How to entertain children for the New Year. Piggy bank of experienced mom's ideas

New Year is a wonderful holiday that adults and children love. Only everyone wants to spend it differently. Children want fun and enthusiasm, they are bored of sitting at the table and watching TV, while adults, on the contrary, prefer tasty food and cheerful communication. In this article I want to share my own family story.

Most Popular Contests for Kids

I did not focus on the competitive part, but on joint work. If the competition means someone won. But someone lost. The children are touchy, but I wanted everyone to have fun, so I chose not even contests, but simply interesting tasks.

Snow out of cotton

To prepare the room for the holiday we needed snow. All participants were given cotton wool and a needle with thread. They rolled balls of cotton, and then strung them on a string at random intervals. A couple of threads from each, now the snow can be mounted on the chandelier.

We make socks snowmen

Then we made socks snowmen. The idea is simply amazing, quite simple.

For the manufacture will need:

  • Socks, preferably white, but we had one snowman- "ember".
  • A few buttons, but if you want you can do with felt-tip pens, and just draw buttons.
  • Glue for buttons, if you decide to stay on them.
  • Thin gum.
  • Rice or any other light cereals. I do not advise you to do cotton, snowmen will not keep well, and it will take a lot of cotton.
  • Markers or markers.
  • Ribbons and pieces of fabric for a snowman outfit.

The essence of the work is simple. You put rice in a sock, tie one gum on top, one just above the middle. Stick buttons or draw them with a marker. Also draw eyes. I advise you not to start with buttons. Draw easier and more fun. Then you decorate a snowman. Ribbon on the neck and a cap of a piece of cloth. Further photographs of the finished masterpieces with their performers and the general photo of the snow company.

Video lesson

Creative photo session

You need to make several cards (2-3 for each participant) with different tasks. For example, a merry guest or a guest overeat, the New Year's deer of Santa Claus, Baba Yaga, Ilya of Murom on a horse, and the Serpent Gorynych. In general, the scope for fantasy. If there are two or three characters in the task (Snake Gorynych - three heads), you can call someone to help. When the participant drew out the card, depicted the required, you photograph it. I assure you, the fun will be provided to all! And you will keep on memory interesting, unusual photos.

The best and interesting children's puzzles

At this stage it is already possible to leave only children. I propose riddles. These are funny poems where you unwittingly rhyme wrong.

Many many years
Gives us gifts Grandfather,
Gives a Christmas tree, congratulations,
This holiday is ... Birthday?

Here she is, beautiful
All shimmers!
They brought it from the cold,
This tree is ... birch?

Who is he with a white beard,
Himself ruddy and gray
He is the best and kinder
Guess? - ... Barmaley?

Santa Claus arrived to us,
The young granddaughter brought.
Children are waiting for her gift -
that girl is ... mermaid?

Who is Santa's helper?
Who is with a carrot instead of a nose?
Who is all white, clean, fresh?
Who is made of snow? - ... Goblin?

Come to our ball!
So that no one recognized you,
Let your moms bring you down
Carnival ... pajamas?

Harnesses Santa Claus
Three horses in a heavy cart.
What is their name, remember! - ...
March, April and warm May?

Friend to me or not friend
Become more in a circle!
Hand in hand kiddies
Friendly ... lead by the nose of a bear?

Forget about the whims,
All - candy, all - surprises!
In the New Year do not have to cry,
There, under the tree, ... old bast?

To make light the night
We need to help Grandpa.
They say all the children on holiday
Chorus: "Herringbone, ... go out?"

Santa Claus in the street
Rides on ... on the Snow Maiden?

Contests and riddles for the New Year 2019

I talked about my experience, but it was a different year. 2019 is the year of the Yellow Earthen Pig. Well, if part of the competition will be devoted to the symbol of the year.

An interesting idea - to play forfeits

It is necessary to prepare in advance the mask of a yellow pig, a beautiful bow around the neck, a piece of yellow cloth to wrap the participant. The moderator invites participants to choose a fantasy from among those laid out on the table. It describes the actions that the "pig" must perform. It can be anything.

  • To grumble a famous melody.
  • Dance fun dance (music must be prepared in advance).
  • Congratulate the audience using the "swine" vocabulary (even if the next year's mud will be curative).

Next, each in turn puts on the props and performs the specified.

"Swine" congratulations

You can prepare a solemn "swine" greeting. Each participant pulls out a ticket and performs the task.

Ticket number 1. Sing the words on the motive of the song "A Christmas tree was born in the forest ..."

I am a pig and you are a pig
All of us, brothers, pigs.
Today they gave us friends
Whole vat botvini.

Ticket number 2. Read on behalf of the friendly host inviting guests to the laid table.

Eat, chomp friend
Brothers piglets!
We look like pigs,
Though more guys.

Ticket number 3. Read with delight in your voice, as if you are voicing your dream.

On the skies, brothers, the bear flies,
The bear flies, twists its tail.
Pig on the spruce nest,
The nest of the pile, the children brought,
Cute little children, piglets.
Piglets hanging from knots,
Hang on knots, want to fly.

Ticket number 4. Read on behalf of the hostess, which makes the guest a compliment.

Pig Neenila
My son praised:
That's pretty
That's nice:
Walking sideways
Ears upright,
Tail crochet,
Nose snout!

Ticket number 5. Read with pride in yourself and pathos.

Remember this is every son.
Know any child:
From the son of a pig grows
If the son is a pig.

Ticket number 6. Read as a telegraph operator, who is tapping a congratulatory telegram.

Like a typewriter
Two pretty pigs:
And tapping
And grunt:

Ticket number 7. Read boring and instructive.

My boy! I give you this song.
Calculate your strength.
And if you don’t know how to say “Oink,”
Squeal, do not hesitate, "and-and!"

Just not a pig!

Another contest is to enumerate in turn different words that can designate pigs, up to "hryundel" or "Peppa's pig", if only there was an indication of this animal.

Pigs with Pigs

Eternal entertainment, which never bothers you - to make several posters with a pig in different versions: standing, lying, sitting in a chair, dancing. Only remove the penny and tails. Have you guessed it? Each participant needs to attach the attributes to the right place with eyes closed. And different posters are needed so that the next participant does not know what the picture is in front of him.

Useful tips based on personal experience

To make the holiday as fun as possible, there are several simple conditions.

  • All should be in suits, even in the most unpretentious. This will automatically set the holiday tone.
  • During the competitions have a good musical break. There are lots of songs, like "we will hang the balls." The presenter shows the movement to the music, everything is repeated. But the same verse is repeated many times with acceleration, now everyone is torn as they can, they do not have time, but at the same time they are absolutely delighted!
  • To effectively complete the holiday, all the gifts must be packed in advance so that no one knows exactly what is in them. You can fold a beautiful pile under the Christmas tree, you can put it in a bag. Depends on the age of children. At the first high-grade New Year of our kids, we sewed a bag that Dad had thrown under the Christmas tree when everyone went outside to watch the fireworks. You should have seen the children run back. The first one who flew into the room, without taking off her shoes, yelled in a voice: "Lies! Lies!".

Summing up, I want to say that the New Year is a family holiday, so it should remain. Since then, we have repeatedly organized such entertainment programs, with the participation of adults, too. You have no idea with what enthusiasm people fool around, forgetting about problems, worries. And the New Year is the frontier that I want to step over with a light heart and good mood!

The main thing in organizing such an event is not to overdo it with the complexity of the task. Preparation should cause no less joy than holding. Then there will be no tired and dissatisfied, but the celebration will be wonderful and will be remembered by all for a long time!

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