Features of the development of children in the 3rd month of life, up to a year and up to 5 years

The birth of a child is the happiest family event. The first months of the baby's life are the most important period, when before the crumbs a long and fascinating way of growing up to a conscious little man opens. He will have to learn a lot about the world around him, so young parents should create all the conditions for the proper development and acquisition of vital skills.

What will be the children born in the year of the Earth Pig

According to astrologers, the horoscope has a direct influence on the character and fate of a person. Eastern horoscope affects not only specific people, it controls the annual cycle. The new 2019 is patronized by the Yellow Earth Pig, which promises an abundance and many bright events. Those who expect the birth of a child are interested in what the baby born in the year of the Yellow Pig will be.

How to teach a child to the pot - tips and action plan

Potty schooling causes fear not only of parents. More often than not, children regard such a prospect far from a positive side. The whole process takes a lot of time, and in most cases - a week. From what age to teach to the pot The period of training varies widely. Some begin from early infancy, holding the crumbs over a basin or over a bath.

How to clean the nose of a newborn at home

After birth, the child has various problems, one of which is nasal congestion. The inability to fully breathe affects the general condition of the infant. In an infant, the nasal passages are narrow, the accumulation of mucus prevents the passage of air. After establishing the cause of congestion, it is necessary to clean the nose of the newborn

Prevention of influenza and ARVI in children

Influenza and SARS are serious diseases that require immediate treatment. To prevent the disease, should be carried out in time prevention. Influenza and SARS are dangerous diseases that lead to serious complications. Timely preventive measures can protect and prepare the body and strengthen the immune system.

How to wean a baby from breastfeeding after a year

Mother's milk is a guarantee of health and normal development of the child. Together with mother's milk, the developing organism receives all that is necessary, therefore, doctors do not recommend weaning the baby from their breasts for up to 6 months. Step-by-step plan of action Practice shows that it is not easy to wean a child from the breast. If you have any problems with this, I advise you to use the instructions below.

The transitional age in boys. How to behave parents?

Time is running fast. Recently, the family brought from the maternity hospital a small package with a serenely sleeping baby, years passed, the boy grew and developed. As a result, there comes a moment when yesterday's baby begins preparing for adulthood. In the article, you will learn how much boys have a transitional age, its duration, symptoms and signs.

What you need to take to the hospital

For today's article I have chosen an interesting and useful topic. In it, I will tell you what you need to take with you to the hospital and give a list of things for mom and baby. Surely, this issue faced by women who will become a mother. The list of things in the hospital for mothers and babies. There is no discussion that preparation for childbirth should be made in advance.

Choosing a name for a child by month of birth

Name - a person identifier, a means of personalization. During the selection of the name for the child you need to think carefully and weigh everything. Names of children by month of birth Each family has its own technique of choosing a name for a newborn. Some use the church calendar, others follow signs, and others listen to the advice of a relative.

How to get a birth certificate

The birth of a child is an event that occurs in the family and brings happiness. Immediately after the appearance of the crumbs, inexperienced parents have many worries. They are interested in a lot, including how to get a birth certificate of a child. Not all parents know how to register a baby and issue a birth certificate.

Can pregnant women drink coffee, tea, beer and milk

Pregnancy - the most important moment in the life of a girl. The responsibility falls on the shoulders already at the planning stage. And the goal of the future mother is the birth of a healthy child. In order for the pregnancy to be successful, it is recommended to unswervingly listen to the advice of doctors, read the subject literature and follow the recommendations of experienced mothers.

How to determine early pregnancy at home

Girls of childbearing age eventually wonder if they are pregnant. Gynecological examination or ultrasound confirms pregnancy a month after conception. But there are early signs in the early stages created by nature, which will help determine pregnancy at home. How to determine pregnancy without a test at home As practice shows, women who have a suspicion of pregnancy, go to the pharmacy and buy a test.

Effective antiviral drugs for children

Mothers protect children from possible viruses and infections, but they do not always cope with the task without effective antiviral drugs. Preparations for children up to 3 years old. In the fall and in the winter preschool children often develop colds. The root cause of the phenomenon - a virus infection that can be picked up in a public place, transport or kindergarten.