How to choose and care for trendy jeans

It is difficult to dispute the fact that jeans are stylish and practical clothes that are necessarily present in the wardrobe of a fashionista. If you pick up new clothes, first learn how to choose the right jeans and how to take care of them.

How to choose women's jeans

Jeans managed to enter the fashion world and they do not intend to give up positions. The styles, shades, contours and lines change annually. Let's find out how to choose women's jeans, which are combined with sneakers, sneakers, ballet shoes and shoes.

Stylists have prepared surprises and details that make jeans wild, wild or romantic. If you can not choose a suitable model, purchase several products and show imagination.

Let's talk about colors.

  • Gray. Gray jeans in trend. Style plays a minor role.
  • Blue. The deep and noble shade of blue is clean and without impurities. On these jeans look divorce and scuffs.
  • Gray blue. To liven up and make him play, it is enough to add jeans with bright and contrasting tones.
  • Mint. If you are a sublime person, this airy hue will allow you to soar and enjoy the freshness.
  • Bright colours. You can buy jeans in yellow, coral or green.
  • The combination of blue and white. Suitable for people who remember the classics.
  • Metal. The highlight of the season will be metallic material. These jeans are suitable shocking and extraordinary personality. Relevant will be shades of silver, bronze and platinum color.

Now let's talk about fashionable prints. Literate pattern makes jeans, like a denim skirt, a unique and unusual thing.

  1. Flower motif. Peonies, chamomiles, roses and other flowers create a summer mood and bring a bit of tenderness and romance to the image.
  2. Animalistic patterns - leopard, snake, tiger and zebra, in trend.
  3. No less relevant are the stains with stains.
  4. If you want people to peer at your feet, get jeans with abstraction.
  5. Fashion welcomes bright and contrast, but monochrome drawings have a large army of fans.
  6. Do not forget about the contrasting combinations, thanks to which the clothes become lively and beautiful. Jeans look smart, the front of which is white and the back - black.

Consider the styles.

  • A few seasons in a row at the height of fashion skinny jeans. It is recommended to wear tight-fitting models to slim girls, they will not fit pyshechek.
  • Straight jeans are in fashion. Some women of fashion consider them boring, but if to add them with accessories, a bright top and footwear, they look excellent.
  • Fashionable women with slender and long legs, I recommend to pay attention to tight jeans with short lengths. Low beauties they do not fit.
  • To create a youthful, mischievous and fresh look, I advise you to look at jeans-boyfriends. It will be necessary to supplement them with sneakers and top.

I'll pay some attention to detail. Even the ordinary and uncomplicated model they turn into a masterpiece.

  1. The scuffs look fresh, and denim fashion has found a place for them.
  2. The highlight of the image will be artificial holes in the lap. The main thing is that the cuts have an optimal size, otherwise fashionable jeans will look like old rags.
  3. Embroidery with appliqué knocked out a spot in the sun. Rhinestones faded into the background.
  4. Cuffs and similar items look careless. There is a certain highlight in this, and fashion welcomes it.
  5. Got the relevance of leather inserts. They are found on the knees, hips, buttocks.
  6. Accessories unusual, bright, rough and bold. Designers presented a variety of models with rivets, studs and chains. They look original.

Jeans are diverse, beautiful and original. Any woman, regardless of age, type of activity and tastes will replenish your wardrobe with excellent models.

How to choose men's jeans

Jeans - versatile clothing that is present in any wardrobe of a woman or man.

  • Summer version are white models or products with slots. If you want something extravagant, pay attention to bleached jeans.
  • White clothes are appropriate only in summer, and even so is capricious. Therefore, fashion designers have prepared for men gray jeans.
  • In the trend of blue jeans that are suitable for work or visiting friends. Classic models are combined with monotonous shirts.
  • For urban dandies who like to seduce girls, there are straight or narrow models. If you manage to find the right size, jeans will emphasize the figure. True, the wearing of such products provides for a flat stomach.
  • Men who can not boast of a flawless figure, I advise you to look for a suitable option among the models of free cut.
  • Between the extremes there is a compromise - a direct classic. These jeans fit well on the body and worn with pleasure.
  • Men's fashion pleases with surprises and extravagance. In the collections of designers there are products with inserts and patches. If you do not like these pants, an alternative is provided. These are spotted jeans of various colors.
  • The highlight of the season will be the cuffs. For guys and men who want to combine several trends, fit jeans with cuffs and artificial cuts.

With men's jeans easier, because they go with anything. It is enough to shine a little fantasy and everything will turn out. Some models seem outrageous or ordinary. Do not rush to discard them, the new season is the time for bold experiments.

What are children's jeans in fashion

Jeans have long been widespread due to practicality. Because of the universal love, fashion designers pay special attention to them. Children's jeans are no exception. In the wardrobe of the child, they are necessarily present in several copies.

According to the designers, it is difficult to create children's products. This activity is both challenging and exciting, because children's tastes are changeable.

Jeans for boys

Previously, buying a boy’s jeans was easy, but now stylish models are offered in the assortment, and the desire to stand out from the crowd makes it necessary to keep track of all the fashion trends.

  1. As the sales statistics shows, low-waisted products have fallen out of fashion, just as multi-colored children's jeans are of brick and light brown hues.
  2. Popularity received skinny jeans and running. The highlight of the second option is a wide belt. They suit tall and thin boys.
  3. Well-fed young fashionistas recommend to look at jeans, breeches or classic models. Thanks to stripes, colored seams and other accessories, they allow you to stand out.
  4. The color scheme is wider than ever. The list of shades is presented in gray, dark blue, white, beige and blue colors.

Jeans for girls

What can you say about jeans for girls? At the peak of popularity slim options.

  • Simple models without chains and shiny rhinestones are considered relevant.
  • In the summer, stylists recommend wearing blue jeans with tiny slits. More colors are provided for autumn. Popular pink, blue, green and orange products.
  • On the eve of the winter season, boyfriend jeans will break out to the first position of the fashionable marathon. This option emphasizes the femininity, grace and fragility of a little fashionista.

Collecting in one material the full information about children's jeans is problematic. But, I tried to pay special attention to the main aspects of children's denim fashion.

The days when jeans were everyday and working clothes are behind. Today, denim clothing serves the wearer on trips, in the office, at the construction site, at a party and on a walk.

How to care for jeans

To protect my jeans from the unfortunate fate, I decided to talk about denim care and share useful tips.

  1. Do not expose to chemical cleaning; an unstable paint will quickly wash out.
  2. I do not recommend soaking for a long time, detergents will affect the shade of the material, and metal fittings - oxidize.
  3. If you plan to machine wash your jeans, turn them inside out and fasten the buttons. The ideal option is to put denim clothes in a laundry net.
  4. Regardless of the type of washing, powders with a whitening effect are prohibited.
  5. Carefully use hard water softeners. Wash wine or other stain sometimes extremely problematic, but if you do not want to spoil the clothes, act carefully.
  6. If there is no washing machine and wash your jeans by hand, do not unscrew them much. Wait for the water to drain. If time is tight, roll into a roller and squeeze.
  7. Jeans can not iron if straighten them before drying. I recommend ironing with moistening. On such trousers arrows smooth down is not accepted.
  8. Overhead items - pockets, decorations, ruffles, without ironing look sloppy. Treat them with a slightly damp gauze.

Denim is a resistant material, but it needs proper care, otherwise the ceremonial clothes will instantly become a production robe.

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