Where to go to rest on the May holidays 2019 in Russia and abroad

The very midst of spring and a few days off can be unforgettable, if we consider a family vacation to the smallest detail. Of course, you can go to the country, but there are options much more interesting. For example, the whole family go abroad or visit a resort in their own country. Much depends on the financial possibilities, although today travel companies offer very attractive tours at affordable prices. So, let's see where to go to rest on the May holidays in 2019.

Best places to stay in Russia

One of the most expensive resort cities is Sochi. The average cost of an apartment per day is about 5 thousand rubles (for 4 people). At your disposal is a theme park, an ice palace, an arboretum and many more interesting places to visit when you come to Sochi.

In May you can go to Moscow, which, no doubt, will appeal to the whole family: walks around Red Square, Arbat, plenty of entertainment for children and adults, as well as cultural and historical sights will be remembered by households for a long time. Vacationing in Moscow is very expensive, for example, renting houses for the May holidays - an average of 4,900 rubles.

St. Petersburg will appeal to lovers of art and architecture. You can visit the Hermitage, admire Orthodox shrines, go to the suburbs to see the beautiful landscapes. At the disposal of tourists a lot of cafes and places for recreation. The cost of living from 6000 rubles per week.

In Gelendzhikk you can have a great rest with the whole family. In Gelendzhik there are several water parks, a dolphinarium, a quay with sculptures, an amusement park, an aquarium. Will delight and surroundings resort: mountains, waterfalls, rivers. This beauty can be seen with my own eyes. For accommodation in hotels will have to pay from 2500 rubles.

Where to rest abroad

If you are still unsure where to go to May Day in 2019, the options presented below may be appropriate.

  • Spain. A great option for a holiday in the Mediterranean. Beautiful nature, mild climate, excellent beaches, comfortable hotels, the sights of Valencia and Barcelona, ​​combined with the financial availability of travel attract tourists from all over the world. Tour for two to Spain - from 65 000 rubles.
  • Italy. Unforgettable holidays for the May holidays will provide scenic landscapes, rich cultural heritage, exciting shopping, unique cuisine and informative excursions. A tour for two will cost at least 45 000 rubles.
  • Tunisia. Exotics is here at every turn, because staying in the country is a delight. In addition, a tangible advantage is the short flight. Voucher for two will cost from 35 000 rubles.
  • Bali. Heavenly delight is reality. Tropical nature, juicy fruits, entertainment for fans of extreme sports, friendly people and affordable housing, will bring real pleasure, and you will definitely want to come back here. Tour price for two - from 115 thousand rubles.
  • Cyprus. Here, in May, there is wonderful weather, and a variety of entertainment will please both youth companies and those who flew to Cyprus as a family. The benefits of recreation can be called excellent service and high security. The cost of the permit - from 39 000 rubles for two.

Where to go to relax with children

When choosing a tourist route for traveling with children, be sure to consider the features of the climate, the level of comfort and safety. I offer a few more options on the theme of family holidays.

  • Greece. A great place for a family holiday, where in May the weather is already summer. The beaches of the resorts have a gentle slope and fine gentle sand, which is great for swimming with children. The hotels have heated pools. Price voucher for two - about 500 euros.
  • Egypt. Hurghada is best suited for travel with kids. Convenient beaches, comfortable hotels, as well as a lot of entertainment and water parks, will please your children. Price vouchers - from 35 thousand rubles per person.
  • Israel. In May there is a moderate temperature, while the water heats up to 24 degrees. The beaches in Israel are clean and comfortable, and the Dead Sea has healing properties. By the way, children under 13 years old take resorts for free. The cost of rest for two will cost about 40 000 rubles.
  • Turkey. Hospitable, warm, family and fascinating country. In May, the sea here is still not warm enough, but children will love the heated swimming pools and water parks. Content will add interesting excursions. Rest for two will cost from 30 000 rubles.
  • Emirates. For a quiet family holiday you can go to Ras al-Khaimah, if you want entertainment, visit Dubai, and a trip to Abu Dhabi will suit fans of cognitive leisure. Vacationing in the Emirates is not cheap: the cost of the voucher will be from 30,000 rubles per person.

Popular tours for the May holidays

Among the popular tourist routes are European capitals: Paris, Rome, Madrid. In addition, below I placed the top of the most favorite places for recreation in early May (all prices are in rubles per person):

  • Jordan - from 30,000.
  • Maldives - from 50,000.
  • Mauritius - from 67,000.
  • Morocco - from 28,000.
  • Seychelles - from 53,000.
  • Austria - from 20,000.
  • Switzerland - from 37,000.
  • Thailand - from 32,000.
  • Dominicana - from 55,000.
  • Cuba - from 52,000.
  • Mexico - from 62,000.

Many people choose cruises: large ships come to major port cities in Europe, and in 10 days you will be able to visit several countries.

Useful tips

If you still cannot decide where to go in May, the following recommendations may help.

  • Those who have a limited budget, you can explore the list of countries where you can go without a visa. This will save a little.
  • Planning a swim in the warm sea? Preliminary, view the weather forecast in the country where you will soon go on a trip.
  • Mountainous areas are not the best choice for tourists with children.
  • An independent trip will be cheaper if you study information about the types of transport and accommodation options the day before. It is best to book accommodation before arriving in the country.
  • Buying a travel package for the whole family, ask for a discount from the tour operator, which will save.

Traveling with the whole family on the May holidays is really an excellent occasion for warm communication and unforgettable impressions. You can go abroad or choose a route within the country. Much depends on financial opportunities and life circumstances. Of course, children make adjustments to the organization of leisure, since with a small child it is difficult to go far. In addition, climate drops and flights are not the best option for children under 3 years old.

Those who decide to take the child with them should go closer to the sea. Sea air and water strengthen the immune system, positively affect the children's body.

If you want to make a romantic trip, you have at your disposal beautiful France, unique Italy, temperamental Spain, romantic Maldives. And if you prefer extreme, ask the operator to choose a mountain route or a place closer to the ocean to get the maximum of sensations and drive.

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