Eastern horoscope for 2019

After a difficult period filled with alarming events, in 2019 most of us will breathe a sigh of relief. After all, the coming year of the Yellow Earth Pig will be favorable for almost all signs of the Chinese zodiacal calendar. However, in the beginning of the year some instability will be expected, which will soon be replaced by positive changes in all spheres of human life.

Horoscope for 12 signs of the eastern calendar

The pig prepared as a gift success and happiness for all signs of the zodiac in 2019. A bad year will not be for anyone, however, according to the Chinese horoscope, generous gifts are unevenly distributed.


Aries caressed for by the host of 2017 - the Fiery Rooster - will not be ignored by the Boar. The new year will bring a lot of change and adventure to their life boiling over. Energy will beat the key, so much so that sometimes there is no time left to stop and think. And this is very important: it is necessary to have a clear goal, then it will turn out not to be scattered about yourself and achieve maximum results.


A good year for Taurus: time to collect the fruits of their labors. The harvest will depend directly on the efforts made in 2018. The universe was not prepared for the Taurus: life will become measured, calm. Stars give advice not to spread about their well-being: there is a risk to get a lot of envious people.


Those born under the auspices of Mercury will feel comfortable in 2019, however, the activity should be somewhat reduced. Do not try to do everything everywhere: Boar does not like to rush. Gemini is extremely important to correctly prioritize, discarding all unnecessary from the list of tasks. The influence on others will increase: your opinion will be heard more than ever.


Pig will treat Cancers with maternal care: give a lot of new experiences and pleasant acquaintances. Romantic experiences, travels, friends - all this will carry Rakov a motley cycle of events, without giving a single minute of respite.

a lion

Leos will not have to make any effort to be in the spotlight. They will be surrounded by people, but not all of them will experience only positive emotions. The year 2019 is a great chance to occupy a high position, the Universe itself pushes Lviv to this step.


In general, the year for Dev will be calm: their diligence and accuracy will like the hostess of 2019. The only trouble that will overshadow the measured flow of life is jealousy and possible hot temper. If negative emotions can be extinguished, the period will be extremely prosperous.

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The time has come to get the cases and plans set aside "for later" from the box: The Pig will help to realize the most courageous ideas. The year promises Libra financial stability and improved quality of life. For representatives of the sign, who have already found 2 halves, the year will pass happily and harmoniously. But for lonely Libra, big love is unlikely to meet next year unless they reduce their demands.


Passionate Scorpios will literally simmer with jealousy for any reason, and more often without it. Emotions will overwhelm them, making it difficult to concentrate on really important tasks. The main recommendation of the stars - try to pull yourself together and not spill energy. If you succeed in focusing, the year promises excellent prospects in the financial field.


The arrogant Sagittarius Pig has prepared a small test: there is not enough strength for everything, you have to make a difficult choice between family and career. Stars recommend developing in a professional way: Cupid in 2019 will not be very supportive of Sagittarius.


In rational Capricorns in the new year will gain strength to fulfill the cherished desires. The boar will awaken the romance hidden behind 7 seals in this pragmatic sign, bringing new colors to stable relationships and generously bestowing free Capricorns with love. Work will fade into the background, leaving a lot of time for pleasure.


The head of Aquarius is literally torn from the abundance of ideas and plans. Especially good will be the year 2019 for workers in the field of art or science. The dislike of Aquarius to bring matters to a victorious end in the new year will be irrelevant: the Pig will help the air sign in the final stage of all undertakings.


Pisces in 2019 will be so calm that many representatives of the mark, who are in a long relationship, are ready to go even for treason. You should not do this, it is much more productive to work on relationships in a pair: go on a long-planned trip, find a common hobby. Lonely Pisces will certainly find a long-awaited pair: a new feeling will be bright and all-consuming.

Horoscope for the animal and year of birth for 2019

2019 for all representatives of the Eastern Signs by year of birth and animal will be the time when they want to spend more time with their families. Stormy entertainment is better to postpone for another time: A pig is a domestic animal, it will help to find peace and harmony, slow down too rapid a course of life.

  • For The rats 2019 will be promising for career growth, financial independence and building a family. During this period, you can catch up on all the mistakes that the Rat made in the year of the Yellow Earth Dog. In 2019, the Rats will be able to painlessly break the old toxic relationship and bring new love to life.
  • In 2019 Bull waiting for a great life, when things will be settled by themselves. This applies to the professional sphere, and love relationships. The Year of the Yellow Earth Pig will be a great start for new projects that give a serious financial return. It is also a great time to go on a romantic trip with your soulmate or to plan the birth of children.
  • All strengths Tigra in the year of the Yellow Earth Pig will receive energy feed. Tigers will feel invincible and ready to conquer the whole world. They are waiting for financial success and love dating. It is necessary to devote time to a career and professional growth and not to perceive stability in the financial sphere as a reason for rash spending.
  • A rabbit In 2019, waiting for some problems. However, all questions will be successfully resolved and will be the reason for professional growth. Rabbits who have not yet created a family, it is recommended to transfer the relationship from the sublimely romantic to more serious and think about marriage. To avoid health problems, Rabbits should reduce the consumption of sweets and red meat.
  • Dragons in the year of the Yellow Boar peace and stability awaits. They will be full of energy and enthusiasm. A surge of vitality should be used to strengthen the family and business. 2019 will bring the Dragons a lot of pleasant spending and increased income. Lonely dragons await the rapid transition from first dates to a full-fledged relationship. Next year for the Dragons is an auspicious period to begin practicing yoga and meditation.
  • 2019 promises Snake measured life without special disturbances. This is the optimal time to develop the habit of treating everything with the serenity of a philosopher. Throughout the year, the Serpent will not abandon the confidence that their own destiny depends only on them. However, most likely in the coming year, the Serpent can wait for disappointment in a love partner.
  • People born in a year Horses, in 2019 can firmly count on success in all matters. Horses will enjoy fruitful work in a cohesive team and successful business projects. This is a good time to try yourself in new sports and improve your health. Financial stability will provide an opportunity to switch to strengthening family relations.
  • Representatives of the sign of the eastern horoscope Goat in 2019 will receive a huge number of opportunities. Goats expect a lot of useful dating and interesting communication. Work will require increased attention, but hard work will be rewarded with a significant wage increase. Next year, the Goats will become wiser and be able to make informed decisions. Couples in which one or both partners goat, expects stability.
  • Monkeys In 2019, waiting for professional success, provided that they can demonstrate all their abilities and potential. A family or love relationship can be a bit of a fever. But in the end, some shaking up will refresh your senses. Next year's monkeys should be more attentive to their health and give preference to the fruit and vegetable diet.
  • For Rooster The year of the Yellow Earthen Pig is the time when you need to focus on projects started in 2018. This is a favorable and peaceful period for self-examination and preparation for 2020. If the Petukh manages to concentrate on working on existing professional and personal commitments, they will have an unprecedented rise. Increased revenue is projected, but do not relax.
  • Dogs expects a dynamic and eventful period. In 2019, the work of representatives of the mark will be noticed by the higher authorities. This will be a reason to move up the career ladder and increase salaries, but better control their spending. At this time, Dogs should listen to their instincts to avoid mistakes. 2019 will give a fateful meeting, which will end with a bright love affair.
  • Coming year for Pigs - This is the time when you can safely correct your mistakes, prepare for the future and find stability in financial matters and family relationships. Astrologers advise representatives of the sign to learn new skills that will allow to climb the career ladder. Also, Pigs should spend more time on health and start using traditional medicine to avoid future problems.

Compatibility marks in 2019 for love and friendship

The twelve signs of the Chinese calendar can be divided into four triangles, within which the compatibility of the signs is particularly high. It:

  • Rat, Dragon, Monkey.
  • Bull, Snake, Rooster.
  • Tiger, Horse, Dog.
  • Rabbit, Goat, Pig.

Representatives of animals united in the same compatibility triangle have common character traits; they can create fruitful family and business alliances. So, the most compatible signs with Pig are Rabbit and Goat. The most unsuitable partner for the Pig is the Snake.

What to do to attract luck in 2019

The coming year of the Yellow Pig will be influenced by the elements of the Earth and therefore there will be a shortage of elements of Fire and Metal. In this regard, the colors that symbolize Fire will be happy - it is red and orange and Metal is white and gold. These colors can be used for clothing, makeup and jewelry, and in the interior decoration of the office or apartment. To harmonize the flow of energy, you can add shades that symbolize the elements of the Earth - it is ocher, yellow and brown.

Pigs tend to enjoy all the joys of life, especially delicious food. Therefore, in 2019 you should not indulge in gluttony so that it does not adversely affect health and appearance. Take time to control food, preferring vegetables and fruits. This will have a positive effect on health and tone.

2019 will pass under the sign of financial well-being. But this is not a reason to weaken control over the state of accounts and financial flows. A pig will like only reasonable expenses, in return she will reward an increase in income. This is a good period for commercial transactions and new projects.

All of the above leads to the conclusion that everyone is waiting for a successful and peaceful year, during which the good-natured and fair mistress will rule - the Yellow Earth Pig. It is better to use the time of stability to strengthen positions in personal and public life, because, despite the good nature, the Pig does not like lazy people and irresponsible personalities.

The coming year calls on absolutely everyone to look around and ask: "Do I like everything in life?" If the answer is far from positive, it is worth pondering over the ways that will help change the situation. Pay as much attention to your family and friends, give a chance to extinguished relationships, improve and improve your home. The only thing that is not worth changing is the work, the Boar in this area will not contribute to success. You can only make plans for the next year, which activates the career issue.

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