to grieve, after all there will be friends all year round."
  • "Blood will play in the veins, because the heart will warm love."
  • "This is what the heavens promise you: in the new year there will be only miracles in life!"
  • "Waiting for an unusual year: a circle dance swirls of love!"
  • "In the coming year, you will feel everywhere like a fish in water!"
  • "On a sunny deserted beach, your fate will lie down next to it."
  • "On the personal front, everything will be fine!"
  • "There will be a sea of ​​friends and bright fun days."
  • "You will have a special luck - expect in the family addition!"
  • "The year promises to be successful by all means: you will fall in love with two at the same time!"
  • "You are lucky in life, which means - a whole year awaits a great success."
  • "Be attentive to the gifts of loved ones: heavy objects can cause lumps on the forehead."
  • "The new year will be bright - get a lot of gifts."
  • "In the New Year do not borrow - take forever."

What will be the year

Many are interested in how the whole year 2019 will be. Here are some humorous tips on this topic.

  • "The pig promises good luck and a new summer cottage!"
  • "It will be a very difficult year, because, anyway, it’s hard to carry a full suitcase with money."
  • "A lot of happiness and pleasant troubles are promised to you by the Pig in the New Year!"
  • "If you are energetic, then the year will be different."
  • "Your income is coming to grow and exotic rest in the middle of the year."
  • "In the coming year there will be several wonderful days: your birthday and each new coming day."
  • "A lot of thrills and pleasant sensations."
  • "From the beginning of the year there will be luck of various kinds."
  • "The new year will bring chic gifts, and every day will be bright!"
  • "We are in a hurry to grieve - your dreams are very modest, and a lot of luck awaits you."
  • "For joy in the coming year there will be a reason - a new car will appear."
  • "Can you believe that cherished dreams will come true soon!"
  • "The pig is preparing for you in the year new discoveries and pleasant events."
  • "In the New Year you are in full parade - waiting for a real life in the" chocolate ".

Hollywood can't even imagine

Different magicians, all-seeing, fortune-tellers and astrologers are very popular. A thoughtful prediction, filed in a comic form, will take the guests' attention for a long time and make the holiday even brighter. Trying to understand what and how to predict, think of Hollywood, or rather, the names of popular films with an intriguing plot.

To implement the ideas in the room they extinguish the light, only candles and garlands remain, they include quiet music. In a circle pass the glass vase in the shape of a ball. Neon lights or garlands are placed on the bottom of the vase, and sprinkled with rose petals cut from corrugated paper on top. On one side of the petal one of the following instructions should be applied:

  • This year expects - "Big jackpot."
  • Next summer you will meet - "Midnight in Paris".
  • Soon get acquainted - "Meet the parents."
  • You will never be - "The Third Extra".
  • This year will experience - "Fatal Attraction."
  • Soon learn that you - "Pretty woman in a million."
  • Tomorrow you will have - "Sex and the City".

The number of recordings is limited by the fantasy of the person who composed them and the number of movies and TV shows, whose names are part of the joke. Each person at the table can get a few leaves. A good game will come out of this idea, the winner in which is the one who has more petals from the rose and therefore more predictions. The reward can be a dance to your favorite song or permission to think out a farewell for each participant.

With a song for life

Lyrics - an inexhaustible source of information. The main ringleader of the holiday approaches each of the guests with a large dish, on which papers with a prediction are scattered in a chaotic manner, and asks to take one of them.

On parchment you can write:

  • Next year he expects - "The separation is so much on earth."
  • In February you will meet - "Money, money, money. Always sunny in the rich man's world".
  • Spring is worth being careful with - "Oh, this wedding, wedding, wedding sang and danced."
  • You should beware of a woman with the name - "Natasha, Natasha, my heart and soul."
  • A stranger will say - "And I did not know that love can be cruel."
  • Working days will be like - "And I go all this in Dolce Gabbana."
  • After the wage increase, you - "Oh, I feel, the girls go on a spree."

Song selection can be any. Prediction needs to be listened to carefully. Anyone who can sing the next verse in the song and name its performer is given a small gift.

Poetic predictions among friends

New Year 2019 is a time for relaxation and rest. To make the holiday more provocative, you can please your friends with the execution of comic predictions in a poetic form:

There will be money and success
Sex, girlfriend is the best
And salary, and work,
But one thing is concern
If a new limousine,
Do not give you a Georgian,
Do not see all these benefits
So somehow it is so!
After the holiday party,
Do not forget to buy a cart.
The sea of ​​money will be soon
Their rowing, forgetting the grief.
If you meet the New Year you're in sour cream, like a cat,
There will be happiness and success for a long time to please at all
Because here do not sit in the store you hurry
And buy not a liter, not two, but two and a half buckets
Vodka, beer, moonshine, brandy, more liquor,
To be honest, this people remembered the New Year for a long time!
New Year's salary is new,
Fur coat, handbag, boots,
Twig thorny
Glory, honors a little.
All desires will be fulfilled
And there will be success in everything
But for the sake of a lot of recognition
Teeth tear all.
There is a danger that colleagues,
Will roll you on the cart
To such a shame you never see
It is better to sit in the corner, quietly drink your juice.
You such a prediction
To good will not bring silence,
So that you have success
Sing a song for everyone.

Predictions in prose

Before the start of the festival, each guest is given 1 prediction. When it is his turn to say a toast, instead of his speech he reads what is written on a piece of paper. Expand the message to the toast is not recommended.

"This year everyone will find a treasure - the stash of a spouse, a bill-lost bill, a coin that is 50 years old, rolled over the couch."

"In the coming year, you will be attacked. Among the criminals will be luck, from which you can not fight back."
"Smile more often, and then enter into a profitable contract with the manufacturer of toothpaste."
"The hard work in the year of Kaban will make you feel like a pilot in a time machine, because it will throw back the horse year."
"Next year you will win a million dollars, which will allow you to quit work until next year."
"At the end of the year, expect strong shocks. Shocked by your success, all envious and rivals will explode in anger."
"By presenting a diamond ring to the second half, you will become as close as possible to your colleagues, since the rest of the year will have to spend the night at work."

Make jokes so as not to offend a person, make him smile, and maybe reflect on the advice received. Do not predict anything serious. Talking about personal tragedies, lack of money and troubles at work is not something to think about at the New Year's table.

For a prediction to come out really interesting, it must be designed for specific people. So, if at the table a family of children, young people and the elderly gathered, then it is definitely worth refraining from joking on intimate topics. The theme may be shared pleasant memories. The theme for children is favorite fairy tales and cartoons. Without knowing how to make a prediction for an adult, you can look into a book with your favorite poems. Many psychics do this.

Useful tips

Pay attention to the design. Show your imagination and creativity. At the same time keep in mind that in 2019 in the trend will be elegance and simplicity. What are the options for making comic predictions?

  1. Biscuit. It will be a treat, a reason to have some fun, to make the evening more fun.
  2. Greeting cards in the form of snowflakes, fir trees or Christmas balls. Inside and it will be written New Year's prophecy.
  3. Convocations with future forecasts in beautiful organza bags. Also a great idea would be the addition of sweets.
  4. Paper convolutions in a large glass vase, so that every guest could put his hand in it and choose a cheerful forecast.
  5. Air balloons. So guests can burst the balls and read the forecast of upcoming events.

You can use cookies, nuts, Christmas mini-socks, in which there will be convolutions with prophecies, place candy wrappers with predictions on Christmas trees. New Year's celebration in itself is bright, so it requires consistency in everything. Take care that the predictions with predictions are also in the subject.

Pay attention to the meaning of the predictions so that they create a festive mood and delight those present. Funny predictions will make the New Year's party humorous, unpredictable, bright. You can also use catch phrases from movies, bright names, quotes of songs. For example:

  • "Ah, this wedding, wedding, wedding sang and danced ...".
  • "... The car is broken, the apron will remain."
  • "And I will sit in a convertible and go somewhere."
  • "There are millions of chances that everything will come true soon"
  • "Million, million US dollars, life will be good ..."

I hope the holiday will be fun and positive thanks to such interesting entertainment as funny predictions.

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