How to understand that you like a guy

"And I like you, like you, like you ..." From childhood, we girls relentlessly repeat the parents: "The boy should say first that he likes you, the guy should give you the first signs of attention, the man should tell you what he loves ..." So we wait - first for girls, then for girls, and then for women - but does this blind waiting always lead to good results and how to understand that a guy likes you?

General signs of sympathy in men

Going on a date, be prepared to carefully observe. Guys by nature are really less emotional than girls, and you shouldn't blame them. There are several signs that will instantly betray their nascent sympathy.

  • Gestures. Non-verbal language of communication - the language of gestures never lies: we can say anything, lie, remain silent, but the body will still give out. If a guy is in love, he literally rushes towards the object of sympathy: most of the time he looks into his eyes or his lips, smiles, unconsciously "mirrors" your gestures, trying to touch. There are also so-called "preening gestures": it seems to us that this is peculiar only to girls, but the man, wanting to like the object of sympathy, can also smooth his hair, adjust the collar of his shirt and perform other actions that he himself does not even realize.
  • Initiative. The boy in love is a real hunter: he wants to spend as much time with you as possible, so he will initiate communication even on minor occasions. Hungry? Let's go to the cafe, I treat! Need to repair something at home? I can handle it, and I will have the tools! Need to get heavy bags out of the store? Come on, it's slippery on the street, you fall! And so on ... Do not ignore these signs of attention.
  • Jokes A man with a sense of humor is the dream of every woman, and men understand this very well. It’s not in vain that they say: "if you want to fall in love with a woman, make her laugh." So laugh heartily and rest assured that you are interested.
  • Care. Believe me, you will not confuse her with the banal gentlemanly politeness: a man in love is trying too hard to please you, and it is impossible not to notice. He will help in everyday life and work, give a hand when leaving the vehicle, take an elbow on a slippery sidewalk, hold an umbrella over your head, worry about your health, mood, ask how the day went.
  • Presents. In fact, it is wrong to measure sympathy in gifts: not everyone and not always have money to allow themselves to be bestowed on lovers, especially when it comes to a high school student or a first-year student who has not yet managed to get a part-time job. But believe me: if a guy really likes you, he will find a way to please you, if you have to, even flowers from a flower bed of narvet.

How to understand that you like a guy in school

Since we remembered the high school students, let's talk about the school. We are accustomed to thinking that teenage boys are showing a rude sympathy, sometimes quite aggressively: they play a trick, tease, and sometimes physically “poke”, pull their hair, push it, passing it by. It seems to them that this way they will hide their feelings, but we, girls, know very well: in fact, these are the first signs of love. Angry at this behavior should not be, because it is age features.

However, some students show sympathy otherwise. They can protect the object of their feelings from the attacks of other guys, give "valentines", help bring a portfolio to the house, offer help and ask for a response ("let me write off physics, and I'll give you Russian").

Neither one nor the other line of conduct is the only correct one: school age is a time when hormones are just beginning to “seethe”, new emotions and feelings seem incomprehensible and frightening, and it will take a lot of time for guys to accept them and understand themselves.

Signs of guy pen pal

In the courtyard of the 21st century, which means that a large part of life is spent in the webs of social networks. Here are made and friendly, and romantic dating. But if in real life a guy’s sympathy can be determined by numerous external signs and behavior, then there are some peculiarities in Internet communication.

  • Writes first. If you like a young man with whom you communicate by correspondence, and he is the first to rush to wish good morning and ask if you slept well and what plans you have for the day, you are definitely not indifferent to him.
  • Interest in communication. Asks personal questions, gives detailed answers, does not let go for a long time. By and large, the guys are not too talkative, they prefer to joke and talk on general topics, but if you notice that your dialogues have become longer, deeper, affect the intimate aspects of life, be sure: he is interested. In addition, a man in love will be very reluctant to let you go on business or to bed. He in all possible ways will try to delay even for a while.
  • Smilies, stickers, pictures. The Internet and social networks are a great opportunity to diversify communication with audiovisual content. If a guy likes you, he will definitely take advantage of this opportunity: he will put smiles, send stickers, show beautiful and funny pictures, share music and video clips.
  • Likes, reposts, comments. Another way to show sympathy: Believe me, a loving guy will certainly track your updates on VKontakte and Instagram to be one of the first to like, make a repost or write in comments: “You are so beautiful!”.
  • Jealousy. There is nothing easier than to determine by correspondence, whether the guy is jealous of you: tell them that you are going to the cinema in the evening, but do not say with whom. If a young man is jealous - then clarifying questions will immediately fall down.

How to let a guy know that he likes

So, you have determined that you like the guy. What is nice - you like it too. How is it unobtrusive but expressable? Here are some basic tips.

  • Surround him with care and attention. Show that you are interested, ask about his hobbies, views on life, worldview, opinions on certain issues. Invite him home for dinner, cook something delicious. Buy a warm hat or video game, which he had long dreamed of. Listen to his desires - so he will understand that he is also not indifferent to you.
  • Smile, make eye and body contact. Physical rapprochement is an important part of the nascent relationship. If a young man is pleasant to you, gradually reduce the distance: let me hug a goodbye, kiss the cheek, gently shake the palm of your hand.
  • Flirt, joke, make compliments. Relax and let him relax. He will appreciate your attention and interest.

Features of sympathy in guys of different signs of the zodiac

As men of different signs of the zodiac show sympathy:

  • Aries - ardent, energetic, resolute, sometimes can go against your desires and act right through.
  • Taurus - does not like to expose emotions and feelings for show, his sympathy is easier to identify by sign language and attitude towards you.
  • Twins - everything is simple with this: he will directly say that you like him.
  • Crayfish - caring, attentive, vulnerable.
  • a lion - it is a zealous and possessive sign of the zodiac, so that not only you, but everyone around will know about his sympathy.
  • Virgo - flirting, subtle hints, unobtrusive jokes, soft attempts to re-educate you for yourself, clearly indicate that you are not indifferent to him.
  • Libra - emotional and romantic, so just fill you up with compliments.
  • Scorpio - often quite secretive, so it’s better to ask about sympathy directly, if by - the question will be resolved, if you like it - your directness will cause only more respect.
  • Sagittarius - unfoundedly jealous, seeks to spend as much time as possible with the object of his love.
  • Capricorn - practical, so the first thing will rush to help in household affairs.
  • Aquarius - independent, but if you like it, it will hint about this outright flirtation.
  • Fish - usually shy, better to ask directly.

How to behave on the first date

Let's talk about the first date - how to behave in such a way as to make a good impression and win the same sympathy we have talked about so much?

  • First of all - relax and try to be natural. As you already understood, body language is the best way to read all feelings and emotions, so it is important to be relaxed and not nervous. In the end, the first date is not a wedding, and your fate is not decided right here and now. If you do not like each other - you can always disperse without worry, never to see again.
  • If you are asked to choose a meeting place, the choice should not fall on the most expensive restaurant in the city. A date is, first of all, communication, and not a clarification of the financial capabilities of a potential partner. Be modest.
  • Find out in advance what the young man who is going on a date is interested in. If his hobby is unfamiliar to you, read about him so that there is something to talk about. Also be ready to voice and discuss your own interests.
  • Be sure to sleep before a date, because it is important for you to look good. Put yourself in order, choose the right clothes. Do not dress in any way vulgar!
  • Be punctual. The rumor that a woman should be a little late is a myth.

At the end of the article I would like to say that relationships are complex, but not as much as many of us represent. Do not be afraid to show sympathy and get acquainted, flirt, enjoy male attention, reciprocate - with this life will be much brighter!

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