What lies behind the barbershop: a banal hair salon or a private club for bearded men

The image of a successful man, like branded clothing, an expensive watch on the wrist, is complemented by a stylish haircut and well-groomed beard. The fact that representatives of the strong half of humanity are watching their appearance has not shocked anyone for a long time. How to comply with the trends without breaking the brink of the image of the brutal exchange, and the image of "coquette" from the male sex?

History of

Barbershop ─ it is rather a cultural phenomenon, and not an institution that provides a list of services. This situation has developed because of the need for men to monitor their appearance separately from women. The first mention of the pioneers of Barber - the industry dates back to the year 1805. Since then, the barber has often experienced ups and downs. Development was hampered by wars, new standards of beauty, and even the invention of the Gillet safety razor. In the last decade, the fashion for stylish men's haircuts and beards has spread in Europe and America. And after a little time, the trend caught on in Russia.

INTERESTING FACT! A peculiar attribute of the institution is barber-pole. This is a dynamic signboard with night illumination. It consists of a glass cylinder in which the stripes of red, white and blue colors rotate. This symbol has got accustomed since those times when hairdressers took on the duties of a paramedic.

Reason for unprecedented popularity

A visit to the modern barber is prestigious. This is a kind of ritual that emphasizes the status of a man. Masters institutions prefer individual attitude towards the client. Thanks to the creative approach, after a visit to the barbeshop a man looks fashionable, subtly different from the rest. Institutions position themselves not only as a place where they take care of the appearance of the client, but also a space where you can relax and unwind with your soul.

What and how much in barbershop

Pricing institution depends on the location of the salon and the level of craftsmen. Haircut and beard correction is expensive. Modern barber shops offer:

  • Haircut and shave head.
  • Hair styling
  • Making beard and mustache.
  • Camouflage gray hair.
  • Shaving with a straight razor.
  • Removal of facial hair with hot wax.
  • Caring procedures.

Some facilities include a list of services - male pedicure and manicure, father-and-son haircut, tattooing, eyebrow correction, neck and head massage.

Table: cost of services, in rubles

MoscowSt. PetersburgSochiVladikavkazKazan
Beard correction800700500200 - 4001000
Men's haircut160015001300300 - 6001200
Children's haircut100010001000200 - 4001000
Camouflage gray hair12001000600500600
Haircut, beard210020001700600 - 8002100

What is the difference between barbershop and barbershop?

Specialists work in the salons, providing a high level of service and understanding visitors with one word. Masters of men's salons use expensive tools. Balms for the care, styling products - designed specifically for men's skin and hair. Wax for beard and mustache styling have expressive aromas of sandalwood, tobacco, leather and whiskey. Cosmetics can be purchased at the salon and take care of yourself at home.

Barbershop is a conceptual place for a specific audience. It:

  • Hipsters.
  • People of creative professions.
  • Gentlemen who consider well-groomed appearance, part of the image of a business person.

Some barrels are positioned as places where women’s feet do not step on their territory. But some barber shops resort to the help of female barbers and consider this their highlight.

How to become a modern barber

The industry is developing in Russia and the CIS countries at a breakneck pace, which means that the barber's profession is a promising way to make a living. Many famous specialists grew out of the universal masters of ordinary beauty salons, and someone went to the Barbers school, unable to hold hairdressing scissors and a straight razor in their hands.

The profession of the barber can be called creative. Masters model the haircut and beard, given the condition of the hair, the shape of the skull and the type of appearance. Training in specialized courses takes a little more than a month.

After the internship, the barber can count on a monthly income of 35 thousand rubles.

The most famous salons in Russia and in the world

If abroad this direction is developed, and the history of some institutions goes back centuries, like London's Truefitt & Hil. That in Russia, the Barber & Shop is just beginning its journey. However, the market has already formed a rating of institutions. It:

  • Chop-Chop.
  • TopGun.
  • Oldboy.
  • Firma.
  • Big-bro.
  • Borodach.

How to open Barbershop from scratch

The opening of the barbershop is a promising and fashionable business that is able to provide a quick return on investment and a regular income (about 200 thousand rubles per month). The cost of opening the cabin is about 700,000 rubles. Reducing initial costs and reducing the risks will help the purchase of a franchise.

Table: The price of a franchise popular barbershop

BarbershopEntry fee, rublesPayback period, monthsAverage check, rubles
Oldboy250 00051200
FIRMA250 00061100
BIG BRO300 00031500
Chop-chop350 000181600
Topgun500 00041700

Who are the celebrities visiting Barber & Shop

Foreign celebrities with a stylish haircut and beard include David Beckham and Brad Pitt. Our stars are also not averse to decorate the hair in accordance with the trend. These include Ivan Urgant and Sergei Badiuk. A rapper Timati opened his own institution called "13 by Black Star", where you can not only put in order the facial hair, but also make a tattoo.

A visit to the Barbershop ─ is a stylish tradition that fathers should instill in their sons. This is a ritual that has a chance to turn into a steady trend, working to create the image of a man.

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