List of things that can not be given

Gifts get nice, but they do not always have a positive value. Some have negative energy and are covered with the secret of people's signs and superstitions. What gifts can not be given, why and what to do if presented an undesirable thing, I will tell about it in the article.

Church opinion

The Orthodox Church believes that it is not necessary to attach importance to various beliefs, therefore, from a religious point of view, you can present any gifts. The exception is weapons, cigarettes, objects of magic and the occult.

If, after all, you want to present a watch or you have been presented with this item, you can carry out a so-called purchase ritual: give or take a small bill in exchange. Thus it will be possible to deceive the "dark" forces and bring disaster. This simple procedure is suitable for any unwanted gifts.

Why people don’t give knives, towels, mirrors

These options are also considered not entirely correct. What awaits those done by such objects?

Argued that knives or any other piercing and cutting objects promise aggression - quarrels, fights, violent partings. If the newlyweds at the wedding to present a knife or a set of knives, their family life will be destroyed. The birthday knife is a symbol of separation and deterioration of relations with others. If you put a sharp object under the Christmas tree, you condemn the one to whom the gift is addressed, to the turmoil.

Such an object of life as a mirror, according to will, means a quarrel or separation. At the same time there is no difference: there will be this elegant pocket or large interior mirror to the house. In addition, at the energy level, it is considered to be a very strong subject capable of accumulating negative, therefore, if you are presented with it, try to work on the attribute purification. The easiest way is to wash under running water.

Towels are also on the list of unwanted gifts. According to the signs, it can cause parting, illness, quarrels. This object is also associated with death, because in ancient times a towel was hung outside the window in the houses where someone was dying.

What things can not be given

The list of unwanted gifts is quite extensive, below I will list them and briefly tell you about the consequences that such gifts entail.

  • Porcelain Chinese dolls. They are often made using the image of a living person, his facial expressions, so the energy of a particular person can live in the dolls.
  • Figures of birds. They bring grief into the house.
  • Mittens, slippers, gloves. Entail termination of relationships.
  • Perfumery products. Promises deception.
  • Bags, wallets. May lead to poverty and financial collapse. A large bill should be inserted inside such items.
  • Objects for the treatment and maintenance of health - tonometers, corsets, heating pads. These things attract disease.
  • Socks, underwear, shawls. Can bring treason, tears, parting.
  • Pearls. The symbol of tears.
  • Umbrella. May attract unpleasant moments in a person's life.
  • Cross. Can fill life with fears, experiences.
  • Alcohol. May lead to a deterioration in relationships.
  • Money. They involve financial losses.
  • Soap and other foaming agents. It is believed that they "wash off" the relationship.
  • Ball pen. Will lead to inability to make decisions independently.
  • Casket Symbolizes the discovery of secrets that will worsen relations with others.
  • Belt. Restriction in actions.

It is necessary to be careful when buying jewelry with precious and semiprecious stones, as some of their types have negative energy. Astrologers argue that each person has his own stone-talisman, so the choice of jewelry should be consciously approached.

Separately, it should be said about the flowers and bouquets of black and yellow, which promise parting and unhappiness. It is also undesirable to present bouquets with an even number of buds.

Useful tips

There are also such gifts that do not carry energy negative, but they should be ignored to avoid misunderstandings and offenses. Such surprises include pets. On the one hand, who is not happy about a cute fluffy kitten or an amusing parrot? On the other hand, it is not only responsibility and unnecessary trouble, but also the probability of consequences in the form of allergies. Pets will be appropriate only in those cases where you know the person and his preferences.

It is doubtful to give personal hygiene items. A person can take a deodorant for sweat as a hint that he smells bad, and a bald shampoo as an emphasis on lack of appearance.

Toys and souvenirs are appropriate for children, and for adults they often do not carry any good. The exceptions are enthusiastic collectors.

Choosing a gift in most cases is difficult. Preparing a surprise for loved ones is always accompanied by feelings, because you really want to combine pleasure, positive emotions and benefits. Of course, this is impossible without taking into account the nature, taste preferences, profession, status. Habits and hobbies can be a valuable hint. If you are not familiar enough, it is better to specify in advance about the pastime and leisure, interests, wishes. Also useful information can be given by people around.

Finally, I note that the most important thing in any case is a positive message. If you give and receive presents with soul and positive, everything will be on the shoulder.

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