The best ways to gently clean the fox fur

The arctic fox belongs to impractical and short-lived furs, but it is able to retain heat for a long time due to the long and thick pile. During the socks on the coat appear yellowish spots. Return the original appearance of the product can be using a special cleaning.

Causes of yellowness in Arctic fox

After 2-3 seasons, a yellow hue appears on the fox. There are several reasons:

  • Violations of the rules of drying.
  • Incorrect fur processing.
  • Prolonged exposure to sleet or rain.

It is noted that the fur can change color when stored in a poorly ventilated cabinet or under film.

Popular folk remedies


Vinegar 6% diluted with water (1: 3 ratio) is suitable for cleaning.

  1. Dampen a cotton pad.
  2. Squeeze.
  3. Slightly, 3-4 times spend on the spots.

To remove the smell of a fur coat on the balcony.

Soap solution

Stains are allowed using soap:

  • Without fragrances.
  • White color.
  • Without additional components in the composition.
TIP! Ideal baby or laundry soap.

Procedure Plan:

  1. Grate a piece of soap (12-15 grams) grated.
  2. Dilute in 500 milliliters of warm water.
  3. Take a sponge and moisten it in a solution.
  4. Sponge rub on problem areas, foam.
  5. After 4-5 minutes with a dry cloth to remove the remnants.

Glycerin and alcohol

To eliminate stains, glycerin and alcohol are used. Cleaning is carried out according to the scheme:

  1. Cotton pads are wetted in glycerin.
  2. Handled pollution.
  3. The second disc and wetted in alcohol.
  4. The same stain is wiped. Rub the fur with alcohol until the glycerin has dried.

Hydrogen peroxide

A solution with hydrogen peroxide is able to rid the fur coat of a yellow shade and other stains.

  1. Mix 20 ml of hydrogen peroxide and alcohol.
  2. Add them to 300 ml of water.
  3. The liquid is poured into the spray.
  4. Spray at a distance of 40 centimeters from the surface.
  5. At the end of the procedure with a wet brush to comb the pile.


Quickly removes small spots of street dirt.

  1. Pour starch on the stain.
  2. Spray on top with clean water.
  3. Napkin 4-5 times lightly rub.
  4. Shake off the fur coat.
  5. To add shine, comb the fur with a wooden brush.


Clean the product will help the solution, which consists of:

  • Ammonia - 5 ml.
  • Shampoo - 5 ml.
  • Water - 500 ml.

Alcohol and shampoo mix and pour into warm water. Sponge dipped in the tool, handle the problem area. Then dry with a clean cloth.


From the strong spots will get rid of bran.

  1. The oven is heated to 180 degrees.
  2. Place on a baking sheet of bran and place in the oven.
  3. After 5 minutes, remove and pour them on the contaminated area.
  4. Rub and shake the soiled wardrobe item.
  5. If there are particles of bran on the fox, clean them with a brush.

Other home remedies

Required componentsRequired quantityProcedure Procedure
PetrolDilute 10 milliliters in 0.5 liters of water.

  1. Soak a cotton pad in the solution.

  2. Hold them 3 times on the spot.

  3. Blot with a damp cloth.
Semolina10-15 grams

  1. Pour the cereal on the contaminated area.

  2. Shake off after 5 minutes.

  3. To comb.
Salt and alcoholDissolve 10 grams of salt and 3 grams of alcohol in 500 ml of water.

  1. Moisten the sponge in the solution.

  2. To rub a stain.

  3. Blot dry with a damp cloth.
Dry sand (sea)15-20 grams

  1. Sand warm in the oven for 3 minutes.

  2. Pour one layer on the stain and rub.

  3. Shake the fur.
Sawdust10 grams

  1. To put on the polluted place.

  2. Rub the brush.

  3. Shake.

If it was not possible to eliminate the spots the first time, any of the procedures can be repeated.

Dry method of cleaning fur

For the dry method, talc without fragrances is required.

  1. The fur coat unfolds on the table.
  2. Talc poured a layer on the site.
  3. Dry sponge means rubbed into the stain.
  4. After 15 minutes, the product shakes.
  5. If the talc remains on the pile, use a stiff brush or a hairdryer on a cold air mode.

Specialized household chemicals - examples and instructions

The stores have an assortment of household chemicals designed to clean the fox fur. The best are:

  • "INSAF". Instructions: the aerosol is sprayed at a distance of 20 centimeters from the fur coat, the fur is wiped with a cotton cloth, combed.
  • "Biofur". Instructions: the foam is applied to the stain, rubbed, after 4 minutes, removed with a damp cloth (included).
  • "LIVAL LICKER KONZ". Instruction: the aerosol is sprayed onto the fur from a distance of 45 centimeters, after 5 minutes the fur coat is shaken and combed.
ATTENTION! Use household chemicals, observing safety regulations.

How to clean the lining and collar

To clean the polar fox collar requires:

  1. Remove the collar and shake.
  2. Lay out on the table.
  3. Pour semolina on problem areas.
  4. Rub a wet disc on top.
  5. After 15 minutes, shake and brush.
  6. Leave the product on a horizontal surface until dry.

Two options for cleaning the lining are preferred:

Option number 1. On the product

  1. Turn the fur coat inside out.
  2. In a soap solution (5 ml of water is diluted with 5 ml of shampoo), moisten the sponge.
  3. Handle the lining.
  4. Wet the cloth with a cloth.
  5. Leave to dry out.

Option number 2. Otporov lining

  1. Remove it.
  2. Wash by hand in soapy water.
IMPORTANT! You can not use the machine, you can damage or deform the silk.

Rules for the purification of light fox

It is necessary to clean light fur carefully, so that divorces do not appear.

  • Do not clean with aggressive substances, such as ammonia.
  • First, process the invisible part of the fur.
  • Use purified water and white napkins.

To eliminate stains from white fox, two reliable means are used:

Option number 1. Shampoo solution

  1. Dilute 5 ml of shampoo in 400 ml of water.
  2. Soak a sponge in the solution.
  3. To rub a stain.
  4. Blot with a napkin.

Option number 2. Soda with vodka

  1. Mix 3 g of soda and 10 ml of vodka.
  2. A cotton swab moistened with a solution will rub off the stain.
  3. After 5 minutes, the treated area is blotted with a damp cloth.
ATTENTION! If the white fox fur coats are very dirty, you will have to use the dry cleaning service.

Key rules for the care of arctic fox

Arctic fur will last for a long time, if you properly care for him.

  • When you come home, shake the coat.
  • Ensure air circulation in the cabinet.
  • Every 3-5 days, brush your fur with a special brush.
  • Look at the product for stains.
  • Remove contaminants as soon as they are detected.
  • Do not dry the coat with a hair dryer or with a fan and heater.

Do not go out in a fur coat outside in wet weather. Arctic fox is an animal that loves snow and frost.

Useful tips

The arctic fox will retain a presentable appearance, if you follow a number of tips.

  • Do not wash the collar, lining or fur coat in the washing machine.
  • After the end of the season socks, process the fur with a glycerin solution.
  • Dry horizontally in fresh air.
  • In the closet or dressing room, put a moth cleaner.
  • Before buying household chemicals, study the composition so that there are no coloring components.
  • Do not hang bright things near the fox fur coat so that the fur does not stain.

Follow the care recommendations, it will help to keep the product in perfect condition for a long time. Regularly look at the fur and lining for stains. If it is detected, use one of the methods to eliminate contamination.

Watch the video: How to: wash furs (January 2020).

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