New Year's gift for dad: bold tips and creative ideas

It is believed that a gift for dad is not always necessary, and most children are limited to a call or a postcard. However, a gift is not an object of material expenses, but a way to express gratitude to a loved one, to invest attention and gratitude.

The choice of hobbies dad

The category of gifts for hobbies will cause the greatest joy, because the hobby is an outlet in everyday life and work. And it's always a pity to spend your own money on hobbies.

Examine all the items that attract the attention of the pope: spinning or ant farms, mini greenhouses, or installations for hydroponics. If the father is involved in sports, consider home fitness equipment and equipment for training in the open air, massagers. Secure his bike rides by donating a helmet. Increase your interest in walking - present a hand pedometer. If possible, introduce your father to the possibilities of personal electric transport.

There are plenty of options, if you get closer to the interests of the pope. It is pleasant for a man to get a solid diary in leather binding, a fountain pen or an organizer for the desktop. Purses, business card holders, bags are also leading in the list of desirable things for the New Year.

Book lover will be delighted to fresh entry into the personal library. If reading does not allow sight, donate a licensed audiobook. Wall calendars with high-quality graphics and a display of beautiful places are also popular.

Animal lovers will be pleased with your participation in his passion. Such a person can make a gift from the shelf of the pet shop: a new aquarium / terrarium, filter, lamp or decor, buy fresh equipment for training a dog or a cat. Fishing or hunting in the form of a father's hobby will make it easier to choose, here you can start with organizers for paraphernalia and finish with thermal underwear for winter fishing, not to mention the huge choice of equipment: backpacks, fishing rods, tents, sleeping bags, etc.

List of original and inexpensive gifts

To present an original and non-border item, contact the agency for the production of personal print on textiles and paper. A family or personal photo printed on puzzles, a poster, a label for champagne ... the options are endless. You can buy a finished T-shirt with the inscription "the best dad," or a baseball cap with an unusual print, "the best fisherman." Here, rely on the father's sense of humor, and do not overdo it with jokes so that such clothes do not fall into the category of rubbish on the shelf.

TIP! If for the New Year you have prepared for the Pope the news about the soon appearance of the grandson, it is appropriate to create a quest-gift with a hint. You will be surprised and pleased with his reaction!

Daddy wants to go down on a bungee or jump with a parachute? Give this opportunity, invest in the most unforgettable experience. A weekend at the shooting range, a trip to the air museum, a subscription to the shooting gallery or a club of fishing enthusiasts - all this is much more original than a scarf or pajamas! Think of the emotions that he will experience when opening a gift. Maybe an excursion ticket to an interesting area is exactly what he wanted.

If dad is a motorist, buy an original sticker on the body, a pillow in the salon or a set of good floor mats. Gadgets are also suitable, but they do not fit into the format of an unusual presentation. Collectible weapons, key holders with a cache, flasks with engraving, chess-glasses, optical devices and home breweries are gifts that will surprise. However, not all interesting ideas are classified as budget.

Ideas for the profession

Based on the profession of the pope, it will turn out to find a pleasant and useful gift. Who is associated with construction and installation works, will appreciate a good tool or a paid program with advanced functionality for space modeling. The driver can use a massager on the seat, a turntable, or, of course, a pleasant steering wheel cover. For professions associated with the use of electronic devices, it is appropriate to give a powerbank or a stylish case for equipment, a cooling stand or a memory card.

For business people there are huge sections of business souvenirs, although a personal gift in the form of watches, pens or notebooks will have to be by the way. 3D puzzles in the form of oil rigs, cars, airplanes or ships will decorate any office and will not be expensive. An original mug, stand for glasses, a salt lamp, or a set of chocolate fitting tools — something that is not thought up to be remembered.

Any esthete will like a wall painting or an exotic cache-pot. The main thing is to get to the point: choose the desired style and theme of the work of art. If dad gets to work in public transport, he will be delighted with good headphones that isolate extraneous noise.

Each profession involves a huge toolkit, and for each type there are organizers of different size and functionality. Consider this option, and order in the workplace will please dad.

The best gift for the New Year 2019

Now it is appropriate to make a list reflecting the best gift options for dad for the year of the Yellow Dog:

  • comfortable office chair;
  • master class on the drifter or on the extreme control of cars;
  • subscription for an exotic massage;
  • donate what dad lost or forgotten long ago, and you found and pre-packaged beautifully;
  • certificate of piloting a helicopter or aircraft;
  • set of tools;
  • new phone;
  • e-book;
  • a keg of good beer;
  • organizer;
  • thermos or thermomug;
  • angler's club card;
  • a book;
  • player;
  • radio in the car;
  • navigator;
  • car carpets;
  • shooting range subscription;
  • computer accessories, peripheral equipment;
  • collection weapon;
  • sport equipment;
  • auto insurance;
  • flashlight with a capacious battery;
  • power bank;
  • tent sleeping bag;
  • backpack;
  • hiking picnic set;
  • grill;
  • ticket to the concert of your favorite artists;
  • subscription to the bath complex;
  • original cartoon;
  • case for glasses;
  • any clothes with symbols of your favorite football team;
  • photo puzzles or clothes with a personalized print;
  • souvenir items interiors;
  • all for hunting / fishermen;
  • a puppy of a serious breed;
  • telescope, binoculars, tripod;
  • new lens to the camera;
  • everything for the garden / garden (for summer residents);
  • warm blanket, scarf, bathrobe;
  • art: paintings, statues, antiques;
  • good belt;
  • umbrella.

Everyone can add this list with new ideas applicable in the field of a particular age category, profession. All fathers are different, but one thing unites them - the desire to load children with cares and costs.

How to make a gift with your own hands

For many, if not all dads, the most pleasant gift will be the product made by the hands of their favorite children. You can use kits for creativity or independently look for sources of materials and inspiration. Consider options for surprises for Dad do it yourself.

I offer a list of ideas that have taken a leading position in the top favorite homemade products for dads:

  • Rubik's cube, where the sides of the puzzle consist of family or personal photos. Order a professional product with laminating sides or take a photo, glue, scissors and a cube on which it is all glued;
  • Photo frames of colored cardboard or plywood, which are made in the form of a car, and in the windows are placed photos of all family members. Such an idea can be applied in the form of a ship, an airplane, or a lunar rover — turn on the fantasy;
  • self-made cover on the cup, which does not allow to cool quickly;
  • cufflinks on the shirt, made of decorative buttons and elastic;
  • sweet gift in the form of a cake or cake, cooked with his own hands;
  • knitted items: scarves, socks, hats and mittens;
  • an original pillow for a sofa or salon of a car;
  • a collage of photos;
  • self-mounted home videos;
  • trees of beads, gems;
  • manual binding of your favorite book, weekly;
  • bookmark sets for hand-made books;
  • hand-made organizers for pens, tools;
  • home grown plants: flowers, dwarf trees;
  • crafts from clay: mugs, decorative plates, ashtrays;
  • original embroidery depicting iconic places for dad: a childhood home, a favorite vacation spot;
  • origami crafts;
  • certificates and certificates from the hand: the best dad, caring head of the family.

Depending on what exactly you do, you can come up with a lot of beautiful, useful and dear to the heart gifts for dad for the New Year 2019. A culinary, graphic or artfully expressed in any materials product that will take pride of place in your father's house will do.

The biggest difficulty children face is the lack of standard solutions for men, such as tulips on March 8, for their mother. Of course, we are not talking about a gift in the form of socks or shaving foam. It is important to include ingenuity and to do everything so that dear person was pleased.

Decide on the type of gift that are:

  • memorable: paintings, souvenirs;
  • practical;
  • related to hobbies;
  • emotional: tickets, tickets;
  • economic;
  • gifts for leisure: books, CDs;
  • related to the profession;
  • for good health.

The latter category is very specific. However, not a single person “aged” will refuse an automatic blood pressure monitor, a blood glucose meter, an electronic thermometer or a hearing aid, if it is difficult to manage without these things. Such a gift will not be a surprise, because the approach to its purchase requires the personal presence of the pope. If you choose it correctly, you will significantly improve the quality of life of your father, so it’s definitely worth considering.

A gift is a reflection of your relationship. Even without significant costs, applying a practical or creative approach to the choice, it will turn out to create the most pleasant impression. In the form of a gift, you can also make news or get old photos and photographs from the family archive, which with the help of special programs will form the basis of a touching video.

The time spent on preparation is the best that you can donate to a dear person for free. The gift from children is unique in itself and will be appreciated by the parent.

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