Where to go to rest in the summer of 2019 at sea in Russia and abroad

The most wonderful time for family holidays is approaching, and this means that now it is necessary to begin preparations. Spending the summer in a dusty city is not the best option for both children and adults. Why suffer when overseas and domestic resorts offer a lot of interesting and varied places to relax in comfortable hotels where you can find absolutely everything for interesting and high-quality family leisure.

The best places to stay with children on the sea

In Russia

With the arrival of summer, more opportunities are open for tourists for active recreation within their native country. Settled warm weather allows you to travel with pleasure, take long walks to the sights or enjoy a holiday at the seaside.

If you want to relax on the sea, you will not find a better rest than in the south of Crimea or on the coast of the Krasnodar Territory. Rest on the coast is good because you will simultaneously enjoy the amazing landscapes and the cleanest sea air.

Residents of megacities, of course, want to escape the nature away from the city bustle and everyday stress. You will find a suitable option in Sochi and other neighboring cities located nearby. This place is great for holidays with children, as there are a large number of parks and playgrounds in the city. The minimum cost of travel and accommodation on average will amount to 10 thousand rubles, but everything will depend on the chosen route, as well as the hotel in which to stay.

In recent years, the number of rooms in Sochi has been increased, and holidaymakers have the opportunity to choose housing "affordable". Also do not forget about the Crimea, this is a peninsula where you can combine a good rest with a cultural program, because there are many sights on the territory with a century of history. Pricing policy varies depending on the selected pension. The minimum amount you need is 20 thousand rubles.


For a holiday abroad at sea with children, no doubt, countries like Spain, Greece, Italy, Bulgaria are suitable. These destinations have millions of positive feedback from tourists who have been there at least once in their life. Consider the most striking option for children's activities - Spain.

Spain for children's recreation is the most popular place, because on its territory there is a huge park Port Aventura, which is the second largest after the world famous Disneyland in Paris. The landscape consists of many reservoirs, which are surrounded by greenery of ornamental, exotic plants. In the park there are many children's entertainment areas, with swings, zoos, mini theaters. In the immediate vicinity there are hotels that have established themselves as highly comfortable places. Those who came here with children should definitely visit the hotel PortAventura, where the designers created a fairy tale.

A real surprise for the kids will be the room of the well-known Woodpecker Woody. In it you can settle your child, in advance by booking a room. The hotel also offers cowboys from the wild west. Managers offer customers special privileges. Settling in the hotel, you will have the opportunity to visit the park several times for free. And this is not all surprises: you will be able to visit an exclusive club, which is located on the first sea line, with seven pools, with a soft, sandy bottom, including for children.

Large parents can take part in the action, and the hotel will provide free accommodation for one child under the age of 12, and the second will need to pay only 50% of the price. In total, for such a holiday you will need to pay from 1000 euros per person. Price depends on the comfort of the hotel.

Where to relax is the cheapest

Who prefers budget rest, perfectly will be suitable tourist campaigns in tents on the seashore with friends. It will be remembered for a long time. Costs will be minimal. Major expenses will fall on the road and on the purchase of food.

Those who choose a more comfortable time, it is recommended to look for an option with last minute trips. This implies that after the acquisition of the tour in the near future it is necessary to move forward. Sometimes even on the same day, when they purchased a lucky ticket. The beauty is that for the lowest price, you can visit a good resort abroad.

Choosing places to relax on the sea for months


Summer has just begun, but millions of tourists are already rushing to relax on the sunny beaches. June, as the first summer month, opens the season of active summer holidays. Starting this month, it is already possible to fully guarantee warm seawater and, consequently, excellent, active rest. If in May doubts about a trip to Turkey still creep in. Then in June, without hesitation, you can go to this country.

In addition, for some countries, June is considered the best, as it is less hot and more comfortable. And the prices are much cheaper in June than in the other months. Most resorts are happy to wait for vacationers in their resorts.

In the first summer month it is very beneficial to visit the resorts of Turkey. The water in the sea warms up to a comfortable temperature, the beaches are not yet crowded with tourists, and last-minute tours will be pleased with cheapness. The price for two will cost from $ 300.


In July, the height of the holidays and the holiday season begins. This month offers great opportunities for resorts in European countries. When choosing a vacation at sea in July, please note that the price of the trip will be slightly higher than in June, however, this month you can also expect to catch a profitable hot tour.

Charter flights provide the opportunity to travel almost anywhere in Europe. But remember that July is a very hot month, so take into account the temperature regime of the region to which you are going.


Summer flies quickly, and for those who did not have time to rest in June and July, August provides a lot of surprises. August is the velvet season. Prices, as a rule, are already beginning to decline. Most Europeans and our compatriots are no exception; they prefer to take holidays in August, when many destinations are available abroad and to resorts in Russia. It remains the case for small, choose a direction, coordinate them with the household and hit the road.

How to prepare for the trip, useful tips

Going on a trip, carefully plan the route. Rest takes from one to several weeks, and during this time you want not only to visit and see as many amazing and interesting places as possible, but to get a tan and plenty to swim in the sea. Therefore, before leaving the house, decide on all the sights that you want to visit, prescribe the routes and addresses in advance.

Going on a trip, take a sufficient amount of various clothes, because the weather can give a surprise, and in order not to become a hostage of cold and rain, stock up with warm clothes, an umbrella.

It is also better to book your accommodation in advance so that you can check in immediately upon arrival and start your rest from the first minutes of your stay at the resort.

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