How to cleanse the body of alcohol quickly and efficiently

Alcoholic beverages are present in the lives of many people. Some use them constantly, others only on holidays. During the feast is difficult to keep track of the number of taken glasses. Often it ends with intoxication of the body. There are many ways to alleviate the state of hangover and cleanse the body of alcohol. Sometimes it is enough to use traditional methods, and sometimes the help of physicians is required.

Preparation and precautions

If it is known that an event is scheduled with alcohol, it would be advisable to hedge and avoid negative consequences.

  • Take activated carbon.
  • Drink a glass of milk before drinking alcohol.
  • First you need to eat at least a plate of porridge.
  • Vitamins C and B will support the heart.
  • Do not mix different types of alcoholic beverages.
  • Alternate drinking alcohol with drinking water.

Effective folk methods of cleansing the body

Folk remedies for cleaning the body from alcohol are available, do not cause difficulties in use. Consider what you can do first.

  • Induce vomiting by drinking clean, non-carbonated water. This will accelerate the elimination of toxins, start the work of the intestines and stomach in normal mode.
  • Meals should be light. Suitable lactic acid products, fruits, cereals.
  • Blood is purified and with the help of decoctions of chamomile, nettle, wild rose, St. John's wort.
  • Green tea with ginger quickly brings to life.
  • With the consequences of a hangover, a contrast shower helps.
  • Good to eat rice porridge without salt. It acts as an excellent sorbent, removes toxins.
  • Carrot juice and citrus juices also contribute to the rapid elimination of toxins.
  • Broth oats - the right means of purification from ethanol. Cook an hour in proportions 1 cup of oats in 1.5 liters of water. Broth filter and take the whole day in small quantities.
ATTENTION! If possible, it is best to consult a doctor. Specialist advice can help avoid side effects.

Pharmacy drugs

  • Sorbents such as activated carbon, Atoxil, Polifan, Smekta, Polysorb and others can be distinguished from pharmaceutical preparations.
  • Doctors recommend "Glycine" to combat alcohol intoxication. Two tablets are placed under the tongue. Reception interval is one hour. Repeat 4 or 5 times.
  • Succinic acid will release blood from acetaldehyde, a toxic compound that appears after drinking alcohol. Drink 1 or 2 tablets, 3 times / day.
  • You can take ascorbic acid, but its action is slow. The cleansing action extends from several hours to several days.
  • Vitamins A and E will quickly remove harmful substances, improve overall health.
  • To restore liver function, Essentiale Forte is used.
  • Also in the pharmacy there are special means to relieve hangover.

How to cleanse the body of alcohol in the hospital

In a hospital, more opportunities to get rid of the effects of alcohol. The hospital offers hemosorption, laser irradiation of blood, plasmapheresis.

  • Hemosorption. During the procedure, the blood moves through the sorbents, retaining alcohol poisons and toxins accumulated in it.
  • Laser effect on the blood. An optical catheter is inserted into the vein. Through it, the laser affects the blood cells, taking away harmful substances.
  • Plasmophoresis. They take blood, divide it into red blood cells and plasma. Return only red blood cells.

These are effective and widely used methods of cleaning the body from alcohol in the hospital. They help to quickly return a person to a normal, working condition. The rate of recovery depends on the degree of intoxication, the characteristics of the organism of a particular individual.

Useful tips

What can be done quickly, especially if you want to go to work, but there are no strengths, desires and opportunities:

  • Eat a salad that includes tomatoes.
  • If there is no salad, eat soup, fish is better, drink brine.
  • Get on the air.
  • Less smoke.
  • Fill the lack of fluid by taking regular water.
  • Do not drink sweet carbonated drinks.

If you get drunk quickly, better prepare yourself in advance to reduce the risks:

  • The cardinal method is to not drink at all.
  • Take a couple of sorbent tablets before you start drinking alcohol.
  • Do not drink when the stomach is completely empty.
  • Good to eat a sandwich with butter.
  • Know the limits.

Measures to combat intoxication help to stand up. Alcohol poisoning can be dangerous to the patient’s health and life. Always remember this and take alcohol seriously. Do not bring yourself to the severe stage of poisoning. If this happens, try to quickly carry out activities to cleanse the body. For several days you will need to follow a diet with light foods. Tea, drink green with the addition of chamomile, ginger. Walk a lot, do not abuse physical exertion.

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