How to get rid of a hangover and nausea at home

A hangover is a condition that occurs in a person after an abnormal use of alcohol. Since it does not bring a lot of pleasure and delivers severe discomfort, many are interested in how to quickly get rid of a hangover at home.

Effective ways to deal with a hangover

With the effects of a hangover at home, the remedies that are present in the home medicine cabinet or in the kitchen help to fight.

  • Water. If you suffer a heavy hangover - drink more water. This simple technique will help to cope with dehydration, quench thirst and accelerate the elimination of toxic substances from the body.
  • Strong tea. If you experience mild nausea and discomfort, have a cup of strong tea. A warming drink is recommended even while intoxicated, as it is sobering.
  • Light food. If the list of symptoms of nausea is not, load the stomach with a light meal. Eat an orange, a slice of lemon, or empty a glass of kefir. Using acidic products, bring the recovery closer, and lactic acid will speed up the elimination of intoxication.
  • Activated carbon. Often the hangover is aggravated by nausea. Then activated carbon comes to the rescue. Use a sorbent to speed up the cleaning of the body. Take one pill for ten kilograms of weight.
  • Enterosgel. Coal has an alternative - enterosgel. The remedy is effective and helps to quickly ease the symptoms of a severe hangover.
  • Glutargin. The drug is focused on the restoration and cleansing of the liver. The decay products of alcohol are concentrated in this body, glutargin will help.
  • Citramon or aspirin. Aspirin or tsitramon will help to cope with a strong headache. Do not forget that these pills have a negative effect on the gastric mucosa. For ulcers or gastritis, discard the use of pills.

The stores sell special hangover remedies. There is no special need for them, amber, ascorbic or acetylsalicylic acid and caffeine are part of the funds, and they do not exceed citramon in terms of effectiveness.

To fight the hangover is recommended and folk remedies. These are pickle, pickled apples and sauerkraut. Fermented foods reduce the symptoms of a hangover. It is possible to alleviate the fate without the use of drugs. Go outside and take a walk in the fresh air. In extreme cases, induce vomiting.

It is best to stop drinking or at least drink sensibly. After all, such drinks are harmful to health and destroy life.

Folk recipes in a video report

In any case, keep these tips with you. If necessary, they will help improve the condition, and if you can not alleviate the symptoms, consult a doctor.

Folk ways against a hangover at home

Traditionally, a strong hangover is preceded by an abundant feast with a huge amount of booze. The condition is extremely unpleasant and is accompanied by headache, nausea, weakness, thirst, palpitations and other symptoms.

To combat hangover in the initial stage with the help of pills is useless. Negative manifestations are caused by poisoning of the body with alcohol decomposition products and impaired systems. Therefore, it is recommended to treat a hangover using traditional methods of removing alcohol residues from the body and removing intoxication.

Let's talk about proven ways to self-treatment of a hangover.

  1. Empty the stomach. If there is no thirst, drink plenty of water. For two hours, drink up to two liters of non-carbonated mineral water or plain water with added salt.
  2. Orange juice. To overcome a hangover, quench thirst and eliminate dry mouth helps orange juice. If there is no juice on hand, replace with water with lemon juice and honey.
  3. Lemon against headache. If there is no nausea, eliminate the headache with a pill. If you feel sick, rub the temples with lemon slices or attach potato circles to the temples and fix with a bandage.
  4. Activated carbon. If nauseous, take the sorbent. At ten pounds of weight, take one pill. Tomato juice with salt and ground pepper helps to cope with nausea.
  5. Herbal tea. Chamomile, mint and ginger tea helps improve the condition. For brewing, use the ingredients in any quantity. Coffee with a hangover is not recommended.
  6. Rubbing ears. If a hangover comes by the hand with nausea, vomiting, weakness and trembling in the limbs, pound the ears. To remove intoxication will help a glass of water with the addition of ammonia.
  7. Cold and hot shower. Contrasting shower is no less effective in this matter, and it is better to refuse a bath. At the end of the water treatment, drink a cup of beef broth or rice-based broth.
  8. Decoction of oats. The liver receives the greatest burden during a hangover. In the fight against toxins will help her a decoction of oats. Pour a cup of grains with two liters of water and boil for an hour. Strain the liquid, add a pinch of salt and drink in the near future in small portions.
  9. The drinks. Perfectly shows itself in the fight against intoxication and thirst for kvass, kefir, cucumber or cabbage pickle. The composition of the beverage includes trace elements that left the body with a hangover.
  10. stroll. Fresh air helps to alleviate the condition, and walking increases blood flow and accelerates the elimination of toxins and toxins.
  11. Sauna. High temperature activates the sweat glands, which accelerates the elimination of decay products and slags.

Some are struggling with the scourge of drinking alcohol, including cocktails and beer. At first, relief is felt, but the approach does not eliminate intoxication, and an additional dose of alcohol increases the craving for alcohol and pushes for alcoholism.

According to history, the Romans struggled with a hangover with raw raw eggs, and the British during the reign of Elizabeth the First used wine in which frogs were soaked. In the 18th century, alcohol lovers relieved the symptoms of a hangover with warm milk mixed with oven soot.

Today, such ways of dealing with hungover cause a smile. The people created less sophisticated methods that have proven effectiveness in the process of many years of use.

If in the evening a person drank high-quality alcohol, with a large amount of alcohol consumed, it would be impossible to avoid a hangover. Alcohol, splitting in the body, poisons decay products, including fusel oils and acetaldehyde.

Alcohol causes the greatest damage to the liver, since this organ is responsible for neutralizing toxic substances. If tequila, cognac or rum is drunk properly and within the normal range, the liver will cope with the task and, through enzymes, will convert alcohol into carbon dioxide.

The appearance of edema during a hangover indicates a high water content in the body, headache causes a spasm of blood vessels, and a high heartbeat provokes intoxication and blood viscosity. If vomiting is severely nauseous, these are the first signs of severe intoxication and evidence that the body is trying to remove toxic products on its own.

At the initial stage of treatment, refuse food, and after eliminating signs of nausea, drink an egg, eat a little curd or vegetable soup.

After the fatal moment for two days it is not recommended to use spicy foods, canned foods and smoked meats. Choose liquid and nonfat food, broth hips and dried apricots.

How to overcome a hangover at work

A hangover in working hours is hellish flour. Drowsiness, thirst, headache, nausea - an incomplete list of things that do not allow to concentrate on duties and make you look forward to the end of the working day.

A few tricks that will be useful if you do not drink alcohol in a company or at corporate parties.

  • Think of a good reason for rejection. Tell companions that you treat the liver and the procedure is incompatible with alcohol.
  • Avoid stormy feast does not work when the venerable guest at the table. Then take the initiative in your hands and put the spill on you.
  • Spilling alcohol, take control of the amount of alcohol in your glass. Do not completely empty the wine glass. Properly and well eating, protect yourself from severe intoxication.

If you can not resist the temptation, the next morning will overtake a strong hangover. Nothing, if not for work. In such a situation, simple ways to deal with a hangover are ineffective, because after the morning rise there is no time to use them. Listen to the following recommendations.

  1. Refuse public transport and go to work on foot or walk a few stops to work. Morning walk will provide access to fresh air, which will have a positive effect on blood circulation.
  2. On the way to work, run into the store and buy lemon. At work, make tea and drink, eating a slice of lemon. Drinking tea during working hours is not prohibited.
  3. If this does not help, look in the office first aid kit. Surely you will find drugs that will help to overcome the hangover. In a glass of water, dilute a few drops of ammonia and quickly drink.
  4. Look in the first aid kit for aspirin. One pill will make the blood thinner, relieve headaches and improve well-being.
  5. If there is a feast in the evening, and the next morning you have to go to work, try to take antipokhmelin before the feast. This simple action will make the morning "less cloudy."
  6. If there is nothing at hand, and the state worsens, drink plenty of water or mineral water. Having provided the body with fluid, speed up the removal of toxins.

If the methods are ineffective, and the state of health continues to deteriorate, call an ambulance. It is possible that alcohol poisoning is so strong that it cannot be overcome without professional help.

The listed and described methods and folk methods will help to cope with the hangover. But sincerely I hope that you, being a sensible person, will not reach such a state. Do not forget, health is the only thing that cannot be bought with money.

Why hangover?

The final part of the story will be devoted to the reasons for the appearance of a hangover, factors causing it and ways to avoid a hangover.

  • Poisoning. With the decomposition of alcohol, toxic substances are formed that contribute to the formation of toxins. In this regard, the most harmful to the body of Roma, tequila and vermouth. Using such drinks, we force the liver to process alcohol and impurities.
  • Dehydration. The hangover is complemented by dehydration. It is not a deficiency of fluid that causes it, but its incorrect distribution in the body. After the feast, bags appear under the eyes, and the face swells.
  • Disturbed brain function. It is caused by acetaldehyde - a breakdown product of alcohol. On the following morning, after a noisy feast, the nervous system becomes highly sensitive. As a result, even a quiet sound or dim light annoys a person.

Scientists have proven that the body to combat hangovers consumes nutrients and vitamins. With their help, it restores the normal operation of systems.

As practice shows, a sober lifestyle for society is utopia. It is difficult to find a person who does not drink alcohol. Fortunately, there are recommendations on how to avoid a hangover.

  • Do not drink alcohol on an empty stomach.. Before the feast, be sure to have a snack and pre-drink the absorbent. Five tablets of coal is enough.
  • Eat rice, potatoes, pasta. To avoid a strong hangover helps food, which includes a lot of carbohydrates. No less effective and protein food. Fish and meat dishes slow down the absorption of alcohol. About fatty food temporarily forget, otherwise the liver will receive a double load.
  • Sweets accelerate the absorption of alcohol. During the feast do not click on the grapes and desserts.
  • Do not rush to alcohol. Take a break in which to dance, have fun and chat with friends.
  • Do not mix drinks.. If you started drinking brandy, finish the celebration with the same drink. Remember, vodka is less likely to cause a hangover than wine and cocktails.

I hope I was able to consider in detail the issue of getting rid of a hangover and nausea at home and at work. Without fail, adopt these recommendations. If you follow the culture of drinking alcohol, you do not have to use tips in practice, and noisy feasts will leave only pleasant sensations.

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