How to start building a house on your site

Every year the number of people who want to build a house increases. The desire to do the work yourself is commendable. Since you are on this page, you are most likely interested in how to start building a house on your site.

Phased instruction

  • Prepare a project. You can download it in finished form on the Internet or order the development in an architectural agency. I advise you to ask for help from the designer and together with him create a project, guided by preferences.
  • Do not design by yourself. Better solve issues related to the layout of the infield. Since there is no experience, do not predict mistakes, and after the start of work to make adjustments late. Making adjustments after the start of construction will lead to an increase in the budget that will hit the pocket.
  • The easiest way is to use a typical project, which will help to bypass the design stage and immediately proceed to the construction of the building. But the result that will turn out will not correspond to the conditions of life and everyday needs. That is why it is recommended to create a project with the architect, taking into account the number of rooms and floors, the area, the number of inhabitants and the budget. Do not forget about the guests. If relatives often come, you can not do without a spacious living room and an extra bedroom.
  • View of the house. Decide on building materials, the shape of the roof and the building, the presence of ancillary buildings. The designer, guided by the wishes and budget, will develop the project and, if necessary, make adjustments.
  • Ready project tie to the terrain. For the removal of the project construction in full size, conduct a study of the site. As part of the process, consider the influence of climatic factors, determine the boundaries of the territory and the location of buildings.
  • Construction Approval. Get a series of permits and documents. To obtain a construction permit, prepare the papers: a passport, a certificate confirming the ownership of the site, a copy of the project, a copy of the license of the agency that developed the project, an application.
  • Get a site inspection report. Solve this question in the department of geo-supervision, providing the employee with a map of the topographic survey and the act of breaking down the boundaries. If you are completing a house abandoned by the former owner, you will need a site plan and a document on the ground.
  • On the site issue a building passport. Submit to the appropriate authority a package of documents. This is a passport, a site plan, a copy of the designer’s license and the documents listed above.
  • Look at the fire department and in the sanitary-epidemiological inspection. Together with representatives of the authorities agree on a construction plan. "Firefighters" will additionally approve the gas and energy schemes.
  • Start choosing a construction company. If you intend to build a house yourself, it will reduce the costs by a third.
  • Excavation. At the initial stage, level the area and dig a foundation pit. This issue will help a special technique. It is recommended to pour the foundation immediately. If this is not done, the land will crumble and you will have to re-clean the excavation, which is fraught with loss of money and time.
  • Foundation. Pour crushed stone 10 cm thick in the pit, and pour bitumen from above. Having made the formwork, arrange the concrete pad and install the reinforcement. After the concrete has set, start building walls using blocks or bricks.
  • Walls. In the framework of the final stage, install the truss system and lay the roofing material. Choosing roofing material, be guided by fire safety and other moments. Popular onndulin and metal.

Video tips from a professional

I think you have seen that on the way to the dream you will have to solve many problems before the start of construction work. When the process starts, there will be new questions.

How to plan a house

Often, the planning of a private house, which seems optimal at the time of design, is inconvenient after completion of construction work. In order not to be in a similar situation, read about the proper planning of the house.

During the survey conducted by the team, it turned out that only a few lucky people could foresee everything. In all other cases, no finishing touches and alterations has not done.

I hope that the experience of people, which is the basis of useful advice, will help to plan rooms in the house correctly and you, having realized your dream, will be able to live without worries and inconveniences.

  1. Living room - the soul of the house. Do not save on room space. Regardless of family size and frequency of visits to guests, the room should be spacious, comfortable and located closer to the kitchen. As a result, even a large company will be conveniently located in it.
  2. Fireplace - the heart of the living room. Even if the fireplace is located near the wall, everyone who is in the room should have the opportunity to admire the beauty of the flame. Opposite the fireplace I recommend putting a sofa or a few chairs.
  3. Bedroom. Think about furniture arrangement. In this room should be a place for a wardrobe, dressing table and bed. Without these pieces of furniture, it is impossible to imagine a bedroom. If you plan to arrange several bedrooms in the house, make one of them on the first floor. Surely the family includes elderly people who are uncomfortable to climb up several times a day to rest.
  4. Stairs. This integral element of the interior should be comfortable, flat and have a lot of balusters. Even if you have to sacrifice a few squares of living space, do not be discouraged. This is better than an uncomfortable and steep climb.
  5. Pantry. Provide several storage rooms, one of which should be in the kitchen. Even if the office space is small, it will become a storage for things. Do not have to clutter up the house with unnecessary furniture.
  6. Utility room. In it, place a washing machine, sink, dryer, ironing board and other accessories, without which life does not seem to be.
  7. Entrance hall. Do not save on the size. Life in a country house is different from urban conditions, at least in the amount of used outerwear and footwear. To store things you need spacious cabinets and shelves.
  8. Bathroom. The cost of arranging an additional bathroom in the house is small, but having an additional toilet on hand does not have to constantly go down and up the stairs.
  9. Farmland. Use as a living space. Provide access to the courtyard from the kitchen. In the summer, at the expense of the lawn, expand the space at home.

Remember, a house is a dream come true in which drawings and figures are not involved. The architect will propose a number of modern solutions, but only if you set a specific task for him.

Video instructions

At the initial stage, mentally enter the house, sit by the fireplace, watch children's games and imagine how comfortable the accommodation is. In this technique lies the secret of the formulation of the structure.

Advantages and disadvantages of a private house

In conclusion, let's talk about the advantages and disadvantages of a country house, which are many. It's about air and ecology. The country house wins in this matter from a city apartment, but only on the condition that it is located far from the landfill, highway or chemical plant. As the owner of a cozy house, you can maintain a backyard farm, grow crops and raise livestock.

Special attention deserves the issue of security. Thieves and detractors are not deprived of the attention of country houses. Reliable dog in tandem with security systems will take care of the welfare of the house.

Country house - a demonstration of individuality. With the help of an interesting project, materials, building technologies and landscape design the site is transformed into a wonder of the world. The end result depends on preferences, financial opportunities and imagination.

Being a full owner of the house, you can optionally change the layout of the building. As for the backyard, its territory can be sown with lawn grass, decorated with flower beds and a small pool, and in a remote corner to organize a fruit garden. This apartment will not offer.

Some city dwellers believe that living in a country house is devoid of comfort and convenience. It's a delusion. Technology helps even in the outback to equip the house with water supply, sewage and other benefits.

Not to mention the neighbors. While living in a house, a natural disaster can not be afraid, as well as his companions, including noise and flood. At any time and without limitation, you can listen to music, play sports, dance without fear of disturbing the peace of your neighbors. What can we say about the possibility of freely burning fires and cooking kebabs.


Not without home and flaws. I will note the size of utility bills. It is necessary to cover the house and the territory that surrounds it. Country house is more expensive in terms of heating. But it largely depends on the type of heating system and fuel used.

In order for the house and the territory to be clean and tidy, we need temporary, energy and financial costs. We are talking about snow removal, lawn care, tree plantings and elements of the site. But it is not boring, and if there is a financial income, the hired service personnel helps out.

If you dream of a secluded, calm and measured life, upon completion of construction work, you will appreciate the advantages of a private house. I hope the instruction will bring this moment closer and you, having gathered a friendly family, will enjoy the taste of fragrant tea sitting in front of the fireplace in a new house.

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