How to cook a real Caucasian khachapuri at home

Bread cakes are very popular all over the world. Most often they are baked in the countries of Asia and the Middle East. But thanks to their taste, they can not leave anyone indifferent. One of the most favorite types of such baking is the Caucasian khachapuri.

Key secrets and cooking technology

Some argue that real cheesecake can be tasted only in its homeland - the Caucasus. Others believe that the main thing is that it should be cooked with the skillful hands of a Georgian cook. In fact, the only one that is made with your own hands from your favorite products will be the most delicious and appetizing.

Since there is no single recipe, then there is no exact cooking technology, you need to know the main points - how to make dough, stuffing, choose a shape.


The dough for the very first khachapuri was made of two components - water and flour. Over time, recipes have changed and improved. It is considered to be traditional dough made on the basis of Caucasian fermented milk product - matsoni. You can do it yourself. To do this, you need to slightly warm up 2.5-3 liters of fresh milk, pour 2 tbsp into it. l Sour cream, close and wrap in a warm towel. After a couple of hours, put in a cold place and let the mass thicken. But most often instead of matsoni use kefir, yogurt or liquid sour cream.

To make khachapuri more fluffy and ruddy in shape, you can add yeast to the dough. In this case, the batch put butter, sugar and milk. These three ingredients give dough softness and elasticity. Flour must sift before adding to saturate it with oxygen. The dough must have a soft, in any case not clogged structure.

After kneading the dough, put it to rest for 2-3 hours. If made with yeast - leave it warm, if you choose a puff or fresh option, you can put it in the fridge.


The basis of any filling for khachapuri is cheese. For classic flat cakes, Imeretinsky is used, but it can be replaced by other types. Young cheeses are best suited - soft or pickled, for example, Adygei, suluguni, mozzarella, white cheese, kobiysky and even homemade sour-milk cottage cheese.

TIP! Very salty varieties are pre-soaked in water.

Often, several types of cheese are added to the filling at once. This is especially important when one of them has a dense and solid structure. Sometimes for homogeneity of the mass, they hammer in an egg, and for piquancy they combine it with various chopped greens.

Formation of khachapuri

Baking form can be different. It can be open or closed, in the form of a boat, envelope, square, round and even oval. One rule unites everyone: the thinner the cake, the tastier it is.

Open products are most often baked in the oven or oven, closed ones are cooked in a pan or in a slow cooker.


  • In the pan. Frying pan with a thick bottom - stone or cast iron. For this kind of make fresh dough out of yogurt, and the form - necessarily closed. On each side they fry for 10-15 minutes until golden brown. At the end, abundantly greased with butter.
  • In the oven. Yeast or puff pastry cakes are baked in the oven. The cheese in the filling should melt, and the dough should rise and redden. Cooking time of khachapuri in the oven depends on the size and can last 25-35 minutes. The temperature is 180-200 degrees. When you remove the product from the oven, make a hole in it and insert a piece of butter.
  • In the slow cooker. As in the pan, in a multicooker, khachapuri is cooked one by one. On the buttered bottom put one tortilla with cheese and bake for 20 minutes in the mode "Baking". Then turns over and still preparing 15 minutes in the same mode.
  • In convection oven. Convection oven must first be heated to a temperature of 225 degrees. Then put the formed khachapuri on the middle grill and bake for 15 minutes.
REMEMBER! Whatever recipe, shape, dough and stuffing you choose, you need to cook in butter 82.5% fat. And the dish has the richest and unique taste in the first half hour after cooking.

Calorie and nutritional value

Many women who carefully monitor their figure can rarely please themselves with the taste of juicy Caucasian khachapuri. Indeed, its caloric content is considered average - about 270 kcal per 100 grams, so nutritionists do not recommend them to feast on them often. But you should know that the energy value depends on the ingredients.

Take the most consumed products needed to make a classic khachapuri. Each separately calculate the nutritional value and calorie.

ProductWeight, gProteins, gFat, gCarbohydrates, gKcal
Wheat flour52047,86,23901778,4
Kefir 2%40013,6818,9204
Chicken eggs16521181,2259
Sulguni cheese700140169-2029
Baking soda12----
Only 100 g11,714,922,1266

The table shows that the caloric content largely depends on the four main ingredients: flour and butter, the type of cheese and the fat content of kefir (sour cream, yogurt, yogurt). Each type of cheese is distinguished not only by its taste, structure, but also by the number of calories per 100 grams:

  • Home-made cottage cheese - 115 kcal.
  • Adygei cheese - 240 kcal.
  • Mozzarella - 240 kcal.
  • Imereti cheese - 240 kcal.
  • Cow cheese - 260 kcal.
  • Sheep cheese - 280 kcal.
  • Suluguni - 290 kcal.

Thus, to cook khachapuri, which will bring minimum harm to your figure, you need to:

  1. Make stuffing from homemade curd.
  2. Knead the dough on low-fat yogurt and roll out very thinly.
  3. Bake in the oven using a minimum amount of butter. Do not grease with egg yolk.

Classic Khachapuri with Cheese

It has been said more than once that there are many different recipes for khachapuri. For each Caucasian region, its recipe is the best and unique. In our country, there are several popular types of cheese cakes. One of them is the Georgian khachapuri. The cooking technology is simple, and some of the ingredients inherent in Oriental cuisine can be replaced with our traditional ones.

  • 700 grams of wheat flour;
  • 0.5 liters of matsoni (you can substitute kefir);
  • 300 g of cheese;
  • 200 g Suluguni;
  • 100 g of Imereti cheese;
  • 1 PC. egg;
  • 1 tsp. sugar and salt;
  • 1 pack of baking powder;
  • 30 ml of vegetable oil;
  • 50 g butter.

How to cook:

  1. Sift flour into the dishes and add a bag of baking powder, salt and sugar. Mix everything with a spoon and make a small depression in the middle.
  2. Fork, beat the egg and pour into the flour, add vegetable oil, yoghurt or kefir. Knead the soft and elastic dough, let it rest for an hour in the refrigerator, wrapped in plastic wrap.
  3. Grate all the cheeses and mix. Divide the dough into several even parts and roll them 1 cm thick.
  4. On each cake put 5 tbsp. l cheese mass, and collect the edges of the test in a handful.
  5. Carefully turn the product around so that the filling does not spill out and roll it out slightly with a rolling pin. So do with all parts.
  6. Heat the oven to 180 degrees, grease a little baking sheet with butter and put the formed khachapuri on it. Bake for 25-30 minutes.

After they are prepared, make an incision in each and put in a small piece of butter there.

How to make Adzhar khachapuri

Adjar khachapuri have an open boat shape, knead the dough with yeast and bake in the oven. The main difference from the rest of the flat cakes is that 5-10 minutes before the end of cooking, the raw yolk is poured into the filling. During the meal, the ruddy edges of the roll are dipped into it, which gives the dish a specialty.

Ingredients (for two large khachapuri):

  • 2.5 Art. flour;
  • 1 tsp dry yeast;
  • 1 tbsp. warm water;
  • 0.5 tsp. sugar and salt;
  • 50 ml of vegetable oil;
  • 3 egg yolks;
  • 150 g of mozzarella;
  • 150 g cheese;
  • 150 g of Adyghe cheese;
  • 100 ml of cream or full-fat milk;
  • 50 g butter.
  1. Pour the flour into the dishes, add dry yeast, sugar, salt and mix well. Gradually add water and knead loose dough. After 10-20 minutes, pour vegetable oil and knead again. We leave warm for 1.5 hours.
  2. In the meantime, prepare the stuffing. Grate all kinds of cheese or mash with a fork. Add cream to the mass and 1 tbsp. l flour. All mix well, if necessary, salt and pepper. Remember that each of the cheeses has its own rich taste, so you need to be careful with spices, so as not to overdo it.
  3. When the dough will increase in volume by 2 times, you can begin to form khachapuri. Divide it into 2 equal parts and roll the balls. From each make a boat and put in the middle of the cheese stuffing. Brush with whipped yolk edge.
  4. Preheat oven with baking sheet to 200 degrees. Then we cover the hot form with baking paper and put the khachapuri on for 25 minutes. After this time, in each boat we make a recess and pour one yolk into it.
  5. Sent in the oven for another 5-8 minutes. Before serving, grease with butter.

Tasty and simple khachapuri in a pan

Bake khachapuri in the oven is a time-consuming and lengthy procedure, because yeast dough is most often used, and it takes a long time to prepare. Much faster and easier to fry Georgian tortillas with cheese in a pan. At the same time, they are equally tasty and appetizing.

  • 125 ml of kefir;
  • 150 ml of sour cream;
  • 300-400 g of flour;
  • 0.5 tsp. salt and soda;
  • 1 tbsp. l Sahara;
  • 150 grams of butter;
  • 250 g of cheese;
  • 250 g mozzarella or suluguni;
  • a bunch of greens to taste.

Step by step preparation:

  1. Take 100 g of butter and melt on fire. Mix 125 ml of sour cream and kefir, salt, sugar, soda and ghee. Mix well, gradually adding sifted flour. Knead the soft dough and set it aside.
  2. Prepare the filling: grate the cheese on a fine grater, add the remaining sour cream, 2 tbsp. l soft butter and chopped greens. All mix thoroughly and if necessary dosolit.
  3. The dough is divided into 4 parts, from each to form a cake. Because it is soft, it can be done with your hands, not with a rolling pin.
  4. Put a part of the filling in the center and put it in a skirt on top of the edge. Pin them down and turn them gently upside down. Lightly roll out the resulting bag into a tortilla and put it on a hot, slightly greased pan.
  5. Cover and fry over medium heat from one and the other side for 7-10 minutes.

Finished khachapuri seasoned with melted butter and hot.

Cooking khachapuri with puff pastry curd

Today it is fashionable to cook different dishes from puff pastry. Khachapuri is not an exception, so there are many recipes that use puff pastry, not traditional fresh or yeast dough. You can cook it yourself, but it is long. Many prefer to buy the finished product in the store.

  • 500 g of the finished puff pastry;
  • 500 g of cottage cheese;
  • 2 chicken eggs;
  • 2 tbsp. l sour cream;
  • 3 tbsp. l butter;
  • a little parsley and dill;
  • salt and pepper to taste.
  1. Divide the dough into two parts and roll out each with a rolling pin into a thin cake. We put one on a baking sheet made with parchment paper, and leave the other on the board, lightly sprinkled with flour.
  2. Making cheese filling. In the cottage cheese add one egg, sour cream, 1 tbsp. l soft butter, chopped parsley and dill. All mix, salt and pepper. Evenly distribute the prepared mass over the surface, cover it with a second layer of dough and tightly pinch the edges.
  3. Take the second egg, separate the yolk and knock it with a fork. Lubricate them with the entire surface of the product and make several notches in the upper layer.
  4. Heat the oven to 220 degrees and bake khachapuri for 20 minutes. After getting it out of the oven, put slices of butter in the cuts. Serve hot.

5 useful tips

To cook at home tasty and juicy Caucasian khachapuri, you need to know a few little tricks.

  1. The dough, whether it is bland, yeast or flaky, should be soft and elastic. If it is too dense, the pastries will turn out to be crammed and tough. The approximate ratio of liquid to flour is 1: 3 (300 g of flour will be consumed per 100 ml of milk).
  2. For frying khachapuri need to use a frying pan with a thick bottom. Stone or cast iron is best.
  3. For the filling use soft and pickled cheeses. If you chose a cheese with a dense structure - suluguni, mozzarella, they should definitely add softened butter or thick sour cream.
  4. It is preferable to bake khachapuri at high temperatures - from 180 degrees. Then the dish turns crispy and ruddy.
  5. Caucasian khachapuri should always be served hot, as they say "with heat, with heat," smeared abundantly with butter. The first 20-30 minutes after the oven or frying, the roll is the most juicy and fragrant.

Georgia is considered to be the birthplace of khachapuri, accordingly, it is often called Georgian cheese cake. Now many people bake the product with other ingredients, so it only vaguely resembles a traditional Caucasian dish. Make it from unleavened, yeast or puff pastry. Sometimes even lavash is used.

REMEMBER! The most important requirement of a true khachapuri is a uniform amount of tender dough and cheese filling.

The shape of the pellet can be different: round, oval, square, triangular, in the form of a boat or envelopes. This is not the main thing. Georgian bakers believe that the main part is the skillful hands of the cook, his ardent heart and friendly attitude towards people.

Remember, the most delicious are the khachapuri that you prepare yourself for your close and dear people. Use your favorite foods and cooking methods.

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