Effective methods of dealing with mice in the house and in the apartment

Mice are dangerous for people in the form of serious diseases (rabies, plague, toxoplasmosis, allergies), as well as damage to property. Therefore, sanitary services periodically carry out harassment of rodents or using special means create an unacceptable breeding ground for them.

Signs of the appearance of mice

Determine the appearance of uninvited and harmful guests in a house or apartment is easy.

Signs of presence in a private house:

  • The sudden appearance of an individual right before your eyes.
  • Here and there, chains of small dark-colored formations, mouse droppings, appear; most of them appear in the storage of cereals, other edibles.
  • With an increase in the number of rodents in the house, a specific odor appears, which is associated with the concentration of mouse excrement.
  • Then the owners discover damaged wires, packages, newspapers, books, leftover food on the table.
  • To ensure the presence of mice, you can pour a small amount of flour on the floor with a thin layer; in the morning it will be covered with traces of rodents.
  • In the corners, baseboards, hardwood floors, small holes appear, signaling the penetration of mice into the house.
  • At night, you can hear the characteristic scuffling, squeaking.

Signs of rodents in the apartment:

  • In the silence of the night, suddenly a rustling, a rattle begins;
  • Empty spaces often form under wooden floors, where vermin like to crawl and if you knock on floorboards, you will hear a fuss. Mouse excrement appears;
  • They begin to gnaw bags of cereals, food, wiring, wires.

At the first signs, immediately deal with the elimination of rodents. While there are few of them, it is easier and cheaper to make it.

Folk remedies against mice in the house and in the apartment

People over many centuries of neighborhood with rodents have managed to work out methods of dealing with them, having determined which plants and smells frighten them. These funds do not require large expenditures and are effective in the initial stage. True, some of them are not entirely humane. What can we adopt?


Mice do not like the smell of mint. Essential oils secreted by fragrant plants, scare them. You can spread out around the house or apartment fresh twigs or leaves of the plant. The pharmacy sells mint tincture. Balls are rolled out of cotton, impregnated with means and laid out. Change them about once a week.


The smell of wormwood is caustic, tart, bitter, the mice also disapprove of it. Plants that are fresh or dried with flowers are hung or laid out around the room to create a lasting scent. You can hold a fumigating room. Still prepare the broth and spray in the places of the alleged penetration of rodents. The pharmacy has a bitter plant tincture, which is also used to scare away mice.


The smell of elderberry adversely affects the animals attacking the house. Dried plant must be crushed, packaged in linen bags, or simply tied in a cloth and spread out on the floor, closer to the holes made by mice. The twigs are laid out on the perimeter, which also discourages their desire to visit the house.


The aroma of coriander negatively affects the nervous system of gray pests. This seasoning is sold in the store. It is scattered in the lockers where cereals and other products are stored.


Mousetraps remain the best way to deal with mice. Their use is advisable when there are few pests. A piece of lard or bread dipped in sunflower oil is suitable for bait. They love mice and smoked sausage, although many claim that they only eat high-quality product without adding chemicals. Change the bait periodically and move the trap to different places.

Homemade lures and traps

  • Cork from a bottle of champagne will help in the destruction of animals. It is crushed, fried in oil and laid out on the floor. When the mouse eats the bait, the cork in its stomach swells and interferes with the normal intestinal patency, the individual dies.
  • Gypsum mix with sugar and flour. Just take equally. Near to put the water in the tank, accessible to animals. After eating, the mouse will want to drink, and the plaster, soaked with water, will harden in the stomach, forming a solid lump. From this comes the death of a rodent.
  • Help in the fight against pests bait with boric acid. Prepare a thick mixture of pharmaceuticals, raw eggs, flour and sugar. Then form balls and put in places of movement of mice. For them, it is poison.
  • It was noticed that pests do not like loud sounds very much. If loud music is often heard in the house, voles will never come here. You can periodically knock loudly several times a day. Mice will be less likely to visit the house, and then completely disappear.
  • Another good option is to have a mouse-catcher.
  • Use and sticky traps from which the rodent can not get out.

Specialized Chemistry against Rodents

The modern market offers a range of pest control chemicals. All of them are toxic, therefore, choosing a tool, you must take into account its features, select, depending on the place of use - housing, basement, warehouse, garage. Some of them are so toxic that they are not suitable for residential use.

  • "Rat death". It contains an anticoagulant that changes the structure of the blood of the mouse; as a result, it tends to break out and after 3 or 4 days death occurs. Food poisoning does not occur, so other mice do not panic, and quickly become the next victims. You can use it up to two years. During this period, efficiency remains. After eating the poison, the mice become slow, and the cat will easily catch and eat such an individual. But this can not be allowed, because you can harm your pet.
  • "Golif". High-speed and potent tool. It is in service with health services. Pests begin to die in a couple of days, the relatives do not see the death of poisoned individuals and continue to visit the treated room. Mice, experiencing oxygen starvation, run out of the house into the street and die outdoors, so there is no stench from the corpses.
  • "Krysid". Powder that has both pros and cons. Death occurs within 24 hours. Unlike the above remedies, this species is non-toxic to pets. The powder is added to seeds, cottage cheese, bread, cereals. The disadvantage is that the mice develop resistance to the action of the drug, therefore after a few months the agent should be changed.
  • "Mortorat". Poison containing brodifacoum, which contributes to the mummification of the body of a gray pest after its death, as a result, the absence of corpse smell. The tool is available in the form of briquettes. They are laid out at a distance of 5 meters. Rats and mice die in 5 days.
  • "Zookumarin". Powder that is mixed with bait and thrown into the habitat of mice. The rats disappear completely, and the number of mice decreases by 70 percent. The maximum mortality of the animals is observed 7-10 days after the start of using the powder.
  • "Nutcracker". Jelly-like poison, produced in the form of balls. They can be decomposed in the habitats of individuals. To use poison is allowed in any premises and residential, and warehouse.

Ultrasonic Repeller

  • "Typhoon" OG.01. Effectively suppresses the desire of mice to visit the cultivated area. It is used at a temperature range from -15 to +45. Sound pressure up to 100 dB covers an area of ​​400 square meters. The device can operate in continuous mode and in pulse mode. The result is achieved in the shortest possible time. The downside is that some species of animals are insensitive to the effects of the device.
  • "Chiton 2 PRO". A powerful device that suppresses the activity of any rodents in the area of ​​500 square meters. The emitted waves are harmless to humans and pets, except for pigs, hamsters, and decorative rats. Works from the network. Radiation goes in all directions. It copes well in large rooms - storage, warehouses, hangars. Among the shortcomings - poor-quality assembly.
  • "Tornado 400" suitable for home. It is a periodic change in the frequency of ultrasound, which does not allow the "guests" to get used to one tone, and failing to adapt to an uncomfortable environment, they leave. People, like pets, have no negative effect. Pros - works silently, the assembly is good, affects a large area of ​​up to 400 square meters. m., has a small size and weight. Cons - a small frequency range from 2 to 10 kHz.
  • "Hail". A popular device that can get rid of rodents forever. Works from the network, and from the batteries, covers an area of ​​up to 500 square meters. m. Does not cause addiction effect. Pests experience internal discomfort, lose their orientation in space, pain, lose the desire to drink, eat, multiply. Man does not experience anything like this.

Do pets help against mice

Real cats micelover less. Cats are kept more for the soul, their owners are cherished and cherished, drowning out the hunter's instinct. Therefore, the fight against rodents with a pet is irrelevant. If someone is lucky and their pet has signs of a predator, he will be able to scare away mice, but only in the case of a small number.

How to get rid of mice in the house and apartment forever

In order to forever discourage the mice to visit the house, it is necessary to comprehensively approach the problem.

  • Rodents rush into the house to people in search of food, therefore it is necessary to remove food from the field of visibility and reach, to ensure that after food there are no crumbs, leftovers. Wash the floors thoroughly with chlorine solution.
  • In the apartment, all the cracks, holes, minks are built up with construction foam. Spread out the poison bait. In the presence of children in the house and animals, make it out of reach for them.
  • Use mousetrap.
  • Get a cat. Even if he shows no interest in rodents, his smell will scare them away.
  • Apply ultrasonic rodent repellents. They are harmless to people, without smell, without noise, do not require preparation, do not leave marks and effectively expel harmful tailed.

Should I call SES and private firms if nothing helped

When you are not able to cope with rodents yourself, professional deratization service will come to the rescue. Specialists from SES or other similar organizations will quickly determine the locations of rodents, identify the causes of their appearance and get rid of them.

The work is carried out in two steps:

  1. Conducting destruction activities indoors.
  2. The destruction of parasites who settled outside the home.

In the arsenal of services there are powerful, fast-acting, effective chemical, biological agents, various devices. After stripping, they carry out preventive measures against re-invasion of mice, and if necessary, the treatment will be carried out again.

Useful tips

When mice appear in the house, immediately do the following:

  • Put all the food in the fridge, leaving no crumbs on the table.
  • At night, tightly close the windows, doors.
  • Seal all crevices in the floor.
  • Protect the ventilation grilles with a fine metal mesh.
  • Remove pets for the night.

These simple activities will help avoid the appearance of rodents in the house.

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