Learn to weave bracelets from gum at home

Needlework, especially the creation of various decorations, is gaining increasing popularity. Lovely bracelets of gum began to appear on the hands of not only children, but also adults. This kind of creativity originated in America and conquered the world with ease of execution. In 2014, the material became more common and thus became available for needlewomen. Girls and girls love to weave, because they enjoy the pleasure of creating their own jewelry, and the process itself carries them away.

The lightest gum bracelets for beginners

The lightest techniques include the fishtail, the French braid, and dragon scales. Each of these options fit in different ways. The fishtail can be quickly woven into the fingers, it is better to use a slingshot for knitting a French braid, and a fork is suitable for dragon scales. Let's look at the easiest way - the fishtail.

Fish tail

The first pattern, which is studied at the beginning, "fishtail", resembles the outward weaving of an ordinary braid. To perform it, you will need rezinochki, connecting clip and skillful hands.

The technique is pretty simple. The first gum in the shape of the figure eight is worn on the middle and index finger, while the other two are put on without twisting. Next, the bottom must be removed from two fingers, so that it forms a loop around those two. After that, one more elastic band is put on top and is twisted from the bottom one, which was the second in a row. Thus, the whole bracelet is woven, that is, each subsequent braids the previous double loop. When the accessory is the right length, fasten it with a connecting clasp. Fish tail can be done in 15-20 minutes.

Video lesson

French braid

Bracelet in the technique of "French braid" effectively looks on the hand. It will appeal to beginners for its simplicity. To perform the need a slingshot, hook, fastener, rubber bands in two colors.

  1. First dress gum twisting in the form of eight on a slingshot. The second, of a different color, is strung without twisting. So all subsequent elastic bands will be placed. The colors alternate: one one color, the other - another.
  2. The third elastic band is put on and the lower hook is removed so that it forms a loop around the second and third.
  3. Dress fourth. Now weaving goes according to the "French Spit" scheme.
  4. From one column only the middle gum is thrown off, and from the other only the bottom one. The average is discarded only if it is between two other colors.

After discarding, a new rubber dress is put on, and so it goes on. When the desired length is woven, in turn, reset the lower rubber bands of each column and complete the action with the connecting element.

Video example

Dragon scales

To weave using the dragon scale technique, you will need a slingshot or fork, hook, connecting fastener and two colors of elastic bands. The choice of fork or slingshot depends on the width of the product. "Dragon Scale" is interesting in openwork. Depending on the number of columns when weaving, the bracelet will have a certain width.

To weave a wide variation, it is necessary to type the number of the first rubber bands correctly and not to get lost in their weaving. Consider knitting on a special machine using eight columns.

  1. The first row begins with gumming on pairs of columns (1-2, 3-4, 5-6, 7-8).
  2. The second row - we gum over the other paired columns (2-3, 4-5, 6-7), that is, in a checkerboard pattern from the first.
  3. The first two rows of dress gum, twisted in the form of eight.

The process consists in the fact that from each column, where more than one elastic band, the lower one is crocheted. The following rows are executed in the same way as the first.

Weave on a fork

Fork - cutlery, which is in every home. With the help of this simple device you can make an unusual decoration. The fork can be used as an alternative to the slingshot and the machine when they are not at hand.

How to weave bracelets on a slingshot - video lesson

Slingshot is a special tool with two or four branches. On it you can knit complex decorations that will be different beautiful weaving. Needlework consists in putting on rubber bands and throwing over the created loops, thus, a pattern is obtained, the complexity of which depends on the combination of elements.

How to weave on fingers

Beginners start from scratch with weaving on fingers. In this form, use the index and middle finger of one hand. On them are strung elastic bands, from which the first bracelet is obtained.

Weaving on the machine

More complex patterns can be woven on a special machine that looks like a rectangle with three rows of columns. More often, only a part of the machine is used, and the whole is applied only for large products. For example, the pattern "dragon scales" is more convenient to weave on the machine.

Useful tips

At first, crafts will not seem so easy. To avoid difficulties, follow the helpful tips.

  • Carefully follow the scheme and technique of execution.
  • Use contrasting colors in the initial stages of work.
  • Mark difficult places.
  • Try new technology.

Bracelets made of rubber bands are very functional, they are not afraid of moisture and do not fade when exposed to sunlight. Bright and original look on the hand. And if you add fantasy and zeal, then with their help dreams will come true in a new artistic masterpiece for the joy of everyone around.

Perhaps weaving will be a new interesting hobby that will replenish the stocks of jewelry for yourself and your loved ones. The study of new techniques of creativity will help in creating original accessories!

Watch the video: DIY - How to make Rainbow Loom Bracelet with your fingers - EASY TUTORIAL - Friendship Bracelet (January 2020).

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