Official weekend for the May holidays in 2019

Often, weekends that are associated with the May holidays, pass rather quickly. This is the time when working people from all over the country can spend time with their families, have a rest, do unresolved affairs.

What to do during holidays for adults

On holidays, many tend to be out of town to spend time with their loved ones. Vacations are best suited for planting vegetables, outdoor recreation, restoring the body after winter.

On May 1, 142 different countries are celebrating to emphasize the importance of the working class. To do this, organize rallies and demonstrations.

May 9 - Victory Day. For over seventy years, the country celebrates this holiday. On this day, parades of servicemen are held, in which many different combat vehicles take part. All this represents the importance of maintaining peace on Earth.

How to have fun holidays for children and teenagers

With children you can have a great May holidays by choosing a cognitive program that will help them develop. Include in the program visits to museums, workshops, exhibitions, galleries and theaters.

To have fun, go with the children to the zoo, to the amusement park, water park, picnic or arrange dinner on the street. Children will be happy if they are given the opportunity to participate in the preparation of dinner.

Teenagers are interested in independent rest. You can send them abroad or in a tour of the cities of Russia. The best choice would be visiting music festivals, relaxing with friends in nature.

In May holidays, concerts are held on the main squares of any Russian city and they offer a variety of entertainment, which are divided by age categories.

Useful tips

To make the holiday a success, pay attention to the following tips.

  • Planning to go on a picnic, take care of food packaging. It is not necessary to carry glass, ceramic or metal utensils. You can choose plastic analogues that, after use, are simply thrown into the urn.
  • Take care of protection against mosquitoes, which are already attacking May. Buy specialized repellents or make them yourself at home, for example, from lemons and cloves.
  • If you are going for a picnic, take an adhesive tape or adhesive tape. This is a universal tool that helps to seal torn clothes, get rid of ticks, fix any details.
  • Prepare for kebabs by learning interesting marinade recipes. For example, unusual but very tasty meat is obtained in a beer or coffee marinade.
  • Think in advance where to go. If this is a trip abroad or to a Russian city for an excursion, then book tickets and place of residence in advance.
  • You can go for a walk on the boat, which will give unforgettable emotions.
  • Try to plunge into new entertainment, for example, visit the quest room.
  • Go camping all night to enjoy the beauty of the surrounding nature.

The May holidays, like the rest of the weekend in 2019, provide an opportunity for working people to rest. For most, this is a walk in the fresh air, trips to the country, meetings with friends, classes with children. They traditionally go in pairs: two holidays that are celebrated by all residents of the country.

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