How to paint eyes - step by step instructions and video

Eyes are considered a reflection of the soul, so they need constant care. Often women pay special attention to the eyes before any event - a corporate party, a date or going to a restaurant. And they are interested in how to paint eyes with shadows and a pencil at home.

Paint your eyes with a pencil

Drawing a pencil - the universal equipment of a make-up, differing in simplicity in development. It helps to easily change the shape of the eyes and visually “open” the look. If you have not previously used a pencil, initially it will be a little difficult.

Use a high-quality and sharpened cosmetic pencil. Fortunately, to purchase good cosmetics at an affordable price is not difficult. It is not only about a pencil, but also about powder, foundation and other means.

I do not recommend using too soft a pencil, it can cause a poured makeup. A hard product can damage the skin of the eyelids. Therefore, in choosing a cosmetic product you need the right approach.

When choosing a pencil, be guided by the type of appearance, eye color, hair color and other factors. Black pencil - universal. I propose to consider its use.

  1. Apply base to upper eyelid using eye shadow.. The hue depends on the type of makeup. Correctly and beautifully paint your eyes with a pencil, if you slightly pull the skin of the eyelid to the end of the eyebrow. This simple technique will stretch the bumps and wrinkles that prevent the smooth application of cosmetics.
  2. Carefully apply tiny dots on the eyelid along the eyelashes. Make sure that the intervals between the points are the same.
  3. Alternately connect the dots. I advise you to start with the inner corner of the eye. The correct connection of points in a line will make the shape of the eyes attractive. The line can be a little out of the corner of the eye, performing a thin tail.
  4. Works with the lower eyelids. To apply a pencil on the lower lash line, slightly pull the eyelid back with your fingers. When painting the lower eyelid, make sure that the line is smooth and thin, and at the outer corner it should be slightly raised.
  5. Putting a pencil close to the inner corner of the eye is not worth it.. In this place are the tear ducts, which throughout the day emit fluid. In the end, this will cause the pencil to blur.
  6. An extra thin line can be applied to the inner eyelid.that visually enlarge the eyes. Pull back the eyelid as much as possible, otherwise you can only dream of a neat and level line. If you want to become more attractive, apply another dark pencil on the inner eyelid, and with a silver or white pencil, make a neat thick line.

Guided by step-by-step instructions, easily and without help will make an excellent eye makeup with a pencil.

Video instructions

Men will not be able to look away from your face. To do this, you still need to make a fashionable hairstyle and pay a little attention to other areas of the face.

Paint your eyes with shadows - step by step instructions

Eyes - the most expressive part of the image. No wonder they say that they are able to fascinate. The main merit of this woman, which through makeup emphasizes the dignity of the eye and hides the flaws.

In this part of the article we will talk about the use of shadows at home. With the help of this cosmetic, they emphasize the expressiveness of the eyes, correct the deficiencies of form and location. Use only high-quality cosmetics. The result directly depends on this. Cosmetics should keep well, lie flat and not roll down over time. Cheap shadows cannot provide this.

How to choose a shadow

Buy several shades of shades. The basis - the shadows that paint the entire surface of the century. When choosing a color, be guided by the type of appearance and eye color. Most often, the base is light.

Contrast - dark shadows that correct the shape of the eyes and make them more expressive. Choose a slightly darker color than the base. They should fit into the color palette.

Cosmetic companies offer shade in a wide assortment of colors and texture. I will review the most popular options to simplify the selection.

  • Dry shadows. Pressed or friable dry shadows are on sale. Easily overlap and hold perfectly. A wide variety of colors of dry shades provides ample opportunities in creating high-quality makeup.
  • Shadow pencil. Provide wet effect and natural shine. Badly shaded and can gather in the eyelids. It’s a little harder to paint their eyes.
  • Liquid shadows. The most resistant variety. Dries quickly, so they are applied as quickly as possible. If you put a lot, will gather in the folds of the eyelids.
  • Shadow Mousse. Appeared recently. Differ in dry dense texture and enviable resistance. With their help they create a sparkling satin effect. Easy to apply. To paint the eyes with this kind of eye shadow is necessary with your fingers, as the brush or applicator does not cope well with the task.

How to apply shadows

Now consider the technique of applying shadows. I think this will quickly understand. You will be able to bring your eyes in order, if you listen to the recommendations.

  1. Apply the base. Shadows of light shade to cover the entire surface of the century. It is recommended to choose color, being guided by type of appearance and a shade of eyes.
  2. Apply contrast. Use shadows that are slightly darker than the base. Aim for colors to match. Cosmetics applied to the outer corner of the eye and shade to mid-century, moving in the direction of the inner corner.
  3. Draw contour. Use shadows that are applied for contrast. Using a thin applicator on the contour of the eyelashes draw a thin line. The only exception is the inner corner of the eye, where to put a drop of pearlescent shadows.

Perhaps at first there will be difficulties, but over time, gaining experience and knowing the secrets of female beauty, easily and quickly cope with the task.

Even when you need to quickly leave the house, you will clean up in a few minutes. As a result, do not have to blush in front of other people for an unkempt appearance.

How to paint eyes with eyeliner - step by step manual

Women who want to look attractive, have to go on different tricks. Not the last place in the list of tricks is makeup. Let's look at how to paint eyes with liner. If you strive to become fashionable and beautiful, knowledge will definitely come in handy.

Cosmetics manufacturers offer liquid eyeliner in various colors. Apply it with a thin brush with a pointed tip. Liquid cosmetics compared with a pencil more visible and better kept. With its help it is easy to achieve the effect of fluffy eyelashes and expressive eyes.

Sold liquid eyeliner in the form of markers and applicators. This makeup is perfect for ladies who use false eyelashes. She makes the look mysterious, seductive and deep.

  • It is better to dye your eyes with eyeliner in front of a large mirror in a well-lit room to see clearly all the movements.
  • Powder the eyelid before applying the cosmetic. Head back a little, and stretch the eyelid hand. It is recommended to draw the contour from the inside of the eyelid with a thin line in the direction of the outer edge of the eyes.
  • Hands may shiver a little during the procedure. To solve the problem with your elbow, lean on a table or chest of drawers. Only in this way will you make a clear and even line.
  • The first attempt may not be able to hold the line. In this case, paint over the eyelashes barely noticeable strokes that connect. To make the eye contour more expressive, draw a number of additional strokes along the outer edge.
  • Paint the inner contour almost invisible. Open the eye completely after 10 seconds. Do the same with the second eye.

During the application of eye makeup are often sloppy strokes and stains. To avoid this, first use eyeliner, then paint the eyelashes and apply the shadow.

Video training

To make-up had a dramatic character, draw a neat contour along the edge of the lower eyelid. True, this kind of makeup is not suitable for all women, and liquid eyeliner for these purposes is not the best option. A good effect will provide only high-quality pencil.

How to make eyes look bigger

Not every woman boasts a large eye size, like in anime. With the help of cosmetics and proper makeup techniques, you can easily enlarge small eyes and make them more expressive.

Men are crazy about big female eyes. Modern make-up allows you to masterly model women's eyes.

In each case, you will need an individual approach. Let's discuss the general rules of eye makeup. Guided by the general recommendations and using cosmetics of fashionable colors, by experiments you will select the perfect image of the peephole.

  1. Underline eyebrows using a pencil or shadow. The main thing is that the color of the makeup matches the hair color. Remember, eyebrows are an essential element of proper eye makeup.
  2. Under the eyebrows to draw a line of bright matte shadows. and be sure to shade. In the area of ​​the inner corner of the eye to put light shadows. Matte texture is better suited for daytime makeup. If you are going to make an evening outing in the fresh air, use a shade with mother of pearl.
  3. Light shadows distributed to the middle of the upper eyelid.
  4. To put dark shadows on an external corner of an eye on a diagonal. The beginning point should be the middle of the upper eyelid. The applicator is moved to the outer corner, touching the fixed eyelid.
  5. Draw a small line of dark shadows under the eye.. Then shade everything carefully. Otherwise, pronounced transitions spoil the makeup. It will remain wide open eyelashes and cover them with quality mascara.

The instructions will help you learn how to paint your eyes at home correctly so that they appear larger.

Useful tips

Focus your attention on the tricks that will visually increase the size of the eyes. As a result, get at the disposal of a formidable weapon, focused on the conquest of men's hearts.

  • To look open, and the eyes seemed larger, paint the eyelashes from the base to the tips.
  • Using a liquid eyeliner to increase the eyes will not work. For these purposes, suitable pencil natural color or shade.
  • The main bet during the creation of makeup do on the eyes. Lipstick choose pale. Bright lipstick distracts attention from the eyes.
  • Inner eyelid paint with a white pencil. This will visually enlarge the eyes. A black pencil will visually reduce them. Do not forget about it.

Care for your face at home, pay attention not only eyes, but also other areas of the face. The only way to bring the image to perfection.

Make-up is the most powerful weapon by which women fight for beauty. With the help of makeup emphasize the dignity of appearance, hide flaws, put accents that allows you to transform beyond recognition.

Not the last role is played by eye makeup. And it is not surprising, because the eyes - the card of the person. The type of makeup depends on many factors, including appearance, clothing, color and shape of the eyes.

Any woman can look charming if she masters the rules for choosing cosmetics and learns how to do makeup.

  1. During the choice of color cosmetics for the eyes, be guided by the spectral circle. Provide the perfect combination of only contrasting shades.
  2. Light cosmetics visually expands the eyes, and dark cosmetics provide the opposite effect.
  3. For pale skin, shadows and light-colored pencils are perfect. Dark-skinned women should use cosmetics of saturated colors.
  4. Gray makeup in harmony with all the colors of the eyes. Therefore, it must be present in the arsenal of any lady.

Now you know how to paint eyes. In conclusion, I’ll add that you should bet on the eyes or on the lips to create the perfect makeup. Otherwise, nothing happens. See you again!

Watch the video: How to Draw Hyper Realistic Eyes. Step by Step (February 2020).

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