Contests and riddles for the New Year for adults

Imagine the situation: a group of adults gathered in one room to celebrate a certain event. And everything seems to be going right - the food is delicious, the drinks are flowing like water, the music is calling to start dancing, but a moment of satiety happens - the stomachs are full, everyone is a little tired of dancing, and conversations are no longer so active. Familiar? This happens at every party where people meet with different interests and hobbies.

The most funny and fun contests for adults

Draw an elephant (donkey, horse, cheburashka)

We will need:

  • 2 sheets of paper attached to a wall, blackboard, easel, or whatever you want to draw on them.
  • 2 markers.
  • Dressings for eyes by the number of participants.

How to conduct:

Divide all participants into 2 equal teams (the more people the better), each of which is lined up in front of her piece of paper. Choose a creature to draw. Each participant gets a certain part of the body and blindfolded. Then, in turn, the members of each team blindly draw the parts of the body they have got. The winner can be determined by speed or by the similarity of the pattern on a given animal.

Stomp the enemy's balls!

We will need:

  • Balloons of two different colors by the number of participants.
  • The same number of long threads of medium thickness.

How to conduct:

Participants are divided into 2 teams with the same number of people. Each team is given balls of its own color on a string that needs to be tied to the foot. The thread can be of any length, but the ball must lie on the floor. The teams are mixed and the task of each is to trample as many balls of an enemy color as possible, without letting your own one burst. The participant, who did not save his ball, leaves the general heap and waits for the end of the battle. Wins the team that cope with opponents faster.


We will need:

  • Sheets of paper by the number of participants.
  • Pens in the same amount.

How to conduct:

There can be as many participants as possible, everyone sits in a circle, each is given a pen and a sheet. The leader asks the question "Who?", Each writes his own hero. After that, you need to bend the sheet so that the writing is not visible, and transfer it to the player on the right (each one transmits his own sheet and receives another one from the neighbor on the left). The facilitator asks a new question, for example, "Where did you go?", And again everyone writes, bends the written part and transfers it to the next. Then follow the questions "Why did he go there?", "Who met?" and so on. The contest continues until the presenter runs out of questions.

At the end there should be a collective reading of the resulting stories and a vote for the best! There are no winners in the competition, but fun and laughter are provided!


Competition is perfect for any conditions, because there is no need for props. All that is needed is the participants and their imagination.

How to conduct:

Everyone sits in a circle. He starts either the hero of the occasion (if there is one), or the one who draws lots (determined by the reader). The first person utters two completely unrelated words, such as "dinner" and "car". The second should make such a sentence so that both words fit in one situation: “I was late for a family dinner, because the car would not start”. The same participant should come up with another word that has nothing to do with what was said: say, "loaf". The next one should add this word to the current situation, for example, like this: "So that the wife is not upset, I decided on the way to buy her a loaf." And so on until there is enough imagination or until someone comes up with a logical conclusion to the whole story.

Bottle 2.0

We will need:

  • Empty bottle.
  • Harvested papers with actions written on them for the participants. The bigger, the better.

How to conduct:

This game is very similar to the standard bottle: the participants sit in a circle, put the bottle in the center and spin it. The key difference lies in the fact that you need to throw twisted pieces of paper with certain actions, for example: "kiss on the cheek", "invite for a slow dance", "lick the ear" and the like into an empty bottle. As a result, the game looks like this: the participant turns the bottle, the person to whom she pointed, pulls out one piece of paper and read out the action. It must be performed by the first participant. This is more interesting than a regular game, because you never know what you need to do instead of the standard kiss.

Original puzzles for adults

Not only contests can cheer people! In any sufficiently heated company, riddles will be brought in very well, which will make you think too much and give a chance to show off their knowledge and logic to the rest of the crowd. We picked up 5 puzzles for adults that are not as simple as they seem at first glance!

Apples in a million

The man decided to pursue the apple business and began to buy fruit at 5 rubles apiece, and sell at 3. After six months he managed to become a millionaire!

  • Question: How did he do it?
  • Answer: Before that, he was a billionaire.


You boarded the plane. There is a horse behind you, and a car in front.

  • Question: Where are you located?
  • Answer: On the carousel.


A husband, a wife, 2 daughters, a son, a cat and a dog on a leash are walking in the park.

  • Question: How, having risen together under one umbrella, they will not get wet?
  • Answer: If the rain does not start.

Savvy wife

The husband asks his wife: "Honey, please clean my jacket, please."
The wife answers: "And I already cleaned".
The husband asks: "Then clean your pants, be good."
The wife responded: "I did it, too."
Husband again: "And the shoes?"

  • Question: What did the wife answer?
  • Answer: "And in the shoes that, too, there are pockets?"


  • Question: What is the difference between washing a woman and a man?
  • Answer: Women wash dishes after eating, and men before.

Contests and riddles for the New Year 2019

Not a single New Year is complete without thematic puzzles and fun contests, and the year 2019 of the Yellow Earth Pig is no exception!

Best gift

Question: What New Year's gift will suit any woman best? Hint: In width - 7 cm, and in length - 15 cm. And the larger the quantity, the better.

  • Answer: A banknote of $ 100.

Finish the rhyme

If the crackers clap,
Peeped you little animals,
If the Christmas tree is a good gnome,
Brought into your glorious house,
Next quite possibly
Will be in the house ...

  • Answer: Ambulance

Hot news

We will need:

Cards, each of which has 5 words unrelated to each other.

How to conduct:

The whole company is divided into several groups (by the number of cards). For justice in each group should be the same number of people. Each team is given one pre-prepared card, for a minute they need to come up with a New Year's event, which can be described by a sentence from these words. For example, on the card there are the words "dog", "car", "skates", "traffic light", "Lenin", and you can make a sentence like this: "A drunk man on New Year's Eve on Lenin Street tried to overtake the car on skates, but crashed at a traffic light to a dog that ran across the road. "

The team wins with the most original news.

What are the boys made of?

The competition is suitable for a large company of friends who celebrates a holiday at home.

How to conduct:

Each girl chooses a guy and dresses him up with everything that comes handy: a homeowner's closet cabinet, a cosmetics bag, Christmas tree decorations, etc. will help here. You must also present your creation to the guests as original as possible: verse, song, pair dance or advertising. The prize is received by the most resourceful and extraordinary girl.

What kind of dance?

How to conduct:

Several teams are being formed, each is given the task of depicting a round dance around the tree, but not ordinary, but organized in the police, mental hospital, army, and so on. We need to come up with as many atypical places as there are teams. Then each group in turn shows its round dance, while the rest try to guess where it is organized. You can give two prizes: one for the most artistic team, and the second for those who guessed more than others.

Useful tips

And in addition some tips on how not to get bored on the New Year.

  • Arrange a themed party - it is very interesting to celebrate a holiday in retro-style or dressing up in the characters of the Game of Thrones.
  • Take off! When guests see the camera - they want to look at it as interesting as possible, which means it will be even more fun! Yes, and the memory will remain a lot of bright moments captured.
  • Take the phones away so that no one hangs in the social. networks, it can really spoil even the nicest party.

As you can see, it is easy to bring fun even to the most squeezed company. The main thing in such cases is perseverance, and then even those guests who are embarrassed in the first minutes and sit on the sidelines, by the middle of the festivities will begin to be fully active and involved in the process!

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