Where to go and where to meet the New Year 2019 in Russia

In order to celebrate the New Year 2019 in a fun and colorful way, it is not necessary to buy expensive vouchers abroad. In Russia there are wonderful places for recreation, where you can celebrate the New Year holidays. The resorts of our country are different from European low-cost flights and relatively cheap accommodation.


Northern Republic is perfect for New Year's holiday. Karelia has amazing nature and a wide range of excursions to sights and cultural monuments. Here are popular racing dog and deer sledding. For lovers of an active lifestyle ski races are held, as well as winter fishing.

New Year in Karelia can be found in a quiet cozy house in the area or, on the contrary, in the noisy atmosphere of a restaurant in Petrozavodsk.

The weather in Karelia for the winter holidays is quite comfortable, but sometimes there are strong frosts.


New Year in the most western city of Russia will be remembered for a long time. Kaliningrad surprisingly combines European architecture, medieval atmosphere and high standards of service.

Kaliningrad residents traditionally celebrate New Year's Eve at home or in a restaurant. And on January 1, festivities last a whole day. Artists perform on Victory Square, the fair runs, which ends with fireworks.

Restaurants in Kaliningrad look like ancient castles. The New Year's Eve will be bright and unforgettable, with an entertainment program, special recipes and even knightly tournaments.

The air temperature in the city on New Year rarely drops below - 5 ° C.


The third capital of Russia will allow to combine active and sightseeing holidays. In the Christmas holidays Kazan offers a large number of winter entertainment: skiing, snowboarding, cheesecakes and sledding.

New Year's events in Kazan are concentrated in the Millennium Park. The main tree is set in its very center. In restaurants and cafes of the city you can warm up with traditional Tatar dishes and sweets. For children and adults, the largest water park in Russia - "Riviera".

It is better to book a hotel room in advance, as there is always an influx of tourists from other cities on holidays.

The table shows the approximate prices for holidays on the New Year.

Minimum prices in rublesPetrozavodskKaliningradKazan
Airplane from Moscow720070004000
Train from Moscow200024001000
Accommodation 1 day200010001500
Tours 2 days7000100003000

The best places to celebrate New Year and Christmas


New Year in Sochi is ideal for lovers of active winter sports. Ski slopes and cozy hotels await guests for the New Year holidays and vacations. You can meet in 2019 in the restaurants of the city, and the next morning go to the resorts of Rosa Khutor and Krasnaya Polyana.

Budget tourists need to book hotels and country houses in advance. The cost of living starts from 2000 rubles per person. Therefore, it is worth renting accommodation yourself and negotiating directly with hotel owners.

The weather for the New Year holidays in Sochi is never cold, and the temperature is kept above 0 С °.


In the New Year, Moscow turns into a shining garland of lights and entertainment. On Christmas holidays in many parks are celebrations and concerts, skating rinks are open. Museums offer discounts and special exhibitions, and fairs and bazaars are held near the central metro stations.

The capital is full of entertainment and entertainment facilities. The popular Kremlin tree pleases children and adults, but the demand for tickets is large, so you need to buy them in advance. Divine services will be held throughout the festive week in the churches of Moscow.

St. Petersburg

St. Petersburg is especially beautiful on New Year's Eve. The main events take place on Palace Square and Nevsky Prospect. The gala concert on the square lasts until 4 am, and then ends with fireworks.

St. Petersburg is a city of museums, and Peterhof Park is suitable for walking in the fresh air. In winter, admission is free, however, the famous fountains are turned off.

The weather for the New Year is usually chilly, and it is better not to go outside without warmed clothes and hot tea.

Great Ustyug

This is not only the birthplace of Santa Claus, but also a popular center for tourism and family recreation. New Year's Eve on the streets are festivities, fairs and round dances around the tree. And Santa Claus walks around the city surrounded by his suite. For children there is a huge amount of excursions and entertainment.

12 km from Velikiy Ustyug between the villages of Lopatnikovo and Serumino there is the residence of Santa Claus. Here, everything is literally saturated with magic, and the fabulous atmosphere reigns in the air.

The cost of a plane ticket starts from 14,000 rubles. The train is much cheaper, but you still have to take an hour by bus to Velikiy Ustyug.

Minimum prices in rublesSochiMoscowSt. PetersburgGreat Ustyug
Airplane from Moscow2700-300014000
Train from Moscow2400-10007200
Accommodation 1 day1800200015002200
Tours 2 days2500063002300020000

Useful tips

  1. Before choosing a city for a trip, check the weather and stock up with warm or moisture-resistant clothing. In some cities of our country difficult weather conditions.
  2. Book hotels and restaurants need until the end of autumn. Do not wait for a significant fall in prices, as the proposals for the New Year quickly dismantled. In December, the cost increases significantly.
  3. For a large company it is more profitable to rent a house or a cottage than a hotel. The airbnb and hotellook portals will help to contact the owners directly.
  4. The basic rules for New Year's travels are planning a holiday in advance. Then there is the opportunity to significantly save on tickets and accommodation.

Meeting the New Year in Russia will be magical. Activities, excursions, trips to ancient sites and monuments, as well as excellent restaurants and cafes await guests. Here everyone will be able to choose a holiday for both family and friends.

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