How to rest on the New Year 2019 - the year of the Yellow Earth Pigs

No need to prove to anyone that the New Year is a suitable period in order to temporarily forget about work, relax and unwind. People, trying to plan the upcoming vacation, are interested in how we rest on the New Year 2019. This will be discussed in the article.

Employees of government agencies and enterprises will rest for almost two weeks. The last working day before the New Year holidays falls on Saturday, December 29 (short working day), and the New Year’s holiday ends on January 8. The management of some non-governmental organizations can increase or reduce the number of weekends.

In the coming 2019, Yellow Earthen Pig, the inhabitants of the country will rest from December 30 to January 8.

December 31 falls on Monday, so this will be an official holiday, and compatriots will have the opportunity to think about where to celebrate the New Year.

New Year for many residents of Russia is the most beloved and long-awaited holiday. The main thing is that the official New Year's holiday in 2019 does not spoil the mood. Starting a new day with a smile, get an unimaginable amount of positive emotions.

In Russia in 2019, there will be no interruption in the form of working days in the New Year holidays, which cannot be said of the neighboring countries. The weekend of January 5 and 6 was postponed to May 2 and 3.

Other weekends for holidays: February 23-24, March 8-10, May 1-5 and May 9-12, June 12, November 2-4.

Every citizen will be able to plan an exciting and interesting vacation. The first days of vacation will be devoted to noisy feasts, visits to relatives and friends. To make the rest of the holiday fun, build a vacation based on active sports. I advise you to spend New Year holidays in no less beautiful and native Russian cities than foreign ones.

Thanks to the long New Year holidays, working people will spend an unforgettable vacation, go on a trip or go skating. In any case, it will bring many benefits to the body. What to say about the kids who are eagerly awaiting the matinee, dedicated to the offensive of the New Year of the Yellow Boar.

Regardless of the activities that are part of the entertainment program for the New Year holidays, take part in them with the whole family. Only in this way New Year's Eve will bring a lot of joy and a lot of happiness.

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