Signs on the wedding - what is possible and what is not

Wedding - a tradition that has developed over the centuries. As a result, signs of a wedding for the bride and groom, parents and guests were born. Every holiday attribute and every detail of preparation has a certain meaning. It's about the date of the wedding, clothes, even wedding rings.

The main signs

  1. Only newlyweds are allowed to try on and wear wedding rings.
  2. So that the young family does not need money, on the wedding day the groom is obliged to put a happy coin in the shoe, which is subsequently stored as a family heirloom.
  3. Each of the heroes of the occasion on their clothes is fastened with a head down a safety pin that will protect them from the evil eye.
  4. On a solemn day, the bride is obliged to wear a new thing that belongs to another person. On the hem of the dress make a couple of stitches with blue threads. The socks of the shoes are covered with a dress.
  5. That the family was happy, before the wedding the bride should cry a little. The main thing is that the cause of the tears should be part of the parental words, not problems and malfunctions.
  6. Before being sent to the registry office, the mother sends her family heirloom to her daughter - a bracelet, a cross or rings.
  7. Before registering the bride can not look at yourself in the mirror with full dress. She can appreciate her appearance by throwing off her veil or gloves.
  8. The bouquet, which the bride received from the groom, should be in the hands throughout the day. During the wedding banquet, she can put it on the table, and at the end of the holiday, take her to the bedchamber. If you release a bunch, happiness will fly away.
  9. As soon as the bride went out the door of the house, the mother should lightly wash the floors. This will facilitate the entry of girls in the house of her husband. The procedure will delay the tuple a bit, but there is nothing terrible.
  10. Before leaving the house, the bride puts on a veil that protects from the evil eye. Take off the veil, stepping over the threshold of the House of Celebrations.
  11. After completion of the exchange of rings, the newlyweds are forbidden to pick up the box in which the rings were lying. This item is taken by an unmarried person.
  12. On the wedding day, parents make sure that guests and strangers do not fix their clothes on the hero of the day.
  13. Between the newlyweds should not get up or pass strangers. In this case, the marriage will become indestructible.
  14. In order for a life together to be long, the newlyweds must simultaneously blow out wedding candles.
  15. At the end of the wedding, young people should look in the mirror. In this case, life will be happy, friendly and successful.
  16. Before the young leave the registry office, parents showered them with grain. In this case, the family will heal in abundance. Sprinkle is better on the threshold, not indoors.
  17. Young people should not go to the banquet hall in a direct way. Choose a difficult route to mislead any evil spirits.
  18. When the motorcade arrives at its destination, the drivers of the cars will beep loudly to scare away evil spirits.
  19. During the celebration, young people are allowed to dance with or with their parents. At the end of the dance, parents must connect the newlyweds.
  20. Cuts the bride's wedding cake. The groom supports the knife. The groom places the most beautiful piece of cake on his wife's plate. The second piece of the wife presents her husband. The rest goes to the guests.
  21. At the end of the wedding, the bride traditionally throws a bouquet. You can not do this. Instead, take a similar bouquet.
  22. The bed of the newlyweds during the preparation for the first wedding night is properly covered. It should be ensured that the cuts of the pillowcases necessarily come into contact.

You have learned the main signs of the wedding. A few words about the veil. In some cases, the bride gives the veil to the girl who caught the bunch. Do not do this, it should be stored as a family heirloom.

Signs on a wedding for the bride

Not all brides take into account the ancient canons, but some are very interested in omens related to the wedding day. No wonder, since many women believe in omens.

I will tell the most important and popular parting words, recommendations and signs to the wedding for the bride. Just do not be afraid, because you get married.

  1. If the bride sneezes in the morning on the eve of the wedding, family life will be happy.
  2. In order for a marriage to be happy, the married friend of the bride, in whose family happiness and love prevail, must wear earrings to her.
  3. According to popular rumor, it is impossible for a friend to stand in front of the heroes of the occasion in front of a mirror. Otherwise, a loved one may lead.
  4. A bad omen if before the wedding the bride sees herself in full festive attire. According to the recommendations of experienced people, you can try on a dress without gloves or slippers.
  5. By tradition, before the wedding the bride should cry. In this case, the union will be happy.
  6. The wedding will be unsuccessful if the bride sees the spouse not fully dressed.
  7. It is not recommended for a bride to buy a green wedding dress.
  8. Dressed previously worn shoes will bring good luck to the family. Therefore, the bride is useful before the wedding to walk in shoes, which will go to the altar.
  9. We can not allow the bride to step over the threshold of a new house. In her house brings her husband in her arms. The sign does not apply to people who lived in a house together before the marriage.
  10. If the bride in the process of marriage registration combed her left hand, she will live in prosperity. If the right palm is scratched, the house will be fun and noisy from the guests.
  11. If the bride wants her sisters to start a family more quickly, before sending them to the registry office, you should pull the tablecloth on the table a little.
  12. Before the wedding, the bride is obliged to sleep in the parent's house. If she lives with a young man, she will have to leave for the night, as she must sleep in another room.

These are the signs for the wedding for the bride I know. Now you know them too. Finally, I’ll share the main instruction - family life will be happy and successful, if the beloved person wears the wedding ring on the ring finger.

Signs on the wedding for the groom

How were the wedding signs born? Agree, an interesting question. In the lives of many people, things happen that cannot be explained. They notice, remember and share their knowledge with children. So for many years people's beliefs were formed.

Wedding omens affected the least. But, and for him there are several tips that will help avoid the evil eye, protect your spouse from misfortune, create a happy union.

  1. If the groom landed in a puddle in front of the bride's house, the marriage will abuse alcoholic beverages.
  2. Taking the bride from the parents' house, the groom should not turn back.
  3. Before the celebration, the groom should not see his future wife in a wedding dress.
  4. If a young man on the threshold of the registry office suddenly stumbled, this indicates that he is not sure of the correctness of the choice.
  5. According to popular belief, if the bridegroom eats and drinks a lot during the feast, the wedding night will be troubled. If more often she puts her hand on sweets, passionate kisses await the bride in front.
  6. Newlyweds are forbidden to eat from the same dish. Otherwise, the family will have difficulties with food.
  7. During the feast, the hero of the occasion must make sure that the mother-in-law's glass is full. He will have to add vodka or brandy all the time. In this case, the mother-in-law will be the bridegroom a good helper.
  8. The coin in the right shoe is a symbol of a successful and prosperous life. This is a family heirloom, which is subject to mandatory preservation.
  9. To protect against the evil eye, the groom attaches a pin with the head down to the clothes. The main thing is that no one noticed.
  10. In a young family there will be prosperity if the bridegroom in his arms brings the spouse into the house.
  11. If the groom is older than the beloved, the union will be strong. Otherwise, family life will be accompanied by solid fun.
  12. If the groom likes cats, he will be a tender spouse. If the bride gets a dogman, the spouse will be a devotee.
  13. If the groom went to buy rings with his wife, family decisions will be made collectively.
  14. Young, actively involved in organizing a wedding event, will be a caring spouse.

Will take to the wedding for the groom a little, but nearly a half dozen had gathered. Following them does not guarantee that the new family will be really happy. It all depends on the people themselves. Nevertheless, some should not be neglected. Who knows what?

Signs for a wedding for parents

Folk omens are experiences accumulated by generations. However, some confuse them with superstitions based on mysticism and ignorance. All because they are poorly versed in this matter.

I will change the situation and tell you what are the signs on the wedding for parents. Surely, if you have not had time to marry children, the advice will be useful. Otherwise, read the material for the sake of interest.

  1. Parents meet the young with bread and salt. Products are placed on the red ends of the towel. The white part of the towel should sag, and the ends should be narrowed.
  2. Meet the young married couple and with loaf. Breaking and biting him is strictly prohibited. Allowed to kiss only three times.
  3. Meeting the spouses, the father pours them a glass of vodka, but do not need to drink it. The bride and groom bring the glasses to his lips and immediately pour the contents over his shoulder. The ritual is performed three times. For the third time, glasses are thrown away with vodka. According to the sign, if both glasses break or survive, the family will live happily ever after.
  4. While the parents meet the young family at the doorstep of the house, the young grandmother puts an open lock on the threshold and covers it with a special towel. When the young come into the house, the grandmother is obliged to roll up the bench hammer and close the lock. He is given to the groom's parents, and the keys to the bride's parents.
  5. The threshold is considered a zone of death. Since the bride came to the house to continue the race of both families, it is necessary to exclude the possibility of swinging the threshold. For this reason, the groom is obliged to take his wife in his arms, stand on the red edges of the towel and go into the house.
  6. Young forces are often haunted by evil forces. To deceive and divert them, the path along which young people walk is sprinkled with rose petals, grain and flowers.

If the children get together to start a family, you know how to make the union turn out to be happy, strong and long.

Signs on the wedding for guests

A wedding event, like other rituals, is accompanied by superstition and omens. This can be explained by the fact that the newlyweds, along with their parents, have always feared the breakdown of the intended action. Consequently, they prepared for any situation.

For this reason, every little thing at a celebration matters: clothes, weather, dishes, gifts. Just do not forget that omen is not a prediction, fortune telling or horoscope. It is not recommended to unconditionally believe in everything. Otherwise, you will program yourself for a certain development of the situation.

If you are a superstitious person, pick up the correct wedding date to soothe your soul and pay more attention to the little things associated with the event.

I bring to your attention signs for a wedding for guests. Yes, yes, it is the guests, because they are obligatory participants of the wedding celebration. If you have to attend the wedding as a guest in the future, do not lose face.

  1. It is not recommended to give a gift in bare hands. Otherwise, negative energy will be transmitted along with the gift. Give through a towel.
  2. According to the wedding custom, sharp objects are not given to young people. Otherwise, quarrels and discord will arise in the family. If presented such things, pay for them in trifle. Better give a teapot or vacuum cleaner.
  3. If you want to start a family in the near future, try to touch the wedding ring of one of the heroes of the wedding celebration.
  4. An odd number of guests are invited to the wedding event.
  5. If you are going to the wedding, give up black clothes. Otherwise, darken the image of not only the triumph, but also the life of the newlyweds.
  6. An unexpected guest - a sign that the family will live in prosperity. If you are not invited, but you still came, do not be nervous and panic.

Perhaps that's all. When you have a chance to attend a wedding with friends, you will know how to act. In this case, no one will reproach and does not "sting".

Superstitious people were in antiquity, there are such personalities now. They trust signs and beliefs. Wedding omens are no exception. Should I believe them, you decide. Just do not forget that the main point in the question is love.

It doesn't matter if you follow the traditions and follow the ancient signs. The main thing is to be able to maintain for many years not only love, but also loyalty, along with respect.

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