How to lower cholesterol at home

Cholesterol is an important substance for the vital activity of the body, which is present in the cell membranes. But with an increase in the maximum permissible concentration, it can be hazardous to health, since with age its particles more and more settle on the vessels, and then crystallize, forming plaques. These formations reduce the lumen of blood vessels, deteriorate blood supply to vital organs, which leads to a number of diseases. For the prevention of plaque formation, measures should be taken to eliminate excess cholesterol in the blood.

What is cholesterol and what is it for?

Cholesterol is a substance called natural fat. Exceeding it in the body further contributes to the formation of plaques in the vessels. 75% of cholesterol is produced by the body, and everything else comes from food.

The action of this organic compound is not dangerous in all cases, some of it is necessary for digestion, synthesis of vitamin D protein conversion, supply of cells with useful substances and the production of sex hormones.

What is dangerous in raising cholesterol?

With persistent excess cholesterol in the blood eventually develops atherosclerosis, which provokes diseases of the heart and blood vessels.

Some of the common effects of excess fatty alcohol include:

  1. Cholesterol deposits in the vessels gradually increase, which disrupts the blood flow, as a result of which they clog up and the organs and oxygen supply and nutrients decrease.
  2. There is damage to the arteries, the function of which is to transport blood to the heart muscle, and this circumstance can lead to coronary artery disease.
  3. Excess cholesterol can cause a decrease in the lumen of the coronary vessels, leading to acute coronary insufficiency.
  4. The blockage of the brain vessels contributes to the attacks of headaches, memory loss and the development of stroke.
  5. Reduced performance and quality of life.

What is dangerous cholesterol lowering

Low blood cholesterol is no less dangerous than high:

  1. Increases the risk of developing cancer pathologies.
  2. Vessel elasticity is lost, resulting in hemorrhage or hemorrhagic stroke.
  3. A person becomes depressed, becomes aggressive, and Alzheimer's disease may develop.
  4. The intestinal mucosa begins to pass into the body of harmful substances that cause intoxication.
  5. Vitamin D production decreases, as a result of which calcium is not absorbed by the body.
  6. Fats are not digested, which leads to weight gain.
  7. Reproduction function is impaired.
  8. Diabetes can be triggered.

The difference between "good" cholesterol and "bad"

Bad cholesterol is a compound of cholesterol with low density proteins. Passing from the liver to the tissues, it begins to quickly accumulate inside the vascular walls, plaques form, and the blood flow is disturbed.

The action of good cholesterol is the seizure of “bad” cholesterol and its transfer to the liver, which is then converted into bile acid and excreted from the body.

Effective folk reduction methods

To lower cholesterol, you can use the following recipes.

ProductsHow to cookHow to use
Dandelion rootGrind into powder, previously dried root.Take a teaspoonful of funds 1 time before meals.
CyanosisPour a glass of boiling water and slightly boil 1 tablespoon of the plant, then let it brew for 30 minutes, filter.Drink a couple of hours before night rest.
PropolisInsist on alcohol propolis for a week or purchase at the pharmacy.Drink 4 times a day half an hour before meals, 7 drops, diluted with 30 ml of pure water before use.
OatsGlass of cereal and 0.8 liters of water should be thoroughly washed and sieved.Drink before eating 0.5 cups 3-4 times a day.
Liquorice rootTwo glasses of boiling water should brew 2 tbsp. chopped product, continue boiling for 10 minutes, then cool and strain.Take 4 times a day for three weeks.

Listed herbal remedies, from the use of which the result will be most effective.

Pharmacy drugs

The most popular are the following drugs.

CholestyramineIt is a powder that is diluted to form a suspension.The level of fatty acids, cholesterol is reduced, the production of bile acid in the liver is stimulated.
CholestipolThe active substance is an anion exchange resin, which helps to combine the bile acid and then transform it into insoluble compounds.Lowers cholesterol and preserves lipoproteins.
These are drugs that are derived from fibric acid.They provide a reduction in lipid fats, as well as improve the condition of ischemia and angina.
GemfibrazilThis drug has anti-sclerotic effect.Lowers triglycerides and low density fats. Evacuation of cholesterol from the body is accelerated.
Lipo-mertzThis is a lipid-lowering agent.Lowers blood density by reducing the number of blood clots.
LovastatinIncrease the production of good cholesterol.Vascular spasms are eliminated, blood pressure decreases.

Appointment of drugs produced by the doctor on the basis of laboratory studies.

Special diet and nutrition

In order to prevent the increase of cholesterol, it is necessary to adhere to simple recommendations.

  • Eat often, but little by little, avoid overeating.
  • It is necessary to clearly calculate the calories, the amount must be determined according to gender and age.
  • Constantly monitor body weight.
  • You can not eat such semi-finished products as sausages, sausages, smoked meat and other.
  • It is better not to buy cookies at all, as well as cakes and pastries, but to cook yourself according to homemade recipes.
  • The consumption of animal fat to reduce by about a third. Replace sunflower oil with olive or corn oil.
  • There are more vegetable and fruit salads, pine nuts.
  • Exclude fatty pork, replace it with chicken breast without skin. And fish eat better fatty varieties.
  • There are porridges, they contain fiber.
  • You can not drink coffee, strong tea.
  • Exclude completely strong alcohol and beer.

Nutritionists advise to introduce into the diet fish, shrimp, lean meats, beans, peas, low-fat cottage cheese. To saturate the body with carbohydrates you need to eat: cereal, rye bread, fruit and berries. Essential fats contain: fish, olive or sesame oil.

Opinions and reviews of doctors about homemade cholesterol lowering

According to experts, reducing cholesterol at home gives a good result, if you strictly follow the diet, take medications, lead an active lifestyle and comply with other recommendations of doctors.

☞ Oleg T., therapist:

"If the patient adheres to all the rules, then, to begin with, exclude harmful foods from the diet, eat greens, cereals, and you do not need to add hot sauces to them, perealivat or make sweet, then the results will be observed in a week."

☞ Maria V., therapist:

"According to the results of observations of patients whose cholesterol levels exceeded the norm, prescribed medications and determined what kind of food was needed, then periodically sent them to the biomaterial for research and the results were quite good. But it all depends on the person himself, that is, on his inner spirit ".


The level of cholesterol can increase in all people, it is important to prevent this by following a number of recommendations.

  • Adhere to a balanced diet.
  • More to be in the fresh air.
  • Do physical education.
  • Do not drink alcohol.
  • Do not smoke.
  • Less upset.
  • Do not use drugs without a doctor's prescription.

To control cholesterol, it is recommended to periodically take tests. If, on the basis of the conducted studies, it is established that there is an excess of the indicator, you should immediately consult a doctor and begin treatment.

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