How to choose powder for combination, problem and oily skin

How to choose face powder according to skin tone and type? Millions of women are looking for the answer to this question. I will help you figure it out, but for a start, I suggest immersing yourself in history.

Powder and skin tone

Choosing cosmetics of this kind, be sure to be guided by the skin color and shade of foundation.

  1. If you want to get an even shade, test the tool in the forehead area. If you plan to use for the correction of the oval, apply on the chin.
  2. Stylists recommend testing on the nose. This area is weakly exposed to tan and irritants.
  3. Apply to face. After a short period of time in daylight conditions, evaluate the effect. The tone should match the complexion.
  4. The easiest way to choose a colorless look. It combines with all skin tones. Tan and tanned will make grayish.
  5. Fans of tanning or marine recreation worth buying a brown shade. If you can not sunbathe, do not take the pink shade. Otherwise, the skin will become unnatural.
  6. Dark brown suit bronze version. It sets off the tan and replaces the tonal tool.
  7. The best solution for evening makeup is considered powder lighter shade of the face. Ideal when the tone of cosmetics coincides with the shade of the face.
  8. If the skin is covered with wrinkles, pay attention to light-colored cosmetics. She will rejuvenate her face and make it smooth.
  9. Do not chase the cost. Sometimes cheap in quality surpasses the products advertised expensive brands.

Selection of powder by skin type

Combination Skin Powder

Let's talk about powder for mixed skin. This cosmetics should be different double action: moisturize dry areas and remove shine, if it is oily.

  1. Cream powder - the perfect solution for the combined type. It moisturizes and helps fight shine.
  2. Before applying, cover the face with a base for dry skin.

Before you buy, consult your doctor. He will prompt a proven and effective means.

Oily Skin Powder

Every woman will say that without make-up powder will not work. This tool revitalizes the face, hides defects, removes shine and keeps makeup in its original state throughout the day.

  1. Examine the composition. Fats and oils, pore blocking substances should not be present. Kaolin must be present. It absorbs fat.
  2. Select the type of powder. There is a tonal, mineral, matting, crumbly, cream powder.
  3. Matting Relieves greasy shine, makes it matte, absorbs sweat. It is recommended to apply at the height of summer. In the cold period is applied before going to any event.
  4. Cream powder. Not recommended for oily skin. Highlight flaws. Suitable for use in winter as it refreshes and retains moisture.
  5. Mineral It gives satin shine, the face becomes natural and alive. Promotes the treatment of oily skin.
  6. Crumbly The best option. Brush evenly. It is recommended to use it at the end of makeup creation.

Dry skin powder

It is hard to imagine makeup without powder. It is applied after a special corrective agent. It helps to even out the complexion, eliminate flaws, make the skin smooth and velvety. Dear men, you can get women as a gift for the New Year.

High-quality cosmetic product contains fats, nourishes and moisturizes.

  1. In the case of dry skin, the best solution is a compact powder containing fats.
  2. Compact lighter skin tone hides wrinkles and bumps.
  3. A great option is the cream powder. It contains plant extracts, vitamins and active substances that slow down the aging process and rejuvenate.
  4. In the form of a cream, it protects from harmful ultraviolet radiation and retains moisture throughout the day. Apply it in a thin layer with a powder puff or soft brush.

Video tips on applying powder

How to choose powder for problem skin

Problem skin is considered to be, on which hated acne and black spots are formed, it has enlarged pores and high fat content.

  1. Remember, putting cosmetics on inflamed areas is not recommended.
  2. For problem powder is provided, hiding flaws. It nourishes with nutrients, protects against exposure to irritants, protects against ultraviolet radiation. It is recommended for masking flaws on the face.
  3. Make sure that the label shows "non-comediness". It is focused on problem skin.
  4. Powder must be different antibacterial properties, because bacteria proliferate on oily skin. The composition should include oil and moisture.
  5. Mineral powder is considered to be irreplaceable. Appeared on the market recently.

Problem skin is not a hindrance to look beautiful. During the selection, be guided by the recommendations and pre-visit an appointment with a cosmetologist.

The article came to an end. I will add how to apply makeup on the face. Use clean brushes. So protect your face from bacteria. If you are not sure about the cleanliness of the brush, wash it with shampoo or soap. Remember that rubbing powder in the skin is prohibited. It is applied in patting movements. See you again!

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