How to deal with warts folk and medical methods

Warts are an unpleasant phenomenon. They appear suddenly and cause a lot of problems. The main cause of the problem is the ingestion of human papillomavirus. Scientists know more than 600 types that affect the skin and mucous membranes in humans. Some of them are harmless, others cause formation of lesions on the skin. It turned out that HPV can even cause cancer.

Why do warts appear

The papilloma virus is spread in different places - from the bathroom to public transport. You can get infected with a regular handshake with a carrier. It'll be enough. It is easy to pick it up and in public transport. HPV lives in the environment for up to 3 hours.

Most often, the warts appear in the summer due to excessive sweating of the skin. For a virus, it is an ideal condition for distribution and reproduction.

How to distinguish from acne

The easiest way to recognize a wart on the hands and lips. Its color in 95% of cases is similar to the skin color of a person, but sometimes it is yellow or gray. The surface is uneven, slightly rough.

Acne has a pronounced red color and a whitish top. Sometimes pimples can be black.

Types of warts on the face, hands, legs and body

In nature, there are several types of warts, differing in appearance and localization on the body.

TitlePlace of appearanceFeatures
OrdinaryMost often the hands, but appear in other parts of the body.They resemble cauliflower in appearance. Circular shape with a rough surface.
ThreadlikeGrow on the face, around the eyes and under the lipThey have flesh-colored finger processes.
FlatCommon in the neck, face and wristFlat shapes with a top of a solid or light yellow color.
PlantarAny part of the footIt looks like corns. The seal is clearly visible in the center, pain arises when walking.
OkolonogtevyeAround the nailsViolate the growth of nails. Form uneven and rough zone.

Are papillomas and warts the same?

Distinguishing papilloma from the wart is not always easy. It all depends on the place of appearance and structure. Basically, they are distinguished by the following features:

  • Papillomas appear in the armpits, groin and chest. Warts are formed on the arms and legs.
  • Borders papillomas less clear, but the warts have clearly visible outlines.
  • Papilloma has a pronounced leg holding the base. The wart has a blurred shape, and the leg is not highlighted.

Effective folk methods

Fighting warts can be at home. Traditional medicine has a large number of proven methods.

Celandine juice

Celandine is popular in traditional medicine. Its powerful toxic composition is able to relieve many skin diseases.

Method of treatment:

  1. Squeeze the juice of celandine from May to June. Concentrated juice is in the root area.
  2. Cutting off the stem at the root, a certain amount of juice is extracted, which must be dripped onto the wart for 3 weeks 4 times a day.
  3. Education will begin to turn black and disappear over time.

Acetic Essence

Simple and cheap method. The procedure is as follows: the affected area of ​​skin is washed with soap. Soak a cotton pad with vinegar and make an application out of it. Secure the compress with a bandage or adhesive plaster. Apply daily for 2 weeks. The effect is enhanced by adding onions, cut into rings to the compress.

Apple and rowan

An unusual way, but no less effective. It's simple: an apple is cut in half, one of the halves rubbed area with the formation of a daily for 3 weeks.

To remove with the help of mountain ash, do the following: pierce the mountain ash with a needle, then the same wart. Repeat the procedure for 2 weeks.


Garlic is famous for its antiviral properties, and the wart is the result of the virus entering the body. It is easy to treat a wart with its help - you need to chop the garlic cloves into plates, and fix one of the plates on the wart with the aid of a plaster. After 3-4 hours, remove the plate. This method relieves the person of education within 2 weeks.


Onion copes with the removal of warts. It is necessary to mix onion juice with honey in equal proportions, and apply a compress to the place of the problem. To protect the skin from burns, treat it with zinc ointment or petroleum jelly.


For the procedure, take ice from the freezer and attach it to the wart. Hold until you can endure, as they say, until the last. The action is repeated 2 times a day for 2 weeks.

a piece of chalk

Warts are easily displayed with chalk. It is necessary to rub chalk into education and powder it to the top. Wrap a bandage and keep all night. Do not wet the dressing.


To combat papilloma soda diluted with water. The main thing - to achieve a pasty consistency. Next, papilloma is treated with a solution using a cotton swab. Within an hour, the mixture dries and then it can be washed off. Apply 2 times a day during the week. The term can be extended to the complete disappearance of the problem.


The properties of spurge are similar to celandine. Papilloma is smeared with juice for 2 weeks. The result will please, as there is no trace of education.

Tea tree oil

With a problem on the legs, lubricate the formations of tea tree oil 3 times a day, depending on their number and size. Owners of sensitive skin are advised to dilute the oil in half with water.

Tortilla with vinegar and garlic

This method will help fight warts on the sole of the feet. Grate a clove of garlic and add 1 teaspoon of vinegar. Then add flour, and knead the dough. In a piece of adhesive plaster cut a hole in the form of papilloma. A cake is applied to the formation, and a plaster is glued on top. Wear about 3 days. As a result, the problem should disappear.

Thyme and dandelion

Thyme effectively fights warts on the hands. Recipe: A glass of grass is poured with two liters of boiling water. Insists 2 hours. Then the hands are steamed in the broth. The procedure is repeated every other day.

Dandelion juice mixed with butter in a 1: 4 ratio. Then it is spotted on the affected area.


Fresh rowan berries are cut in equal halves with a knife. Then the lobule is applied to the papilloma and fixed with a plaster. Repeat daily during the week.

Pharmacy drugs

Pharmacies sell drugs that remove growths and papillomas. The tested time are salicylic acid and iodine.

Salicylic acid

Pharmaceutical drug is inexpensive - about 20 rubles. There are several options for the tool, but the most popular ones are ointment and plaster.

  • The patch is worn for 2 days. Next, it is removed and the skin is cleansed from dead cells. If the first time did not work out - the procedure is repeated.
  • The ointment is applied with a thin layer before bedtime. In the morning, you need to wash it off and treat the skin with pumice. Suitable for removing warts on the neck, hands and face. The duration of the procedures is 2 months.


The process of iodine treatment is long - from 2 weeks to several months. The bottom line is that iodine cauterizes the warts and over time they disappear. It is necessary to dose correctly - too much will negatively affect the skin next to the problem area.

How to remove warts in beauty salons and hospitals

Modern technologies allow for painless and effective removal of growths by the following means:

  • Laser.
  • A liquid nitrogen.
  • Electrocoagulation.


Laser removal is a modern and reliable method. With it you can safely remove the growth from any part of the body. The laser effect is as follows: the doctor sets the depth of the lesion, and directs the beam. All problem tissues are instantly burned without damaging healthy skin. The procedure is performed once for each growth.


The method involves removal using low temperatures. Liquid nitrogen, acting on the affected area with low temperature, destroys cells. But this method often leads to undesirable results: it affects not only the wart, but also healthy skin.


Education is exposed to high frequency current. Such an operation is unpleasant, and is performed with anesthesia.

Other methods

Medicine has in the arsenal of alternative methods of control. One of them is surgery. It implies cutting out formations. Applies only in severe cases.

How best to remove warts in children

If warts appear on the child’s body, they should be removed immediately. The best option would be a laser effect.

  1. First, the procedure is painless.
  2. Secondly, this method will save time: the operation will take no more than 10 minutes.

Opinions and reviews of doctors about home wart removal

➤ Dermatologist Svetlana Pilavskaya: “Treatment of warts with improvised methods is not always welcome, but in people with normal immunity they disappear on their own without treatment, but this process can take a long time (up to 2 years or more). If you want to remove them, you can do it at home or by contacting a medical center. At home you can use keratolytic patches - this is the most affordable, but long-lasting method and can take from 8 to 12 weeks. Pharmacies also offer many special liquids for removal, when applied to Be especially careful ".

Useful tips

  • All folk remedies are equally effective, but treatment with them takes a decent amount of time. Easier to use the services of medical institutions.
  • Laser - the best choice for those who are willing to pay and get rid of the problem once and for all.
  • If when using traditional medicine a wart does not go away for a long time, you should change the method or increase the amount of the means used.
  • In no case can not scratch and touch the growths. Especially dirty hands.

The arsenal of modern medicine offers a wide range of warts removal methods: from surgical intervention to laser therapy. However, folk methods are relevant, and are used in everyday life. How to get rid of the problem, everyone must decide for himself.

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