With what face to meet the Yellow Earth Pig? The subtleties of makeup for the New Year's Eve 2019

Time flies by and New Year's Eve is not far off, where all wishes come true and all dreams come true. Despite the fact that the tale is repeated from year to year, every woman wants to look like a queen on this fabulous night, to be special and perfect in everything.

Makeup Trends in 2019 - Styles Opinions

Makeup 2019, according to stylists, is a fusion that combines all the important techniques of the past years.

According to stylists, you should do accents on the lips and eyes. It is recommended to apply bright shades of the most improbable shades, various gloss to eyes. To give the image of sexuality, apply red lipstick on the lips.

The doll faces, with sponges covered with a translucent moist luster, will also be fashionable. We can say that timeless classics mixed with modern trends are relevant.

In 2019, stylists recommend to give preference to such fashionable shades:

  • burgundy;
  • gold;
  • red;
  • Orange;
  • citric;
  • pink;
  • emerald;
  • blue;
  • purple

Numerous factors can influence the choice of shadows: the shape and color of eyes, evening or daytime makeup, for relaxation or for work.

The main rule of 2019 is to emphasize one thing. In addition to the eyes and lips, you can focus on the eyebrows. The fashion long and wide eyebrows, but not too expressive.

Step plan for the best make-up at home

Since the year 2019 is the year of the Yellow Earthen Pig, it will be the best way to make-up in the golden-bronze scale.

  1. Prepare the skin - cleanse from sebum and dirt using tonic.
  2. Apply a tone that suits your skin tone.
  3. Apply brown shadows to the eyelids, they will serve as the foundation. Blend them.
  4. Apply a bronze shade. To make the look more expressive and open shading do in the upward direction.
  5. Apply a golden shade to the inner corner of the eye.
  6. Circle the eye with a brown or black pencil.
  7. Emphasize the area under the eyebrow with a light beige shade.
  8. At the end of the makeup - lightly tint the eyelashes with black or brown mascara.

Video lesson

Makeup in pencil technology

  1. Apply a foundation to the surface of the moving eyelid.
  2. With the help of a brown pencil on the line of growth of eyelashes (and lower and upper) draw a contour. The same pencil to highlight the crease of the upper eyelid.
  3. Tassel to make the borders of the drawn lines smoother.
  4. As the main background, take the golden color. From above to cover with shades of lighter tones.
  5. In the upper eyelid, in the course of the growth of the eyelashes, draw an arrow with a black eyeliner to give expressiveness to the look.
  6. Apply to the lashes several layers of mascara.
TIP! To keep your smile snow-white throughout the holiday, rub some Vaseline in your teeth. This will not allow lipstick to leave a mark on the enamel.

Useful tips

To achieve the perfect makeup, use the tips that give professional makeup artists.

  • Always remember that you only need to buy high-quality cosmetics.
  • To make the make-up look neat, make smooth transitions from color to color.
  • For brown-eyed beauties shades of cool colors are perfect. Choose a bright eyeliner. Lips enough to emphasize light gloss, so they do not compete with the eyes.
  • Shades of warm shades are suitable for green eyes. It makes sense to put on the face powder darker than the skin color. Lipstick should also be a warm color, but not pearl.
  • For gray eyes, choose the shade smoky gray, silver, pink shades. Powder should be lighter, and lipstick - bright. Pearl luster is also suitable.
  • In 2019, the focus on blue eyes is made with the help of shadows with a pearlescent shine in inconspicuous shades of blue and blue palette.
  • You can use several shades of shadows at once - the lightest shadows on the inner corner of the eye, the main color of the middle of the century, the darker shadows of the outer corner of the eye.
  • To make the makeup light and expressive, apply a delicate pink shine on the lips.

The main thing is that the hairstyle, outfit and makeup complement each other and create a unique, harmonious image! However, nothing adorns a woman like a joyful smile and a light in her eyes!

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