How to decorate the house for the New Year 2019 do it yourself

New Year is a holiday that is eagerly awaited. And you have to wait a long time, and therefore you want to spend it so that the memories warmed the soul and pleased the heart. For this you need to take a responsible approach to holding such an important event. In preparation for the holiday, everything is significant: gifts, the menu of the New Year's feast, an elegant Christmas tree and, of course, home decoration. And you will have to plan in advance, otherwise you will not have time in the pre-New Year bustle.

Design Ideas for Home and Apartment Decoration

Before making design decisions, carefully consider which parts of the room to make out. The main areas for interior styling are the walls, the New Year's table and the Christmas tree. In addition to these, windows, doors, various niches and furniture are decorated.

Professional decorators recommend using all room space. Pay attention to the windowsills, fireplaces and bookshelves, which are placed on the decorations and symbols of the coming year. Decorating the ceiling or stairs with festoons will be an original solution. You can buy them or do it yourself.

List of materials for homemade jewelry

  • paper;
  • cardboard;
  • the cloth;
  • plastic;
  • Styrofoam;
  • rain;
  • candies;
  • biscuit;
  • fruits;
  • cones;
  • light bulbs;
  • paper clips;
  • Balloons;
  • thread.

With the help of cardboard and wallpaper you can make a decorative fireplace. For this, a square hole is made in the box through which the image of fire is visible. Outside the box is painted in brick color or pasted over with wallpaper. Top socks attached to gifts or other symbols of the New Year.

The next step to create a festive atmosphere is the choice of colors. There are no strict rules for the selection of the palette, but it is customary to choose the theme in accordance with the Chinese oriental calendar. 2019 is the year of the Yellow Earthen Pig (Boar), so all shades of yellow, brown, beige and white will be the main colors. It is also possible to use red in symbolism and textile elements.

IMPORTANT! Images, toys or figurines of a pig should be present in any New Year's interior in 2019.

List of decorations for the New Year

  • garlands or beads;
  • rain;
  • colored ribbons;
  • Christmas balls;
  • Christmas tree decorations;
  • decorative snowflakes;
  • candles and light bulbs;
  • Christmas souvenirs and statues;
  • beautiful table napkins;
  • toys and thematic drawings with the symbol of the coming year;
  • glitter accessories;
  • Christmas caps and socks for gifts.

Elegant windows and window sills bring warmth to a homely atmosphere. Imitation of snow, Christmas motifs and snowflakes create a good mood for guests and passersby. To make snowflakes shimmer in the light, paste them with scotch tape or glossy paper.

TIP! Decorating homes for the New Year has its own trends. Recently, it is popular to hang wreaths and festoons on the front door. You can make a festive wreath yourself from scrap materials. First, assemble a rigid frame of wire or dry twigs, and then circle around ribbons, beads, or balls.

If you have a private house, then decorate the house adjoining site and entrance group in the standard way: garlands, a snowman, a wreath at the door. Some like inflatable figures, Santa Claus or deer. There is nothing new to come up with. But the interior of the house - this is room for imagination and originality.

If there is free finance, time and desire, home decoration in general will not be a problem.

But let's talk about when there is not enough time to search for beautiful pictures, to buy everything you need and think through how to put it all in a dwelling. Or when it's just a shame to spend a lot of money on it. Every year, thousands of people spend large sums on the purchase of Christmas supplies. What for? Each home is full of things that can be beautifully and interestingly decorated.

  1. Snowflakes. Do not trite them on the windows. Place them on the wall, about fifteen, the overall composition, like snow. You can make them gold or silver. Arrange in the form of a Christmas tree or a large ball or another snowflake.
  2. Christmas tree of sticks - original idea. You reinforce sticks assembled in the street on a free wall, one under the other, choosing the size so as to make a Christmas tree. And between the chopsticks you hang balls (they can be mounted on ordinary sewing needles, they are light, they will hold well).
  3. Christmas tree of ballsmade on the wall (if the toys are in excess). Also place them in rows. It will be very original. The choice of color balls - your imagination!
  4. Fir branches can be brought from the street and decomposed on all suitable surfaces, where they do not interfere. Put candles between the branches or put large cones.
  5. Socks! Multicolored or red, it does not matter. Huge socks from New Year's movies are a classic. And the house should be decorated the same way, otherwise they will not look. Why so complicate? Choose a few of your funny socks or buy specially New Year’s with deer, striped, bright. They will then be great to wear in the cold. Place them on the wall in an arbitrary composition, and you will see how your guests will smile!
  6. Garlands - The main decoration of any home. Not only on the Christmas tree. Hang them on any surface, on walls, on bookshelves. There is a beautiful idea when the garlands are put in several wine bottles without a label. The spectacle is fascinating.
  7. Chandelier - A great place for Christmas toys, no worse than a Christmas tree. The idea is that these toys have many, many. They should cover all the free space under it, hang in a solid array.

How to decorate a Christmas tree

Christmas tree remains the main decoration of the coming year. Making a festive tree directly depends on its size and shape. For a large Christmas tree, it is harder to find a harmonious outfit, and living trees are harder to dress than artificial ones.

There are 3 options for the location of jewelry.

  1. Spiral. Registration begins with a garland, which is wound from top to bottom in a spiral. Toys repeat a given direction, and colors can replace each other. This method is suitable for artificial and decorative models.
  2. Vertical. Decorations are strictly vertical lines. To dilute the strict design, use bows, ribbons, tinsel and rain.
  3. A circle. A common option when the garland or beads lie in a circle, and the rest of the accessories are arranged arbitrarily.
ATTENTION! Do not forget about the color style and overall design of the room. Beneficially looks tree, decorated with balls and ribbons of the same color.

You can make toys on the Christmas tree with your own hands. Instead of balls, they hang fruits, candies, cones and other products. Figures with the symbol of the New Year cut out of paper or cardboard. If you don’t draw mumps, there are ready-made stencils in stores. For decoration, any materials suitable for color and repeated in the interior will be suitable.

Unlike chandeliers, the main thing in decorating a Christmas tree is minimalism. The Christmas tree should be beautiful in itself. Fluffy, neat. Otherwise, no decorations will save. It is best to dress up in the middle of the room, and then rearrange to the right place. There are enough evenly spaced toys for the Christmas party outfit, some shiny tinsel and a garland. This is quite enough, given that there will be more decorations on the walls and on the New Year's table.

The limit of minimalism - this tree, wrapped only in garlands. In this case there should be several of them, then it will be very unusual and mysteriously look.

And the top of originality is a white Christmas tree, with a monochromatic yellow garland, dressed up like a snowman. At the top there is a hat, a Christmas tree itself — a red scarf and several balls instead of buttons, and under the tree — boots or even skates — and it will impress anyone.

Video examples

Animal Style Jewelry 2019 - Yellow Earthen Pig

The very name of the symbol indicates the colors in which the house and the Christmas tree should be decorated in the coming year. These are yellow, beige, orange, golden and red with green as the classic New Year colors.

Golden cones, balls and snowflakes are suitable for decoration. The figures cut out of cardboard and wrapped with string or sacking look beautiful. On top of them you can glue coffee beans, millet, dried cloves. Original look figures from cookies, mounted on ribbons.

Knitted mittens or mittens are also suitable, especially if they are in the right colors and made by hand.

On the Christmas tree in addition to the balls hang cones, acorns or nuts.

Useful tips

A festive atmosphere will reign in the air, if you prepare the house for the New Year in advance. In our country, it is customary to prepare for the holiday of the 25th day, a week before the New Year. All households are attracted to decorating the house - this is a good family tradition.

  • It is rather difficult for a non-professional to create a harmonious combination of several shades, so it is best to use no more than 3 colors.
  • If the Christmas tree is medium or large in size, it is advisable to hang large ornaments and toys on it. For a low tree and decorative trees in pots balls of small diameter are suitable.
  • Special table setting will give guests a New Year's mood. For example: bright plates, a tablecloth with the symbols of the holiday, thematic drawings on napkins, candles and dishes with decorative elements.
  • Elegant fabrics for chairs, New Year’s tablecloths and table napkins are obtained from the fabric.
  • To get beautiful holiday photos, you need to arrange in the room a special place for selfies with guests. For example, an empty wall with light wallpaper and a themed picture.
  • The uniform color style sustained even in trifles, will give to an interior of elegance.
  • The main rule of design: do not overload the room with many details. Let the elements be smaller, but they correctly combine with each other.
  • Choose the color of your home. It will be red with green or beige-golden, and maybe you like cold strict blue on a silver background. In any case, all the decorations should be in the same color scheme.
  • Remarkably creates an atmosphere New Year's cloth or at least napkins. Also put thick candles and cute figures. Vases with tangerines. On the bottle you can tie the bows.
  • Cutlery put in socks or mittens.
  • Under the Christmas tree or on the New Year's table, put a beautiful pig-shaped piggy bank, preferably golden.
  • If the tree does not look lush, do not hang a lot of toys. Add green fluffy tinsel. And it is better to place the garland closer to the trunk, so the tree will seem to glow from the inside, highlighting the toys.

Preparing for the holiday - this is the beginning of the holiday. Thinking through the style, choosing the jewelry, making it yourself at home or finding suitable ones in the store - all this creates the atmosphere of the upcoming event. Before you decorate the house beautifully, you will want to first wash it properly, remove the excess, throw away the unnecessary. This is the best thing to do on the eve of the New Year 2019.

Video lifehacks

Then call the household, discuss the decoration and start decorating together. This rallies no worse than joint wallpapering, but it goes without difficulties and hassle. Just plan everything in advance, otherwise these wonderful ideas and initiatives will remain so with ideas, the holidays will be held in gray everyday life, and it will be very offensive. And you say to yourself: “I’m going to decorate everything for the next New Year!” Therefore, if something is conceived, then just take it and do it!

To decorate the room beautifully, you do not need to be a designer and buy all the New Year decorations from stores. The New Year's Eve will be joyful and unforgettable if you decorate a house or an apartment with handmade toys and souvenirs. A well-chosen style can become the author and will be remembered by the guests for a long time.

Watch the video: 5 Best Home Decoration ideas - DIY - Festival Decoration ideas (January 2020).

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