How to cook buckwheat on water

Buckwheat or Greek wheat is one of the most popular types of whole grains that has been consumed by humanity since ancient times. Krupa received this name from the Slavs in the 7th century, when it was brought from Byzantium. The content of a huge amount of useful substances that a person needs at any age, allows you to call buckwheat "the queen of cereals", and enter into the diet of people who need a diet food.

The correct proportions of water and buckwheat

In order to get high-quality porridge, it is desirable to withstand the following proportions of water and cereals. Usually for one glass of buckwheat you need two glasses of water. You can add salt and vegetable oil. For example, to cook 2 cups of buckwheat take 4 cups of water, half a teaspoon of salt and about one and a half tablespoons of vegetable oil.

Which dish is better to cook

To make porridge tasty, it must be “tired”, that is, kept warm after cooking. This can be done only in dishes that keep the temperature. For example, in a thick-walled stainless steel pot. In such dishes, the bottom is a multi-layered structure that allows you to warm the entire body, and retain heat even after turning off the fire. You can also use cast aluminum cookware or a cast iron cauldron.

How much to cook

Cooking from the beginning of the boil to the stove off can vary from 25 to 35 minutes. If we take into account the time of the whole process from preparation before the buckwheat is well “evaporated”, it may take up to 60 minutes. Time also depends on the hostess's agility.

Calorie buckwheat

Buckwheat is unique, it contains a large amount of nutrients, but its uniqueness lies in the fact that it belongs to products with low calorie content. In its raw form, the caloric content of buckwheat is only 315 kilocalories per 100 grams. If you cook a whole, the calorie content will drop to 135 kilocalories. This is what gives dietary quality dishes. It is recommended to include in the diet of athletes, the sick, children and the elderly. Low calorie content does not allow loading the body with useless substances.

How to cook loose buckwheat on water

Rinse the grits thoroughly in a colander until the water is clear.

Pure buckwheat is poured into a container and filled with warm water. To make the croup swollen and softer, it is kept in water for 20-40 minutes.

After preparation, you can proceed to cooking. For this, the croup is poured into the selected container. Water, salt and bay leaf are added.

Water is brought to a boil and the fire is kept to a minimum. Capacity closes the lid. On such a fire porridge is cooked until fully cooked - 15-25 minutes. During cooking, periodically check the status. If the container is not protected from burning, stir the porridge periodically. Willingness is determined by the amount of water. If the water is completely absorbed, then the porridge is ready.

Turns off the burner, add butter to the pan and mix everything. The lid is closed again, and the porridge is left for evaporation. If the dish was cooked in a cauldron so that the contents are “tired”, it can be placed in a heated oven.


Buckwheat porridge is usually used in the form of side dishes for meat dishes. It is prepared almost as crumbly, except that milk is added to it, and the cooking process is no different.

When the porridge is boiled for 20-30 minutes, milk is poured into it, and it is prepared for 15 minutes. Then add butter and sugar to taste.

How to cook buckwheat on the water in the microwave

Prepared cereal is poured into a microwave-adapted container. The bowl should be covered. Then boiling water is poured into the cereal tank and salt is added, covered with a lid and placed in a microwave.

The maximum power is set and kept until the water boils. Boiling time can be calculated depending on the power. If the microwave oven is 1000 W, the boiling time is 3.5 minutes, if 750 W is 7-8 minutes.

After boiling water the stove is turned off. The cover is removed from the container. Further preparation takes place without it. Power is set to 600 watts.

With such power boil the porridge for 8 minutes. After that, the microwave is turned off, and the container with the finished porridge is removed.

Tasty and healthy buckwheat in a slow cooker

The process of cooking buckwheat in a slow cooker is simple. To do this, follow these steps:

  • Buckwheat is moved and washed.
  • To get crumbly, calcine it for 5 minutes in a frying pan or in a dry bowl in the "frying" mode.
  • The croup is filled with cold water. For each glass of buckwheat - 2.5 glasses of water. Content is salting.
  • Exposed mode "buckwheat". If this mode is absent, you can choose "milk porridge" or "rice".
  • Cook with the lid closed. Cooking time is usually 10 minutes.

The benefits and harm of buckwheat

What is this unique product and what is the use of it? Enumerate the advantages of buckwheat can be a long time, so I will indicate the main ones.

  • Lowers cholesterol, removes toxins from the body.
  • Promotes proper intestinal function.
  • Not only seeds, but also leaves and flowers, which are used in traditional medicine to cure diseases such as measles, scarlet fever and acute radiation sickness, are considered useful.
  • Buckwheat leaves and flowers are saturated with vitamin "P", which helps to treat the upper respiratory tract and strengthen the blood vessels.
  • Good for heartburn.
  • Powdered buckwheat grind eliminates purulent formations, eels and boils.
  • It contributes to the stabilization of blood circulation, therefore it is included in the diet of cardiovascular patients.
  • Seeds of buckwheat can return a peaceful and sound sleep. If they fill a pillow, then the person sleeping on it can get rid of insomnia.

The advantages of buckwheat can be listed further, however, I will note its negative properties.

It is not recommended to include in the diet of people with gastrointestinal diseases (gastritis, ulcers). It is also not necessary to use it during breastfeeding. This can cause allergies in the child.

REMEMBER! It is dangerous to get involved in diets, based on the use of only one buckwheat. This is especially true of people suffering from diabetes, cardiovascular diseases or metabolic disorders.

Useful tips

To get a good and tasty porridge, take into account a few tips.

  • Do not be lazy, carefully go through the cereal, as it may contain debris.
  • During cooking it is not recommended to mix, since the natural process of ripening is disturbed.
  • Capacity choose one that can keep warm for a long time. And in size it should be such that after the swelling of buckwheat, it does not spill over the edge. When cooking, the volume of the original cereal is doubled.
  • Do not forget that during the preparation of foam is formed, which must be removed.
  • Salt cold water without buckwheat, and after boiling already pour cereal.

Remember that buckwheat is a valuable cereal, which is useful to everyone without exception. But before including the product in the diet, it is better to consult a doctor. Eating whole grains can be harmful for people with certain medical conditions. But for healthy people buckwheat porridge does not harm with any cooking technology. There are a lot of recipes. And each of them has the right to life.

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