What to give a grandmother for the New Year

The whole year grandmother cares about us. In the New Year's holiday, you want to please her with a good gift, but choosing it is not so easy. Expensive, trite, already there ... Shop after shop, but "that thing" was never found? The article offers options for every taste and budget!

Gift Ideas for Hobbies

A good gift will not gather dust on the shelf. In order not to be mistaken with the choice, pay attention to the hobbies of the grandmother. If her hobby is handicraft, excellent options will be:

  • Quality thread. Be sure that this gift will not be ignored. The stores offer a large selection of yarn of different composition and color, so feel free to choose any.
  • Framework. Needlewomen do not like when their pictures are in a pile in the closet, so a neat frame will be a pleasant surprise.
  • Embroidery kits. Buying a ready-made kit greatly simplifies the task: everything that is needed for work has already been invested in it. It remains the main thing - to choose a picture.

If grandma loves to cook, she will be pleased:

  • Vegetable cutter. The grater with replaceable nozzles is suitable for cucumbers, tomatoes and other vegetables, it saves time and effort.
  • Electronic balance. Almost do not occupy space in the kitchen, but greatly simplify the cooking process, especially when it comes to conservation. Simple management will make this gift useful and memorable.
  • Silicone molds in the form of Christmas toys will add a New Year's mood, and Grandma will again delight the family with delicious cupcakes.

In my free time, my grandmother does gardening? Then she will surely like:

  • Wicker basket. Fruits and vegetables crumple, if you collect them in basins or buckets. Fruits are stored in baskets better, besides they bring aesthetic pleasure.
  • Watering can. Even if you water the garden with a hose, the watering can will become indispensable helpers when planting seeds and seedlings. It can be useful in the care of indoor plants: if the flowers are high, choose a watering can with a long spout.
  • Folding chair. Weeding a vegetable garden takes a lot of strength and overloads the back muscles. A special gardener's chair will help to preserve health. Thanks to the adjustable design, weed control becomes easier.

Gifts if grandma is still working

Granny has devoted many years to work, for which she has probably managed to accumulate gratitude from her superiors. Complement her collection with the Best Grandmother Diploma. It will perfectly fit into the "board of honor" and will cause admiration of colleagues.

While the grandmother cares about the wards, take care of her health. A sedentary lifestyle adversely affects the spine, and an orthopedic pillow will help reduce stress on it. Such a simple and practical solution is sure to enjoy.

Universal gifts for the New Year 2019

A universal gift for any holiday and for any age - sweets. If her grandmother has diabetes and cakes she is contraindicated, order a special diet dessert. You can prepare a useful delicacy at home by selecting the desired recipe on the Internet.

Family is the main thing in the life of everyone. But when children and grandchildren live separately, family meetings do not happen as often as we would like. To always be near, donate a digital photo frame. The gadget holds up to 400 photos.

If you want to guess with a surprise, get a gift certificate, for example, in the spa. Then the grandmother can choose for herself what she likes.

What gifts to do with your own hands

A handmade gift is a pleasure to receive, because it is made with a soul. Surely after the holiday it will be proud to show all girlfriends and neighbors.

Creative and interesting solution - video greeting. Record the words of gratitude or wishes of all family members or take a video of family photos under the soulful music.

The picture embroidered with a cross or ribbons will please the soul. If handicraft is your old hobby, embroider a portrait, and if you are only at the beginning of your journey, stop at a scarf with a monogram. A guy, having bought a set for wood burning in a store, can also make a gift with his own hands.

The Internet provides an unlimited selection of workshops on creating souvenirs. The decoration of the kitchen will be easy to make a coffee tree or other topiary.

What not to give

Perhaps you should refrain from surprises in the style of "unforgettable sensations": flying in a balloon, jumping with a parachute and riding a dog. If grandma is not an avid extreme, such entertainment is unlikely to please. Will give a new experience ticket to the theater, the exhibition or the museum.

Another controversial options are money. At this age, funds are spent not on themselves, but on children and grandchildren. Most likely, these finances, too, will go to your "gifts".

What to give and what not - an individual question. In any rule there are exceptions: maybe flying on a ball is a lifelong dream, and the grandmother has been saving money for a long time to a sanatorium.

Useful tips

Whatever your choice, some tips will help you find the right option.

  • "How many times they told the world," but you can only find out what a person would like to receive from himself. Maybe grandma has long been complaining about a faulty mixer or at the store looking at tea sets carefully? Remember: no one knows her like you.
  • A gift is only half the battle. The second half is the correct presentation. This should not become a mere formality. Even an expensive thing will not bring joy if there is not a part of the soul in it.
  • Try on a gift. Imagine yourself in the place of your grandmother - is he comfortable to use, is her lifestyle suitable? Super modern device is not always the best option.

Choosing a gift for relatives is the hardest thing, because you want it to be special and memorable. But whatever it is, remember that attention is its main component. Give love and care not only on the holiday itself, but also throughout the year!

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